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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 105: CH 96: PROJECT CHIMERA Bahasa Indonesia

The atmosphere became a little heavier after Milia uttered those words.

“The Human Genesis Theory?”

Sol asked in wonder. This was something that was never mentioned in all his lessons.

“Indeed. You could also call it Human Evolution Theory.”

Milia then began to explain.

This theory was born about six to seven hundred years ago, from the question as to why only humans could form contracts, and why they were able to use some of the attributes of the beings they were contracted to.

This also posed the question as to why humans were the only race unable to use mana or magic from birth.

The ones who proposed an answer to this question were two people. A witch, named Hansel Darwin and her brother, a researcher named Gretel Darwin. From their research, they deduced one theory so crazy that they became laughingstock.

In their opinion, the human race was the origin of all races. The reason humans could mate with all races was because of this. The fact that humans were unable to use magic was just because they were a non evolved form of all races who developed in order to master magic.

From their theory, neither magic nor mana were things that existed naturally in the world, or at least, not in great quantity. Then, later, for some reasons, this changed and some humans began to evolve while some did not.

“This theory is quite interesting, why is it not known?”

Sol knew his question could have been a little insensitive. After all, he didn’t know the relation between this theory and their past. But he was really curious. This wasn’t just because this theory was incredible but also because of their family name. If it was a coincidence, then it was rather extraordinary.

Thankfully, none of the people present seemed to take offense.

“It is normal that your highness never heard of it. If this theory stopped here, at most they would have been seen as slightly crazy scientists. But, those two made a great mistake, or should I say that they went too far.”

She shook her head at this, “ In the second part of their theory, they claimed that what they were saying was the truth because, even though the fourteen goddesses all had different features, the mother goddess was without a doubt human in appearance. They went even farther by adding that most likely, all the goddesses were just extremely powerful humans.”

Sol immediately winced at that. Even though this world wasn’t against scientific research, some limits shouldn’t be crossed.

Milia sent a bitter smile, “It’s as you can guess. Those two were immediately branded as heretics, then sentenced for disrespecting the divinities before finally being executed by decapitation. After that, all their researches were destroyed and forgotten in the river of times.”

This wasn’t surprising, this world was one deeply in the control of the goddesses. From his old world, he knew how dangerous zealot could be. Still, Sol caught one important fact,

“If their research was burned, then, how do you know?”

Milia hesitated a little, before continuing,

“Few decades ago, the kingdom was at its lowest. Uranus, the Tyrant King, had tried to conquer Wratharis and Envilya at the same time and also declared war on Gluttony Foss. Of course, as you know, he failed miserably. Not only that, because of his failure, nearly all the members of the royal family as well as all their partners died. The only survivor was…”

“My grandfather, the Puppet King.” continued sol with a sigh.

“Indeed. Like the Peaceful King, Pluto, after the death of Jupiter, King Neptune, after the death of Uranus had been obligated to take the throne as a young child. Sadly, unlike King Pluto, he didn’t have wise advisers, nor did he have powerful knights. He also didn’t have the incredible talent shown by most kings, and as a result he was easily manipulated by the nobles.”

Sol nodded. After a human died, only his first partner would follow him in death.

The others would only be somewhat weakened. Thanks to this, after each generation, the royal family, and the kingdom continuously grew stronger, since they had generations of old partners.

One could even say that before the Tyrant King, the Kingdom had been at the peak of its power, and aside from Gluttony Foss, Lustburg had been without a doubt the strongest Kingdom.

Sadly, after his great grandfather’s fooly, everything crashed down.

The only reason Lustburg hadn’t been completely invaded was because of the Supreme daughter of the era, as well as the fact that the Tyrant King didn’t go down alone, and pulled down the King of Wratharis and the Queen of Envilya with him.

Still, because of this, the relationship with the werebeasts was incredibly bad, and the demons even once tried to kill Sol in the past.

“So, what did my grandfather do?” He had some suspicion where this was going, but he wanted a clear answer.

“He unearthed the researches of the Darwnin’s siblings.”

Sol was stumped. Of course, he saw it coming from the flow of the conversation, but how the hell do you even unearth researches from a few hundreds years ago that were supposedly destroyed?

“The king lacked the martial and political talent of his ancestor, but he wasn’t without his own talent. He was a great biologist himself. Some of his research even developed the medical field. As such, after getting those research, he developed a bold idea.”

Sol gulped a little and waited for what would follow.

“Firstly, he devised that the theory was incomplete. If humans were really the base, then there was a race that was the closest to perfection.”

“Are you talking about the chimeras?”

Thinking so, Sol thought back to his new maid, Nuwa. She was also a chimera.

“Indeed, Echidna, the mother of thousands monsters, also the oldest mortal alive on earth, aside from Ambrosia. Her title isn’t just for show since all the chimera are related to her, eons of careful interbreeding had been required to to create the current race.”

One of the reasons why Gluttony Foss was the strongest kingdom wasn’t just because of Echidna. There was also the fact that even ordinary soldiers were at a completely different level.

“Your grandfather’s hypothesis was simple. Since Chimera are the results of centuries of inbreeding, it means that the Humans Genesis Theory had some truth to it. But, he couldn’t afford to wait for such a long time like Echidna. As such, he decided to artificially accelerate the processus.

“This was how <<Project Chimera>> came to be. A project that had a sole and only goal, to create super soldiers, humans with the attributes of magical beings without contract, or low level magical beings, being able to use magic from other races. For this project, two hundreds orphans of different races were used. Out of them, 190 died. 9 survived but were deemed as failuress, and only one was deemed a success… That was me.”


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