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Blake had readied himself for the one child, especially after all the sex he had with Lillia, but he never thought that the two girls schemed against him so that Tina could get pregnant as well. But what was done was done. There was nothing he could do about it. And he really did not mind. The more children he had, the more he would have to protect and the stronger he would need to be. He decided he would use this as a means to push himself harder to further his strength even more. He had to be a man who could protect his own wives and children.

With this thought in mind, Blake wanted to rush out and begin training once again, but since he had been gone for so long, he had to stay and keep the girls’ company. After giving Tina a kiss, he looked at the other two girls standing there quietly. In just a few months, they seemed to have grown up a tiny bit more. He walked over and pulled them both into a hug which caused the two girls to blush from ear to ear. “Have you girls been doing okay?”

“Mmm… Sam and I have worked hard, and Big Sister Lillia has been teaching us everything we should know,” Erica said as her cheek grew redder from the special training they had been given.

Sam was too shy to say a word as she pushed her face into Blake’s chest. Blake looked at Lillia, who slyly smiled back as she licked her lips and rolled his eyes. These girls were not even ripe yet, and she was already teaching them things. He looked down at the two girls and then gave them each a kiss on the lips before turning to Noa. “Noa, these are all your new sisters.”

Noa, who had stood behind Blake the entire time, bowed her head as she said: “I will be in your care from now on.”

“Blake, do you plan to bring new wives home every time you leave?” Tina asked teasingly.

“This…. It just kind of happened….” Blake replied while scratching his head. However, he would not admit that he did have such an intention after getting to know Noa a little. He just never thought it would be so fast. He had thought an elf princess would be something he would need to work hard at. Who would have thought that he would only need to feed her drake meat to win her over?

“Alright, we will leave it at that. Tina, you know Blake will be needing at least this many wives once he evolves again.” Lillia reminded. She did wish to keep Blake to herself since he was her fated one, but…. Now that he was going to evolve and she found out that two girls can do many things together, she did not mind a few cute sisters at her side to play with when Blake was away. Like Tina and her slept together every night and indulged themselves with each other’s bodies sending all kinds of new feelings flowing through her. She even took it upon herself to train her two new little sisters. This did not mean she would be able to live without Blake because the thing she loved most was when her man would ravish her body without restraint, not letting her rest. She, an ather dragon, would be worn out!

“Evolves?” Noa suddenly asked, feeling confused.

“Blake will soon evolve into a Drakani once he reaches his second evolution stage. At that time, we will all be not only his lovers but a source of food for him. Drakani drink the blood of their mates to sustain their lives. And once bitten, we can never go against him. Noa, I once said that I would not accept any more mates for Blake until he became a Drakani.” Lillia’s words made Noa’s face go pale. She had already given herself to Blake and thought of him as her husband. If she was not accepted, she would…..

Lillia smiled and stepped forward, and pulled Noa into a hug. “But since Blake chose you, I will make an exception this time around. You will become our sister as well.”

Noa’s eyes were watery as she looked up at Lillia. She was grateful that Lillia was so understanding and that she did not need to part from Blake. But what happened next surprised her as she felt something soft on her lips. Her eyes opened wide as Lillia slipped her tongue into Noa’s mouth. While Blake, Sam, Erica, and Tina saw the sight as a good thing. Nellie was even more shocked than her princess! She had no idea what was going on!? What kind of situation was this?

Noa stood there frozen while Lillia tasted every inch of her mouth and played with her tongue. After almost a minute of this, Noa slowly melted into the kiss and even closed her eyes and began kissing Lillia back. Once this happened, Lillia broke the kiss and smiled. She kissed the dazed elf on the forehead and said: “This is what it means to be our sister. Us sisters must love each other just as we love Blake. We must be harmonious and never fight. Blake is our man, and we have no need to fight over him or any kind of status. We are all equal when it comes to being Blake’s wives. Do you understand?”

Noa looked up at Lillia, who was smiling back at her, and nodded her head. She now understood that to be with her husband, she also had to love the girls around him. This…. Was new and even a little exciting. The kiss just now was surprising and different, but she did not hate it. In fact, she even felt a tingle between her legs. “I understand.”

Lillia smiled and gave Noa another peck on the lips before saying: “Good. Tonight will be your full initiation into the sisterhood.” Lillia smiled as she turned and hugged Blake and took in his scent. “And you will be punished with no sleep tonight!”

Blake really wondered if this was punishment or reward. He only knew that having a bunch of cute girls to sleep with tonight was going to be a lot of fun. But all good things must come after work, so he said: “Then tonight we will have a welcoming party for Noa. For now, find someone willing to look after the kids. Also, where is Anna?”

“Our little sister in law is currently working hard with taking in magic and practicing her spells in our private training room. She will also be living here with us. The palace has room for many, so we do not need to worry about space.”


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