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Faana stared at Clance. Even if she still had her heart, what about all the years she was alone with no one? She had no one until she met Blake. Blake was like a light that suddenly priced through her darkness. She only felt interested in him because of his smell, but after spending time with him, she fell more deeply. He had taken her from her lonely world and brought her to a place where she was surrounded by people who laughed and played with her. They did not see her as a disgrace but as someone who was part of their family. The more she spent time with this group of people and looked at the man in front of her who had brought her to this new life that she so cherished, the more she realized she loved that man. Her heart began to beat rapidly just being near him, yet he would only dote on her as he did on his sister. This also began to make her feel as if she would never be able to break free from the chains that were keeping her from ever allowing her body to mature.

“Faana…. I know you have every right to hate me, and I will accept that hate without question. I know you have every right to want to kill me, and I will accept death. But please, allow me to say one more thing.” Clance reached out and placed her hand on Faana’s head, “Follow your heart and show the world that not all dragonic are evil.”

Faana raised her head and looked at Clance before nodding her head. Her momentum of wanting to beat Clance and hate her was washed away. She could never outright forgive her, but she would give Clance another chance now that she was to become part of this new family she had entered. “I will not hit you, and I will not hate you all the way. If one day we both end up at Blake’s side, we will be sisters at that time we will need to learn to love each other. So let’s put the past behind us. And try to be real sisters from now on….”

Faana clenched her fists as she said all of this and took a deep breath before letting it out as she said: “Big Sister….”

“Faana!” Clance eyes welled up with tears. She wished she had never done anything bad to this girl. She wished the way she was raised was different so she could have been a good big sister to Faana. Clance reached out and wanted to hug the girl in front of her, but as she went to hug Faana, she got nothing but air.

“Alright, I am done…. Tomorrow, ask Big Sister Lillia for the contract. You will then become one of us.” Faana said before walking away but paused as she said: “Follow me. I will lead you to a room in the palace. If I am not wrong, you will soon become part of Blake’s little circle until I am able to do something about my body. I want you to help me take care of him and protect him.”

“Faana….” Clance wished she could do something for Faana. She was a space mage, but she could not affect the living. Space mages could only affect the time within the space they create. But it would never have any effect on living begins.

Faana and Clance walked to the palace. When they arrived, Clance immediately noticed something off. “Why is there an elf taking a shit in the yard?”

“Ahh… that is Fido, our dog. She came here to assassinate Noa but failed. Blake blocked the strike and was hit with soul devouring poison. But he was able to overcome it. Now no poison in the world can harm him. But because of this, Lillia got mad and turned her into a dog slave. It’s been a while now, so we are all used to it. She mainly keeps the outside area clean, and if there are any dirty jobs the other maids do not want to do, they will have her do them.” Faana explained. Clance, on the other hand, missed half the story when she heard Blake had been affected by soul devouring poison.

“Wait…. How did someone get their hands on soul devouring poison!? Necromancers have disappeared since before the war!” Clance did not understand this. How could a necromancer appear out of nowhere?

“No idea. We only know the maid was working for the prince. And was jealous of her own master. But she has no idea where the dagger she had with the poison on it came from or if there is more of it. We can only be careful in the future.” Faana sighed as she looked at the elf, carefully burying her droppings and using the grass at the side to clean herself. Her once white skin was now covered in dirt and grim, while her green hair was full of knots and all over the place. She looked like a crazy homeless woman who had been living on the streets for years.

“I see…” Clance gulped, thinking how this might have been here if she had done something wrong. Just knowing an ather dragon is living here is enough to make the entire dragonic clan fearful of her. In a way, she was glad she became Blake’s slave. The two went into the palace, and Faana had the maids bring Clance to one of the spare rooms while she went to Anna’s room to talk about what had just happened.


Inside a separate room, Blake stood looking at the cute dragon girl in front of him as she playfully danced around in her underwear. Blake leaned back on the bed and watched her moving her hips. It did not look like she really knew what she was doing, but Blake still found it very cute.

Her decent sized breasts bounced up and down and swayed left and right as she moved. Her hands traced up and down her body as she took a few extra seconds to stroke her special place. When she was done, she turned and beamed a smile at Blake as she crawled up onto the bed and over his body. She leaned down and kissed his lips before pulling her hair back and exposing her neck. “Do as you please.”

“Then I will not hold back.” Blake leaned up and sunk his fangs into her neck as one hand reached for her chest and the other for her pussy. The sudden sensation sent shivers down Lillia’s spine as she let out a soft moan.

Blake rolled Lillia over, so she was under him and pulled his fangs out of her neck. He looked down at her lust-filled eyes and lowered his head to kiss her lips. His hand slipped under her pink panties and down over her hairless mound before slipping two fingers inside her already damp hole. “Blake~! I waited so long for this….”

Lillia’s hips slowly began matching the rhythm of Blake’s fingers as she raised and lowered them in time with his probing. When they reached deep inside her and stretched her insides out, she couldn’t help but moan louder.

Once she was good and wet, Blake did not play around. He stripped her panties off and dropped his pants before mounting her and stabbing right into her roughly, causing her to instantly have an orgasm. He did not let her rest as he began pumping his member in and out of her.

Lillia could only hug Blake like a koala bear as she let him ravage her body. She had waited months for this, and now she was able to have Blake all to herself. She would cherish every second of it until she could no longer take any more. She felt his fangs pierce her skin over and over, drawing more and more blood from her body. The more he drew, the more pleasure she began to feel until, finally, the only voice she could make was drawn-out moans as he pounded her relentlessly. She could feel him piercing her baby room which was driving her even more crazy.

They switched to so many positions, and the two sweaty bodies on the bed continued for hours. Lillia was holding on for as long as possible even though she was basically limp in his arms as he controlled her like a puppet. He had stood up on the bed, and with her back to his chest, she slid up and down on his dick with her legs dangling in the air. Blake’s fingers were in her mouth as she sucked and licked them while being treated like a sex toy.

After almost five hours, Lillia finally passed out. Blake looked at the girl who was sleeping peacefully and smiled as he leaned down and kissed her cheek. He then got up to open the door to see Noa sitting on the floor, leaning against the hallway wall with her head bobbing up and down. Blake, who was still naked, walked over and picked her up, and brought her into the room. Noa’s eyes shot open when she felt Blake biting her neck. The last thing she remembered that night was begging for mercy.

The next day Blake woke up with two girls curled up next to him. Lillia was already awake, but she was too busy nuzzling into her neck to care if he was awake or not. Noa, on the other hand, was still out like a light. Her whole body was riddled with bit marks, the same as Lillia’s. “Good morning…..”

“Mmmm! Good morning….” Lillia smiled as she kissed his lips. “Heal me!”

Blake chuckled and quickly healed the girl, then healed Noa, who was still sleeping. Once she was healed, Lillia crawled under the blanket to take care of her man’s morning wood. Blake just laid back and closed his eyes.

Down the hall, not far away, a scream came from Anna’s room. “What the hell happened!?”


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