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One day later, early in the morning, Blake climbed out of his tent and stretched his arms. He looked at the two men who were building a small fire with dark circles under their eyes with a bit of confusion. “You two couldn’t sleep?”

“You asking us if we couldn’t sleep!? Let me ask you this. Are you actually a robot? I mean, what man can go for fucking seven hours! Shit, did you even sleep!? We were kept up all night due to the girls moaning all night long!” Bret was a straight man, so he always laid things out in front of him for everyone to hear.

“Oh? Ah! Lillia forgot to put a sound proofing barrier up. Haha…. Well… I guess I am just more manly than you.” Blake replied with a smile before walking over and sitting next to the fire. Joey was giving him a death glare because he was unable to rest at all. “Go sleep for a few hours. Once you take in a bit more mana, you won’t need to sleep as much. But for now, sleep some. I will wake you when it is time.”

“Fuck! I will do that.” Bret cursed at Blake’s shamelessness before marching off to his own tent. Joey didn’t say anything before returning to his own tent as well.

Blake chuckled, seeing them all stomp off, feeling mighty proud of himself. Although if it was not for Lillia’s refresh magic, he would never be able to go as long as he did. He knew this, but he still felt proud every time the two girls collapsed on his body after being fucked to the point of exhaustion. But even as he thought of this, he did not think at all that he had only been doing this type of thing with the girls for a few nights now. In other words, his head was getting bigger.

Two hours later, both girls crawled out of the tent and walked over to Blake to give him a good morning kiss before sitting down next to him. “Lillia, you forgot the sound barrier last night.”

Lillia’s cheeks turned bright red, as did Tina’s. “I-I will be sure to do it from now on.”

Blake started breakfast, and by the time it was done, both Bret and Joey climbed out of their tens after a four hour nap. “Are you guys feeling better?”

“Yeah, we are good. Military training helped us adjust to short sleep schedules.” Bret answered as he took the plate of food from Blake. “You cook some damn good food, though. Your girls are lucky.”

“That they are. If you were a woman, I would try to marry you.” Joey replied as he shoved some wyvern meat into his mouth.

“Thank god because if I were to marry anyone as ugly as you, I might have to end my own life.” Blake’s words made Bret choke on his food.

“Hahaha! Cough…. Hahaha! Joey, he got you good.” Bret yelled out.

“Humph! You are just jealous of how handsome I am, right girls?” Joey said while giving both Lillia and Tina a playful smile.

“Hmmm? Joey, are you sure you are not still dreaming? I mean, how in the world are you handsome?” Tina asked with a straight face causing Bret to choke once more.

“Fine, fine! Laugh it up! I don’t want to talk to you anyways!” Joey said while pouting into his food.

“We are only a few hours from the mountain base. Lillia, have you found them yet?” Blake asked. He had Lillia use some detection magic to try to spot the Darrling family.

“I have, but we might want to hurry,” Lillia replied, her cold expression catching everyone’s attention.

“Why, what is up?” Bret asked.

“They are being chased by a large group of men. The girls are running while trying to help their father, who seems to have been shot in the legs.” Lillia stood up and looked down at Blake. “We should move now. If I drag you all along, we can get there in ten minutes.”

“Alright, let’s go then. Let’s pack up. We need to move. Lillia will toss everything into her space, so don’t worry about breaking anything down. And….. Be prepared.”

A minute later, Blake had Tina on his back as he tied a rope around his waist to tether both Joey and Bret to him. They were very confused as to what was going on, but before they could even ask what was about to happen, they found themselves being pulled through the air and the ground under them getting smaller and smaller.

Blake was holding Lillia’s hand while she flew through the air. This was the fastest way to reach the family. The speed was so fast that even Blake’s cheeks were fluttering under the wind. Tina buried her face into Blake’s back to protect herself while the two men dangling in the air were holding on to the rope as if their life depended on it. Not that it didn’t, in fact, it did.

When they landed, they landed a few hundred feet from their targets. Blake landed solidly while Bret and Joey fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. “Holy shit… that was insane! Flying through the air!” Bret and Joey looked at Lillia in amazement. They wondered if she was even human!

“We need to move. Get the ropes off, and let’s deal with the task at hand.” Blake ordered as he untied the rope from his body and had Tina climb down off his back. He waited for everyone to be ready before they all took off running.

When they got close, they heard a shot fired, and a bullet whizzed past Blake’s cheek. Blake narrowed his eyes to see blood flowing through Rob’s shoulder. “Those bastards want their old man dead! Lillia!”

“On it! Just step up, and I will send you over!” Lillia held out her hand and black jumped forward while Lillia slammed the bottom of his foot as he passed by sending him flying into the air up over the Darrling family and landed right behind them with a big bang causing dust and debris to fly everywhere.

“What the fuck!?” One man yelled out.

“Oi…. Who the hell said you could touch people who are under my protection?”


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