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There was truly nothing he could say. The young man in front of him, half his age, called out everything and laid it right in front of him. He truly did not have any ammo left, and this was all he could do to try to feed his daughters. They had already lost their mother a few days earlier, and now they had gone two days without a proper meal. A few mushrooms here and some wild plants there but nothing that could really fill them up. He was desperate to give his daughters a good meal, so he resorted to something he thought he would never do.

He had no idea what the hell was going on with this world now that those lizard things were flying all over the place, but his only wish was to keep his daughters alive for as long as possible. Give them a few more years if he could.

“Lillia, my bag is on the other side of the Wyvern, so can you get me the rifle with the silencer and one hundred bullets, please?” Blake shouted out, causing Lillia, who was about to explode in a fit of rage, to snap out of it. “Ah? Yes!”

Blake then looked at the three burgers he had made and sighed. He still had a few full wyverns, so he could always make more. He picked them up and put them on a stone slab and walked over to the man, and handed it to him. “Eat this. It might sound strange, but the meat of a dragon is good for humans. It will strengthen you a bit. It should at least allow you to stay alive for a while longer. And if you wait a bit, I can also give you some more to take with you after you leave. It will only last a few days, so I can only give you so much.”

The man’s eyes began to tear up as he looked at the goodwill the young man in front of him was giving him. He never thought that he would be shown such kindness after trying to rob someone. He had a lot of questions, like: how did you kill a dragon? But he kept them to himself. It was enough that he was able to secure something to eat for his daughters. “For this grace…. I will one day try to repay you.”

“There is no need. Eat this before you go and regain your energy. I will be making more, so eat your fill.” Blake’s kindness stemmed from this father who was willing to do whatever it took to feed his daughters, even if it meant risking everything with an empty shotgun to try to trick someone into handing out some food. Blake was sure that even if he handed over a single can of food, the man would have accepted it and left peacefully. These are the kind of people he was willing to help out. While he would not take them with him, he could at least give them a fair chance of survival.

“Here….” Lillia handed over the rifle and box of bullets. She had already been told what was what the same night when they stole the weapons, so she knew the difference between them.

Blake took the rifle and bullets and placed them by his feet. He was not stupid enough to just hand it over now. While he figured the man would not turn this weapon on him, there was always a chance. Instead, Blake said: “Then name’s Blake, and this is Lillia and Tina.”

“Ah… My name is Robert, and my daughters are Samantha and Erica. I should apologize. I should not have done what I did.” Robert scratched the back of his head. He was trying to be sincere, but he was never a person to be good with words or actions.

“It’s fine. You were only trying to keep your family alive.” Blake replied as he began preparing more wyvern meat. This time Lillia sat at his side, helping him while Tina stood guard. She had had her pistol in her hand the entire time.

After a short while, Blake prepared some more burgers. He passed three more to the father and daughters. He gave one to Lillia and another to Tina. He then stared at the burger in his hand with a bright smile. “Finally!” He opened his mouth and sunk his teeth into the delicious meat of the wyvern. He could feel the juices attacking his taste buds, causing his lips to curl up even further. That was not all he could feel. He could also feel the magical properties within the wyvern meat slowly seeping into his muscles and bones as they spread out throughout his body. It was not something a normal human could detect, but since he had already evolved and had mana within him, he could feel the mana surging through his body with each bite.

He figured after a few days of eating this wyvern meat that even Robert’s two daughters would be strong enough to fight a bear bare handed. This was just how good dragon meat in general, was for the human body.

“So, how long have you been out here?” Blake asked after savoring the taste of his burger. Even Lillia was quiet as she munched on the burger in her hand. She had to admit it was very good. Tina had gulped hers down. She didn’t even care for the grease smeared across her cheeks. She had never tasted something as good as the hamburger Blake made.

“Well… We were originally out at my camp a day out, but a dragon had flown from gods knows where and burnt my whole camp down. My wife… I just want to know why they must attack the innocent too. But then again. That is the thinking of someone who is at the top of the food chain. And with what little news I was able to catch before service went out, we humans are nothing but ants to the dragons.” Robert’s voice trembled slightly, but he did his best to keep his composer.

“That is true. But Robert. From now on, if you see other humans, do not act so friendly towards them.” Blake warned. “You have two daughters. They may still be young, but that won’t matter to some people. Always remember this.”

Robert stared into Blake’s eyes that did not waver, showing just how serious he was as he made his statement, and Robert let out a long breath as he nodded. “I will keep your advice in my heart. The last thing I want is anything happening to my baby girls. They are all I have left.”

Blake nodded as he peeked at the two girls who were munching their burgers. He could see that their eyes were red and were on the brink of crying. So he did not speak further on the subject.

They ate in silence, and as the day grew to an end and when everyone had their fill, Blake finally decided it was time to pack up. He looked over at Lillia, who nodded and put the rest of the Wyvern away, causing Robert and his daughters to stare at the scene in shock.

Blake ignored them and picked up the gun and bullets at his feet and handed them to Robert. “Take this. Use the bullets wisely and never take off the silencer, or you will risk giving off your positions to any nearby dragons. Keep your family safe. If you can survive for six months, we may see each other again.”

Blake then got up, not waiting for Robert to react. He turned and walked off. He was going to use the cool night air to cover as much ground as possible until it was too dark to see. As The group of three began to disappear into the tree line, Robert’s daughter Erica tugged on his sleeve. “Dad….”

Robert shook his head and looked up at the sky, and sighed. “Girls, if you ever see that young man again. Offer him any help you can.”

“Mmm…” Both girls hummed at the same time. They did not know where Blake came from, but they did owe him their lives. The girls held the meat they received from Blake tightly in their arms. It was their food supply for the next few days.

“Where should we head now?” Samantha asked. She was still nervous about what they would be doing from now on.

“For now, we have a way to protect ourselves and a large forest to gather what resources we need. We will look for a water source and build a small camouflaged camp. But we will move further up the mountain like Blake seems to be doing. We will just go in a different direction.” Robert did not want Blake to think he was trying to follow him. He did not wish to anger that young man who had seemed to have killed a wyvern and even made it disappear like some kind of magic trick.


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