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“Alright I will see her later then. Where is the dwarf being kept?” Blake asked. He decided to let Anna train and would see her later in the day.

“The dwarf is being held in the medical bay. He is surprisingly cooperative. Although we did save his life, and dwarves are usually very loyal people.” Lillia had talked to the dwarf already, which was the main reason why he was so cooperative. After all, anyone who meets an ather dragon from the past would know them right away. Of course, Lillia also made sure to seal his mouth with a forced contract, but that is a given, after all, word could not get out that she is alive.

“Alright, I will go speak with him. You take care of the kids and Noa and Nellie. Nellie is Noa’s friend and servant so they will need rooms next to each other. And she may not look like it, Noa is the elven princess. Although someone is after her life.” Blake explained lightly. “I leave the rest to you girls.”

Blake waved as he walked off towards the medical bay, leaving behind the girls. Lillia smiled as she looked at Nellie as if she was trying to look into her soul. She walked over and sniffed the human girl and then looked at Tina and gave a nod. “Nellie, Sister Noa please follow me we will take you to the bathes and get you a change of clothes.”

“Huh?” Noa suddenly blushed from ear to ear. She knew she stunk. She had not showered for a few days now! Nellie, on the other hand, wanted to find a hole to crawl into since she had not had the sexy shower that Noa had during their stay inside the building since coming here.

And so the two girls were pulled by Tina to go get cleaned up. Lillia turned and looked at the two kids who were standing there, unsure of what to do with the two small humans. “Sister Lillia, we can take them to place them with a good family.”

Sam was the one who spoke up since Lillia had a confused expression on her face. She did not want Lillia to accidentally squish the kids. Lillia pursed her lips and nodded her head: “Then I will leave it to you two. I will…. Go find Blake!” Lillia smiled and happily skipped after Blake.

“Sister Lillia looks much happier now that Blake is back.” Erica smiled softly as she watched Lillia excitedly run off.

“She has been missing him a lot since he left. I am sure he will leave many more times as well. We can only support her during those times.” Sam replied, her cheeks turning red. She then lowered her head: “I wonder when we will become official….”

“In due time. Blake is just concerned about our ages at this time. We just need to wait, and I am sure he will finally…. Ahem… let’s take the kids.” Erica forgot there were kids standing there. She quickly grabbed their hands and took them with her while Sam followed behind.

In the medical bay, Blake walked in to see a short, stout man with a red beard lying in one of the beds. “You must be Thardra.”

“Oh? Human boy, you know me?” Thardra turned and looked at Blake.

“Of course, I am in charge of this place. I would have seen you sooner, but I was away at the time. Can you tell me what happened?” Blake asked as he sat down on a stool next to the bed. At the same time, Lillia walked in and walked up behind Blake and hugged his waist, and rested her chin on his shoulder.

“You are in charge of this place?” Thardra was surprised he figured the ather dragon would be in charge but from the looks of it…. After processing a few things, he understood. “I see… Well, to be honest, there is not much to talk about. I went for a piss, and while I was busy, my people ran off on me when a group of these strange monsters I have never seen before attacked. We got separated. I was injured but still somehow managed to make my way to a safe place.”

“Were they humanoid looking with black scales on their bodies?” Blake asked.

“No, these were fur covered humanoids and not like the beastkin either. These were different.” Thardra shivered just thinking about them. “They had claws at least two feet long that could easily cut a tree down in a single swipe.”

“Hmmm…. Furry with long claws but humanoid in nature. Seems like Crogen. I do remember them appearing at some point, but this was only through word of mouth. How many days were you on the run?” Blake only knew that these crogen were born from coyotes that evolved in a different way than other canine species. They took on a humanoid form and were very powerful. Their claws alone would cut a human into multiple sections with a single swipe. They were given the name crogen.

“You remember them?” Thardra was confused by Blake’s words.

“It’s nothing. Well, if anything, you are safe now. I will have someone settle you in. As of now, no one is powerful enough here to search for your kin, so you can live here without worry.” Blake would not throw a dwarf out. He wanted to befriend as many races as possible because each one could help support him in his ambitions for the future.

“You are kind. I thank you.” Thardra let out a sigh of relief. He was glad he did not need to go back out there alone. While he did miss his people, he would rather stay here and gain strength. He also wanted to get to know these people who were new age humans. Just from what he had seen, they had many things he had never seen before, and this piqued his interest a lot.

“No need to thank me. This place is a place for all races. We will not discriminate against those who wish to be friends, even if it is a goblin.”


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