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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 230.3: Attack On The Dwarves Part 3 Bahasa Indonesia

While the dwarven barrier was being bombarded with elemental bombs, Blake and his people were all gathered at the military base. “We have everything?”

“Blake, are we really taking all of these?” Bret looked at the vehicles that had been inscribed with runes and wondered just how good they would be.

“Yes! Why wouldn’t we? Thardra has already written down the blueprint on how to make them. He even plans to improve them to work with mana. Right now, we are heading to a battlefield, and it is better to test them in action than not. They can be used for many things, including rescuing many people at once. Only Clance has space magic. And she will not be participating in the main war. Only everyone else will be. They need practice fighting a new age war.” Blake answered. Bret nodded. He was actually looking forward to this war to see just how strong he had become.

Blake turned and looked at the five hundred troops he selected for this mission and smiled. “Today, we will be doing tests on multiple fronts. The orcs who had attacked us have attacked our allies. We will now go and protect them and bring them back to safety. If you die, I will personally resurrect you and kill you again in an even more painful manner, so don’t even think about dying!”

The men and women standing in front of him all burst out laughing. They were all in high spirits. While war was scary, the thing that would allow them to know just how strong they were now was real life battles. They knew it would be dangerous but to finally be able to go all out was something they had all been waiting for. This was why they joined the Destiny City military.

Blake’s expression turned dark: “You think it’s funny!? Just wait until you die! I will make you wish you stayed dead! Clance, I leave the rest to you.”

Clance nodded and placed her hand on the ground. A huge magic circle formed under everyone’s feet. Before anyone could react, the military trucks, military jeeps, and every member of the force disappeared from the training field.

“Blake… Should I be here?” Yui looked uncertain. She was nervous since this would be her first true battle.

“You are special. You will be using your special fox fires to assist our people and heal the injured. Don’t worry. Clance will be by your side. In fact, you have one of the most important jobs, and that is healing.” Blake scratched her ears, causing her to close her eyes and wag her tail. A fox girl in military duds did look quite enticing, though.

“Okay! Everyone saddle up! Get in the trucks, and let’s go!” Each truck was outfitted with a Celtic Dara Knot as Destiny City’s emblem. Blake always loved the meaning of this symbol, as it represented strength, wisdom, and immortality. It was a symbol that held many meanings, but each one represented what Destiny City stood for. They were strong, wise, and would never fall.

Blake sat on the top of one of the jeeps with his legs crossed and his arms crossed in front of him. He was creating a path for the trucks to drive on as the convoy made its way toward the Dwarf base. They did not drive slowly in the slightest. They were going to use Clance’s magic to teleport there over and over, but now with so many people and the vehicles as well, this was the best method.

Luckily from their current location, it would only take half a day to reach their destination. Blake did not feel tired at all with how much mana the simple earth spell he was using. He felt like he could keep it going indefinitely. And because he was creating a road that went straight, he was cutting off even more time.

Back at the mountain, the orcs were still bombarding the barrier that kept them from fully attacking. But the barrier was growing dimmer and dimmer by the second. The dwarven front line of soldiers was all ready and fully armored with large shields that had many runic inscriptions. The dwarves here may be only a handful compared to the orcs’ massive army, but this handful of dwarves was also well equipped. This would at least allow them to hold out long enough for reinforcement.

“Sir, how much longer until reinforcements arrive? The barrier is about to give way at any time.” A dwarven elder aksed.

“Humph! If you had just followed the young man from before, like I said, we would not be suffering like this! All of you old bastards have no idea how hard it is for us to stay afloat. For now, give up some of your pride and go power the barrier!” Josline’s grandfather yelled out. There were still a few elders who thought saving their mana would save their lives. But they were sadly mistaken!

The dwarven elder glared at Josline’s grandfather and turned around, and left. He did not wish to die. He needed his mana! But he did not seem to realize that if he kept going like this, then he would end up dead anyway!

Outside, the orc camp was as calm as a spring breeze. The orc general sat in his tent, drinking some kind of weird juice from one of the plants in the area. It was sweet with an orangy flavor. “How are things?”

“General, the bombardment is still underway. The barrier looks like it will be dropping any time now. Once it drops, our forces will rush in.” The kneeling orc soldier replied.

“Good! Keep it up! We will make a name for ourselves. When we get back, the king will reward us heavily. But remember, the dwarven princess is mine. I want her under my body squealing like a pig when my dick rams her insides.”

“I will be sure the men understand this.” The orc soldier saluted and stood up before turning and leaving the tent. When he exited, he could only sigh. He himself had eyes on the dwarf princess. She was said to be a beauty! And dwarf girls were also said to be extremely sturdy and would not break easily.


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