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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 212: Two years Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) One more on the way!–

Two years later….

For the past two years, everyone pretty much kept to themselves. Only Grace and her colony of humans had been expanding their territory slowly out from the city they retook and had been slowly repairing.

The orcs, elves, dwarves, and dragonic had all begun building up new cities from scratch. With magic, things were progressing steadily, and signs of actual civilization had begun to crop up. The most noticeable were the orcs, elves, and dragonic, who made their bases known to the world around them, while the dwarves always built their homes inside mountains.

As for Blake and his base, it was no longer a base but a small city. Newly constructed buildings with twenty floors each were now standing tall within the city that had a secure area of ten miles. Blake was forced to expand when a few groups of many different races appeared. Some new and some of the same species as the others. While many now lived above ground, the original residents who first built the base with Blake and Lillia still lived in the original base. Although now part of the palace was above ground and standing tall in the air majestically. In the past two years, every one of his wives has given birth once. And… They were all girls. Eleven daughters, and all of them seem to like Blake more than their mothers.

For new races, there was now a skunk clan, a raccoon clan, and a rat clan. Each had quite a few thousand, and all women. Why this is, no one really understood. During this time, Lillia and Noa were still busy in their lab. What they were doing with the slimes that were still being brought in every day, no one knew. Even Blake was at a loss on this since they refused to speak of it.

After taking in the liquid mana, Blake’s strength rose by leaps and bounds, but he found out a new problem with his race. It was like a never ending pit of mana. In the past two years, he had undergone the same liquid mana bath ten times, and he was only about halfway to his third evolution. He was not discouraged. Because he would have taken many years to reach his current point, but he also could not use all the mana liquid on himself either, so he only had around ten more uses left.

He had to think of the future and his own children, so he did not wish to be greedy.

Currently, Blake was sitting down in his new office looking over the documents from the last elders’ council. He was now very much an office worker who was taking care of the city as the leader of the people here. “Why do they want trash cans? Are all raccoons this weird!?” Blake scratched his head. The raccoon girls seemed to love sleeping in trash barrels and dumpsters. It was very strange to him.

“Lord Blake!” Bret came in. Normally he would only call Blake lord if it was an official setting, and with him coming in like this, it meant he was in work mode.

“What’s wrong?” Blake asked as he looked up from his papers.

“A group of orcs attacked outpost twenty seven. It was fully wiped out. Ten deaths. But they managed to seal the tunnel.” Bret replied, his face showing a hint of blood lust. Blake sighed as he sat back. “So it has begun. Since the orcs have attacked us first, we will no longer play nice. Send down word. All orcs, unless they submit, are now on a kill order. Since they want war, we will bring them war. Are there any reports of a base for them nearby?”

“There seems to be a small camp not too far from the outpost position they destroyed. We will need to be careful since there seems to be a very powerful mage on their side. They broke through Rin’s barrier like it was nothing.” Bret explained.

“Rin’s barrier, huh? I bet her pride was hurt by that. Alright, I will go out myself. I have been stuck indoors too long and need to stretch my legs anyways. I will have Noa go out with me to deal with the barrier and a few others. You should stay here and keep an eye on your wife and kid.” Blake was also a godfather now. Bret and Rin, after much difficulty, ended up having a baby boy. Sadly he has Bret’s looks.

“I can go out too. I am not your top general for nothing. I can hold my own. Since we are going to war, you should let me command.” Bret did not wish for Blake to go by himself. He knew that this whole place and their daily lives all depended on this man in front of him. He was the backbone of their society.

“Alright. Then you can come and play too… I just so happened to learn a new spell the other day as well and needed some practice targets.” Blake’s lips curled up into a playful grin causing Bret to roll his eyes.

“You planned this from the start! You just want to kill things!” Bret couldn’t help but shake his head. Things had been very quiet. Other than a stray batch of goblins and human monsters, no one ever came towards the city until now.

“I need real live targets!” Blake tried to argue, but no matter how one looked at it, he still just wanted to kill someone with his new magic. “Anyway, if you are going, suit up. Full gear.”

“Roger that Lord, I will have our men ready in fifteen.” Bret bowed and turned on his heel, and left the room. As for Blake, he stood up and smiled as he stretched his arms. “I have been so busy with the family I have only trained in the training grounds. But I must say the dungeons that Lillia made are hard as well. I am still stuck on the fifth floor….”


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