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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 98.1: Training Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Blake landed on the moist grass and was quickly attacked by a little green man. It had a rusty dagger in its hand and wore a brown cloth around its waist. Its long pointy ears and long nose were distinct features of the goblin race. Blake did not hesitate to slam a fireball in its face causing the goblin to explode into shards of dirt. “These golems are really something else.” Blake chuckled as he looked around. Goblins were known for traveling in packs.

Sure enough, a stone tipped arrow flew at him from the brush not far away. Blake sent another fireball into the bush right as he leaned to the side to dodge the incoming arrow. A cry was heard not even a second later. What surprised Blake was that his magic was not hurting the plants at all. Just seeing this made him nod in appreciation. Lillia had really thought of everything when she created this place. Not wanting to waste too much time, Blake headed deeper into the forest. He planned to spend a day or two inside this training ground since Lillia had told him over dinner last night that at night stronger monsters came out.

But that was not all that was in this training ground. There were many different race golems when they were at their absolute peak. While some were weak, many were very powerful. She wanted a safe place for everyone to train so that while you could get hurt, you would never actually die. This was a place to really learn and understand the monsters and races more than anything. While the battles would be hard, it was still not fully a life or death battle.

He had no idea how he did it, but those hurt in here would be teleported to the new and improved medical bay. Blake only planned to spend a few days in here because he also needed to go out and try to find some of the plants that Lillia had told him about that might be useful in helping him expand his mana pool faster. He really wanted to hurry up and reach his second evolution as quickly as possible.

“Let’s see….” Blake put his hand on the ground and used golem magic. He knew he would not be able to make anything spectacular, but his mana had grown a lot since the age of magic had finally arrived. He pressed his hand on the ground, and seconds later, a small muddy golem with rocks and forest undergrowth stuck to it rose up from the ground. It was in a humanoid shape, but it was nothing to write home about. Stubby legs and arms with a faceless egged shaped head.

Seeing his horrible creation, Blake was actually quite happy. Before, he could only do a rock that rolled around but now he had something that was getting closer to an actual golem. He one day wanted to be able to do things like Lillia and create massive golems to fight even the most powerful of beings. But for now, this would do. He had plenty of time and was not in too much of a hurry. He knew he would not be super powerful in just a single day.

In truth, if the orcs had used any kind of magic on him, he would have been beaten by them. If not for their arrogance against a human, he would have been easily defeated. In other words, he got lucky.

The tall rainforest like trees were also not something Blake could relax around. They were host to many different things that could easily attack and kill him a few times over. The main thing he had to watch out for were the insects that were much more poisonous than the insects he was used to before the apocalypse. “I do wonder if she knew she had created such grotesque things!” Blake yelled out as he took out his sword and clashed with a large bee that was as big as his head. It looked like an ordinary wasp but much bigger and much deadlier. The stinger was as strong as steel and came to a sharp point that could easily stab someone through. He wondered how this place worked since he had not heard of anyone dying in it yet.

Now one bee would not be the problem. He had run into a few of them in his past life too. But he seemed unlucky since he was suddenly being attacked from all sides. Before he could get a handle on the situation, he found himself sitting in med bay. “Damnit!”

“Lord!” The doctor who was on duty saw Blake sitting on one of the beds yelling and couldn’t help but be surprised. He looked at the small trickle of blood rolling down Blake’s neck and understood what had happened. “Lord, you have to be careful in the forest area. Most of the injuries come not from the sentient races but from the insects. Miss Lillia has really made the forest a hell on earth covered in greenery.”

“I can tell. I walked right into a bees nest.” Blake complained as he stood up. He cast a healing spell on himself before saying: “Don’t be surprised if you see me a lot in the next few days. I do plan to train for a while.”

“Alright. Please be careful. This bed is reserved for you, so do not worry about it being occupied.” The doctor replied. Blake nodded and went to walk out when he heard a crash on the floor. “Fucking snake!”

Blake turned to see Bret lying on the floor with his arms and legs spread out. Two ten inch in radius teeth marks in one of his arms. “You suffered hard, it seems.” Blake walked over and healed Bret.

Bret looked up at Blake and chuckled. “Same shit, different day. I only got so many hours, and the minutes are ticking. Luckily the docs here can all use healing magic quite well already. Because of that, I do not lose too much time going up and down. Lillia did say something about doing a permanent teleport soon, which will be good.”

Blake chuckled and also agreed with this, but he figured maybe he would get Lillia to teach him about the teleportation circles because it seemed very useful. He could do a lot with his current spells, but they were all still basic. He needed more advanced spells. One thing he noticed, though, was he had no time to use his golem. And it was instantly destroyed once he was surrounded. Thinking of this, he sighed as he said: “Alright, let’s head back. I need to continue my training.”


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