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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 188: Full Release Bahasa Indonesia

Clance helped Blake up, and the two looked around. “It seems this is half naturally formed and then carved out by those molten sandworms you spoke about.”

Well, at least it is nice and cool! Blake let out a sigh of relief. He had been stuck in that steaming hot desert for only god knows how long. “How is our magic?”

Clance reached out with her hand and mumbled a few words. A magic circle lit up, but nothing happened. “Still nothing. We are still within the area of the negative magic zone. But we now have a guide to move around. Look at all the tunnels.”

“Alright, let’s rest for a while. We will then choose one of the tunnels at the top to stay near the surface and hope it does not go down too much.” Blake decided they should use the worm holes to try to find a proper path.

“We can also continue forward by melting our way through. This would be safer than running the molten worm holes in case we came upon one.” Clance suggested.

“No, we will only melt into the rock if we feel one of them coming near us. The ground does vibrate as they move. We just need to keep an eye open, and we will be able to get out of its way. But for now, since we are in such a big room, let’s take a break. I want to bathe. I am sure you do as well.” Blake grabbed Clance’s hand, started walking over to a spot near the wall where no worm holes were, and stopped to take off his clothes. Clance’s cheeks were bright red. She was not stupid. When he said he wanted to bathe, he meant they would be bathing together!

Clance started to feel self-conscious as she looked at Blake, who had already stripped off his clothes. Her eyes took in the view in front of her and felt that this man was indeed very handsome. She bashfully waved her hand, making the scales that made up her clothes sink back into her skin. She stood there with her tanned body in front of Blake, allowing him to see her everything.

Her breasts were hanging in front of her chest. They were not small but not too big either. Around a C cup. Blake looked the nervous dragonic girl up and down and smiled. He took two steps forward and raised his hands above her head, allowing water magic to rain down onto her. Feeling the cool water suddenly hitting her body made Clance tense up. But she soon calmed down and relaxed a bit as she felt one of Blake’s hands gently running through her hair, trying to wash the sweat that had built up from traveling in the intense heat above ground. She, too, began to wash her body off. Once she had washed off, she held her hand above Blake’s head and did the same as he did for her. She washed his hair and his body until she had rinsed all the sweat off his body.


The two stared at each other for a few seconds before Blake leaned in and kissed Clance’s lips. His lust was in full swing. He pressed his already hard dick against Clance’s stomach as his hands massaged her two melons on her chest.

“Ah~!” Clance moaned as she felt Blake sink his teeth into her neck. She reached down and grabbed his dick, and began to gently stroke it. But that was all it took. Blake sucked her blood as he lifted her into the air by her buttcheeks and pressed his dick against the entrance of her secret garden. Clance had been waiting for this moment. She had this tingling between her legs since the first time he sucked her blood. She reached down and positioned it just right. Once the tip had spread her already moist lips apart, she felt Blake push into her without restraint. He was not even the slightest bit gentle as he began to pump himself in and out of her.

The pain of having her virginity pierced and then roughly fucked caused her to cry out a seductive yet pained moan as she held on to Blake as he had his way with her. It was like that time when he slapped her all for her sister. He was taking out his anger on her body. She did not mind this as her moans echoed through the cave. The sound of their bodies slapping together with each thrust echoed along with her. She could only hold on while Blake used her as a toy to release all his lust at once. His dick grew bigger and bigger inside her, making her cry out louder as it slammed into her baby room over and over.

Her breasts bounced as she felt her pussy convulse with each thrust. She felt a strong surge building up inside her body as she clung on to the man holding her in the air. The bubble inside her grew and grew until, finally, it popped like an explosion. Her toes and tail curled up as she clawed at Blake’s back, creating long digs into his skin that instantly healed after. She bit into his shoulder as she let out a long, drawn-out, muffled moan. The taste of his blood filled her mouth as she held on for dear life. He did not stop, so this rush of pleasure she felt did not stop. It was so intense that she felt like she was going to pass out. Then it happened. With one strong thrust, she felt his dick push into her baby room and explode some kind of warm substance deep inside her. Her stomach began to swell as Blake released everything he had built up over the past few days. Round after round pumped out of him until Clance’s body could not take anymore, and it began to leak out the sides.

Only when his orgasm subsided did he slowly pull his dick out of Clance, who was now completely limp in his arms. He looked down to see his milk flowing out of her pussy like a waterfall. The gaze on Clance’s face was that of someone who had been completely broken. Her eyes were so glazed over it was even more severe than the time he first had sex with Noa.


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