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Blake looked at the figure, who had snow white hair with skin to match, wearing a black spaghetti strapped dress that draped slightly over the stone bed she lay on. Her slim legs and small feet were visible for all to see. Blake watched as her chest with ample breasts rose and sank with every breath she took. Her soft breathing echoed through the small room that she lay in. One thing that Blake did take notice of was the large amounts of mana that filled the air of this room.

“No wonder those mushrooms could grow as they did in the cave….” The entire room he was in was made of mana crystals. These crystals formed from a dense amount of mana in the air for some reason. Once formed, they would emit mana continuously until exhausted. But normally, they were only found in small bunches. But these mana crystals…. They were five times the size he was! “A single mana crystal the size of a thumb can give off mana for an entire year but these things…. How long have they been emitting mana for?”

With many questions on his mind, Blake walked over to the sleeping girl. When he finally got a good look at her face, he was stunned by how beautiful she was. She was like something you would only see in storybooks. Her beauty was definitely unmatched in this world. Gulping a mouth full of saliva, Blake took a deep breath and reached out to gently shake the girl’s shoulder, but just as he was about to touch her, the girl’s eyes suddenly shot open, and what stared back at him was not the pupils you would see on a human but ones he was very familiar with. Slitted pupils and orange eyes. All the signs of a dragon.

“Hmmm? You seem quite brave to take advantage of a girl, human.” The girl’s voice was soothing to the ear and sounded sweet, but Blake couldn’t keep the sudden chill from running down his spine.

“No! This!” Blake began to panic as he quickly retracted his hand and backed away.”I was just trying to wake you up….”

“Hmmm? So you were not going to grope my breasts and do beastly things to me while I slept?” The girl asked, making Blake’s face turn red. He couldn’t help but think of these beastly things she was talking about.

“I w-wouldn’t dare!” Blake finally spat out as he lowered his head.

“Oh? A virgin. I see… I see…” The girl smirked as she sat up and looked at Blake up and down. As she looked him over, her eyes suddenly went wide. “Oh? Magic? To think humans could still use magic.”

“Ah no, this is only because of this place, or well, it should be. I am not sure….” Blake took a deep breath as he looked at the girl in front of him. “Is what was written on the wall out there true? Was the dragonic originally from this world?”

“Written on the wall?” The girl tilted her head, seemingly trying to remember what Blake was speaking of. “Oh, that! Yeah, well, I am not sure how many years have passed, but I did leave a message for future humans at some point but to think people can still read runic script. You should have lost that knowledge over time due to the reset I did on the world when the dragonic were sealed. But then again, you can also use magic…. Did mana return to this world?”

“No, well, it’s like this.” Blake began to explain things about how he seemed to have returned in time and what things were about to take place in the future. He told her everything that was about to happen and how mana would once again return to this world.

The girl did not blink once as she listened to Blake’s story. Every word kept her attention. Only once and a while did she frown at certain things in his story. When he finished speaking, she lowered her head and rubbed her chin. “If what you say is true, then this world is really in trouble. But that does not mean all is lost. Do you know the reason why my Ather dragon race saved your humankind instead of using them as a sacrifice to seal the dragonic?”

Blake shook his head. Up until now, he had not even known anything about them. “No. I only heard about your race when I read what you left behind.”

“Humanity has something that other races do not. They have the ability to evolve into higher beings with the right help. Back then, many humans rose up and were leaders of the war, even standing side by side with the strongest of my Ather race. They were able to wield powers that could easily destroy the world. Those people also sacrificed their lives to allow those who were standing behind them, trying to survive in a world that had turned to hell, to live better lives, and hopefully see a future where death and carnage were not all they knew.

“Humanity was the only race that could evolve properly if mana was taken away from this world. And in order to keep things from ever being found out about this portion of their history so no one would try to release the dragonic, we erased everything, even the memories of the humans who would need to start from scratch. I am not saying that we were able to get rid of all of it, but I will say that ninety nine percent of the world had been reborn.” As the girl finished speaking, she climbed off the stone bed and stood up. It was only then that Blake realized that this girl was different from other dragons. She did not have horns and a lizard like tail, but on both sides of her head, tufts of hair stuck out in the shape of horns, and her hair flowed down her back, curling up stiffly at the end like a tail, swaying back and forth as she moved.

Normally if he had seen a girl walking around like this, he would ignore them completely as if they were some kind of freak, but this girl captivated him so much he could not take his eyes off her. To him, she was…. “Beautiful….”

“Wha!?” The girl froze as she looked at the human in front of her in confusion, her cheeks turning red. “What are you talking about, stupid human!”

“Ah, sorry! I just… I was captivated by your beauty just now, and kind of spoke my mind.” Blake scratched his head. He was never good with talking to girls as it was, so having to explain his sudden outburst made him flustered. He had spoken to many girls in his previous life, but that was always about serious issues at hand and had no meaning behind it besides orders.

“You! Human, you dare tease me!?” The girl raised her hand that had at some point turned into a large black claw and was about to swing down on Blake but stopped short when Blake closed his eyes and suddenly yelled out: “I wasn’t teasing you! I would die happy to have a girl like you as my girlfriend!”

At this moment, the entire room went silent. Blake had no idea what the hell he was saying, never mind trying to think of a proper excuse. He was just blurting out the first thing that he could think of. But once it came out, he wanted to shoot himself. He wondered why the hell he would say something so cheesy and cringe! But when the pain of having his body torn to shreds never arrived, Blake slowly opened his eyes to see the dragon girl in front of him blushing and twirling her hair. “We-We should get to know each other first but…. But… if you are willing…. I do-do not mind…. But-But just in name only for the time being….”

“Huh?” Blake was even more confused now. Where did the dragon, who seemed arrogant before, go? Why was she swaying back and forth, blushing and twirling her hair? What happened to the black claw that was going to rip me to pieces?

The girl looked at Blake and saw his blank expression, and anger began to start to rise up inside her. “Are you saying that you were just joking when you asked me to be your mate!?”

“What!? Huh!? No!” Blake only saw her two arms turning back into claws and raising them in the air. Fearing for his life, he shouted out: “I will be happy to be your boyfriend!”

“Oh? I-I see… Then…. I-I will be in your care.” At this point, Blake wanted to scream. He wanted to know why she was angry one minute and then blushing the next!? Was this how dragons girls are or just girls in general? He really did not know. He had never been in a relationship before, so he was unsure about a lot of things but now, somehow, out of the blue, due to a simple word that he had spoken, he had suddenly gotten himself a dragon girlfriend.


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