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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 99.2: Training Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Once Blake returned to the training room with Bret, they separated once more before jumping off and heading in different directions. It could not be self training if you have others around you. Luckily the areas were large enough for multiple different jump off points.

Above the training room was a bridge that you could traverse to reach the different jump off points for the different zones. Blake wanted to deal with the forest training since it was mainly what he would be expecting at this time.

After all, he was now in a forestry area. In truth, even in his past life he never made it to any deserts or frozen tundras. But this time, he was keeping a much better eye on his surroundings. He did not wish to end up being surrounded by bees again. Such an experience is enough to traumatize some people, but Blake dealt with it without issue since he has seen much worse.

Once again, he was attacked by goblins as soon as he jumped down. This seemed to be some kind of starter battle. As he had jumped off in the same spot as before, he decided to head in a different direction. This time he ran into many more goblins as he made his way deeper into the forest.


A loud roar echoed through the air as Blake came to a clearing. He saw a young girl fighting with an earth dragon. Earth dragons were like the goblins of the dragon race. They were relatively weak and very slow. The only thing that could be said about them was that they were heavily armored with a few feet of earth that was caked on the bodies.

Blake quickly recognized the young girl as she fought with fierce determination in her eyes. “She really is growing stronger….” Blake admired the young girl. This girl was, of course, his adopted younger sister Anna. She was really doing well. It seemed that her training with Tina and Lillia was helpful in really bringing out her full potential.

“When I become a Drakani, as soon as she reaches her second evolution, I will give her some of my blood in hopes of allowing her to also become a drakani. Although I am not sure if that would work….” Blake would need to talk to Lillia about this because, as far as he knew if he were to bite any girl, they would become something like a subordinate. He did not want Anna to be in such a situation since she was his sister. It was more for the wives who he would need to drink blood from. It made them unable to betray him. They would still have free wills of their own, but they could never leave him once he drinks their blood.

Blake stood at the side and watched from the shadows as Anna fired off spell after spell. “Why won’t you go down!?” Anna whined as she fired another fire spear at the same exact spot. She would see the blood oozing from the earth dragon, but she could not seem to get a solid enough hit to take it down, even though she was attacking its head.

Anna was starting to grow tired as she continued to bounce around and attack the earth dragon. From Blake’s perspective, Anna should have already killed it by now, but it seemed Lillia had made these things a bit difficult to deal with. While she could aim for the same spot over and over, and it should blast a hole through its armor and enable her to attack its flesh, this was probably not the key to killing the earth dragon.

Blake thought for a moment as he scanned the earth dragon and realized there was no armor under the dragon, and the eyes were fully exposed. These two points were its main weakness if you do not count the anus. Blake was wondering if he should say anything or not, but seeing Anna struggling and growing tired by the second. He finally caved as he yelled out: “Anna, aim for the eyes or the underside of its neck! If that doesn’t work, send a few fireballs up its ass!”

“What!? Big Brother, that’s nasty!” Anna yelled out as she turned mid air using a bit of wind magic and shot two fire spears into the earth dragon’s eyes. Only then did it crumble into a pile of earth. Anna landed on the ground and looked at Blake, who was walking out, sweat dripping from her brow and her lips pursed as her nose wrinkled up. “Big Brother, why would you tell me to shove a fireball up its butt!?”

Seeing Anna making a disgusted face caused Blake to chuckle as he said: “It is the best weak point. How do you think I killed so many wyverns? I slipped behind them and shoved my hand right up their….”

“Stop! You are making me clench my butt! Big Brother, don’t say such nasty things, or I won’t talk to you anymore!” Anna covered Blake’s mouth while lecturing him.

“Ah, my dear sister is abandoning her brother. I should go and lock myself in my room and cry.” Blake faked being sad, causing Anna to become flustered. “Big Brother, I won’t stop talking to you. I was just talking nonsense, don’t listen to me!”

Blake chuckled and rubbed her sweaty head. “Just remember, when fighting dragons, the three spots I just told you about are their weak points. Each dragon has its own quarks that you have to pay attention to. And… if you see a humanoid dragon, run. And run as fast as you can.”

“Big Brother?” Anna looked at Blake with a bit of confusion in her eyes.

“The humanoid dragons are the dragonic. They have immense power, and even I can not fight them as I am now. Maybe your sister in law Noa can, but you and me, as we are now, can not. So practice hard. Once you gain enough strength to fight most of the monsters in here, I will take you out into the real world so you can get used to it. But remember, the goblins you find in here are not like the ones outside, they will take you back to their den, just like what happened to you before, and well, I am sure you know what happens from there…. “


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