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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 53.2: Saving Friends Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“Huh? Who the hell are you!? Where did you come from!?” One of the men yelled out. He was very confused as to where Blake even came from or how he made such an entrance, even leaving a small crater where he landed.

“I am here to ruin your fun. You dare shoot my friend and chase after him like a pack of hungry wolves? Do you even know who the fuck you are messing with!?” Blake yelled. He was mad. He liked Robert. He was a good man. He did not like seeing those he saw as friends being hurt.

“Hey, look, I know you are trying to play hero, but I suggest you fuck off before you die.” One of the men yelled out before aiming his gun at Blake.

“I think it’s you who needs to fuck off. Not that I planned to let you.” Blake’s lips curled up as he dashed forward.

Seeing how Blake was charging at them, the men raised their guns and began firing at him.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Blake watched as the bullets whizzed by him in slow motion. After dealing with Lillia’s training, bullets were not as fast as her fists! “Blake!” Bret yelled out as he raised his gun, but Lillia stopped him. “It’s fine. He’s playing.”

“Playing!? Are you fucking kidding me!?” Joey yelled out as he also raised his gun, but this time, it was Tina who stood in front of them. “Blake is a battle junkie, and bullets can’t harm him even if they hit him.”

“What!?” Both Bret and Joey looked at each other in shock. They never heard anything about Blake not being able to be harmed by bullets.

“By the way, Lillia and I are also immune to them, too,” Tina said with a smile. But this was only because of the strengthening magic that Lillia taught them that was better than the one Blake first cast when he was at Lillia’s tomb and barrier magic.

Although if Tina or Blake were hit by a bullet from an anti tank gun or stronger, they would definitely be hurt. That is, if they did not have a mana barrier up. Thanks to Blakes’s new way of casting magic, they were able to come up with many new ways of using magic spells. The mana barrier would have been more of a sphere shape around the person who cast it but using Blake’s new method of casting magic, it was just a thin layer that was almost impossible to see with the naked eye that covered their skin.

But even so, even with a rain of bullets flying at him, Blake did not need any barrier or strengthening magic, even though he was always using them. He was trying to expand his mana pool as quickly as possible, and using spells that would continuously drain it was the best way to do so. But even at his current rate, he would still need about another year or two to reach the threshold of his second evolution.

When Blake arrived in front of the man in the lead and grabbed the tip of his gun and squeezed it, it exploded in the man’s face, instantly killing him. “Shit!” One of the men yelled out. Blake turned and smiled at them as he said: “That’s one…. Nine to go.”

The nine men looked at Blake like he was some kind of monster, and they soon believed it to be true when they saw him ignite both hands in flames and charge at the next man, grabbing him by the face and setting him on fire as the man was slammed to the ground. “Ru-Run! “

Even after yelling, it was already too late. Blake was too fast for them to escape. If they had tried to run in different directions, it might have been okay, but these men all ran in a group trying to escape him. Blake was like a predator who was chasing after his prey. He laughed as he grabbed each man by the head and slammed them to the ground, leaving them to burn to death.

Bret and Joey both had a cold chill run down their backs. They wonder what would have happened if they had made enemies of Blake. They were trained soldiers with some of the finest training in the world, but they dared not try to fight Blake, not even in a group. Bullets didn’t kill him, and he was too fast to try to use grenades on. “Joey, thank the lord we befriended this bastard.”

“I hear that,” Joey replied, while Tina, who was looking after the girls, chuckled when she heard them.

“That’s Blake?” Robert’s daughter Samantha asked.

“Mmm… He is playing right now.” Lillia answered as she continued healing Robert’s wounds.

“Haha… That lad is something else….” Robert chuckled. “Those bastards had been waiting for a chance to get at my daughters’ for a few days now. It was just as we were reaching the forest edge that we messed up. I slipped on a muddy slope and got shot in the leg. It was only a matter of time before they would catch up. These girls refused to leave me and run.”

“You are all your daughters have left. Of course, they wouldn’t leave you. What the hell happened? How did they even make you all suffer this much when you have eaten wyvern meat?” Blake asked as he walked over with a smile on his face. He felt much more refreshed after dealing with the trash.

“About that…. We ran into a dragon who just happened to be snooping around the forest. Surprisingly we were able to kill it as it was small and did not breathe fire. But before it died, it let out an ear piercing scream that caused a loud roar to shake the sky. Not even a second later, its mama, I guess it was, appeared and sent me and my daughters flying. I lost the gun and had no choice but to take my daughters and run or end up being the dragon’s dinner.”


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