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–AN) We were so close to the 1k mark last week! Only a hundred power stones short. Let’s try to make that up this week and reach the first 1k power stone mark for that extra bonus chapter!–

Mina turned and glared at Blake, who could only sigh. It was not like he was trying to gain all these princesses! They just kept popping up! Blake made note to try not to have too many interactions with the girls. He knew his race’s charm would work against him but still….

“Alright, let’s get everyone gathered together.” Blake decided to change the topic.

Deep in the jungles of what used to be a heavily populated city, the elf clan had already begun construction of a new city amongst the ruins. The elven royal family had already been placed in a temporary residence and was waiting for their new palace to be built first. Within one of the temporary buildings, the one set aside for the elven prince, certain sounds could be heard coming from within.

“Ah~!” A young elf girl gasped as she bounced up and down on the elf prince’s lap. Her breasts were bouncing along with her. Her eyes were glazed over from lust as she continued to pleasure herself as he just stared at the scene without much expression. After a bit of impatience, the elf prince raised his hand and grabbed the elf girl by the throat, and tossed her to the floor. “Fuck off!”

The girl was still lost in her lust as she rolled around on the floor with her hand between her legs. This was actually not normal but a side effect of the nolite grass that she was fed beforehand. A kind of aphrodisiac that only worked on elves. Her soft moans from playing with herself angered the elf prince even more as he yelled out: “Someone come and drag this bitch out of here.”

“Prince Teleth!” The guard walked in and saluted the prince. He was used to this kind of scene. “Prince….”

“Do as you wish. Just toss her someplace when you’re done. She is only a commoner anyway.” Prince Teleth answered, waving his hand. He could care less about the girls he used. He was only trying to kill his boredom and block the thoughts of his sister, who he had been trying to kill for so many years now. He thought that after they had moved back to their original home that he would be able to kill the one person who stood in his way of getting the throne. But now…..

The girl was hoisted up on the guard’s shoulder, who had an excited expression on his face as he hurried outside with her. This was such a common scene that even the guards outside did not flinch. They could only give jealous gazes that the guard on duty on this night was the lucky one.

The prince sat up in bed and rubbed his face. He was just about to get out of bed when a soft chuckle came from his side. “I never knew Prince Teleth was so small. I am surprised that elf girl could even get off, but I guess with all the aphrodisiac you gave her, your little dick could make her cum as many times as she wanted just by touching her.”

A black-haired beauty appeared out of a rift in space. She stood there looking at the little thing between Prince Teleth’s legs with a mocking smile. Her tail swayed as she covered her mouth and laughed again.

“Fuck! Why is the princess of the dragonic here?” Prince Teleth gritted his teeth. He was not a dragon. This size was normal among elves!

“I am here to ask if you are willing to make a deal. We will help you, and you will help us. What do you say?” Clance smiled as she flicked her fingers, causing the blankets on the bed to cover up Prince Teleth’s bottom half. She did not wish to talk to someone who was completely naked.

“A deal? Why should I make a deal with a race that wants to control everyone? You dragonic need to stick to your northern territory. This was what was decided upon in the last meeting between heads when we returned to this world. If this is all you have to say to me, then get out of here.” Prince Teleth loathed the dragonic more than his own sister! They always tried to use the races for their own bidding. He did not wish to be controlled!

“Oh? I see…” Clance did not mind. She just nodded and disappeared.

Only when she left did Prince Teleth let out a sigh of relief. But he felt things would not be so simple in the future. And sure enough, his thoughts were correct. “Since he does not want to do things for free. I wonder how he will feel when I drop his sister’s head in his lap. But first….”

Clance had smelled something along the way when she was searching the southern area. It was faint, but it intrigued her. She paused mid-air as she tried to decide whether or not to check this strange scent out. After much thought, she decided to go ahead and satisfy her curiosity.

Back at the dwarven cave, Blake stood in front of a group of two hundred dwarven women and elders. “Blake, please take care of them. The men are all being stubborn. Even after talking with them, they all still wish to stay. I even told them I was sending the women away, and they still do not care. They said they do not wish to lose their current statuses. So it will take time.”

“No worries. Forland, with the device you gave me, we can talk any time. So let me know if anything arises that you need my help with. I will immediately send people out to help. Make sure you take care of yourself.” Blake smiled and turned around. Dwarf girls were unlike the dwarf men. They looked normal, just a bit more big-boned and much shorter. But they did not look ugly in the slightest, and most were actually mostly beauties. “Princess Josline, your people will be under your care. If you need anything, let me know. I will do what I can to help.”

“Ye-yes!” Princess Josline, brown hair, brown eyes. She had cute little dimples when she smiled awkwardly as she spoke to Blake. Her cheeks were bright red, as did her best not to embarrass herself. This was not her own fault, but mainly Blake’s due to his charm. And because of this, Mina, who was sitting on his shoulder, reached out and pinched Blake’s neck. “Stupid princess picker!”

“I didn’t do anything!” Blake cried out, causing Forland to laugh. He walked over to his daughter and whispered into her ear, causing her whole face to turn bright red. But she quickly nodded and agreed to whatever the old man had said.

“Then let’s head out!” Blake now had many people to look after. At least there were a few dwarven guards who were going with them. These were the only young men willing to take this long journey and join Blake, mainly because their own wives and children were in the group.

Unlike before, when he had people making a trip to the base, this time, he had to really protect everyone. Mina was in the back while he was in the front. The guards were at the side. There were only eight guards altogether, but they were still quite powerful since most were hundreds of times older than Blake, which gave Blake a bit of security.

“Lord Blake, how long will this trip take?” Princess Josline trotted up to Blake with blushing cheeks. In the back, Blake could hear a certain fairy yelling out her current nickname for him.

“It took us two months to find you, and now it will probably be about a month and a half to get back if we do not stop for too long. We do have more people to pick up. We met a group of new Beastkin on the way here we will be needing to pick up.” Blake was actually getting quite concerned the women-to-male ratio for his base was slowly becoming a wide river. He needed to bring more men in to balance things out.

It was not like he was doing this on purpose. It was almost as if some external force was shoving all these girls down his throat. He could only hope that maybe could raise the testosterone levels of his base soon.

Princess Josline walked at Blake’s side, talking about this and that. While he knew it was bad for the dwarf princess to keep being so hung up on him, he also knew it was due to his charm. He disliked this kind of thing because he did not know their true feelings. He felt they were being tricked into liking him when they probably did not.

He really did not know how to handle this situation. But he also did not wish to make the princess move away as he felt it would be rude to her, and she was actually helping fight off his boredom as they traveled. Mona was at his side, but Mona was not the best conversational partner. Mina was in the back, protecting the rear so he only had the dwarf princess to talk to at this time.

While they did run into some human monsters and other monsters along the way, they did not run into anything too dangerous. Blake also found out that handling human monsters was now as easy as killing a horned rabbit or goblin. They were fast, but he was much faster now and packed a powerful punch.

It was almost a month into the journey when they finally reached the place where the foxkin were hiding. Blake had Mina tell the foxkin they were back, and not even ten minutes later, the foxkin leader came running out and tackled him, rubbing her face all over his chest, tail wagging as she did. “Blake! Blake! Blake!”

“I said we would come back. Now you can come home with us.” Blake patted the fox girl’s head. The foxkin girl beamed a smile as she rubbed her face all over him. This caused Blake’s little brother to twitch, but he quickly held back his urges. Sadly this reunion did not last long when a heavy suppressive force was felt in the air.

“Oh? What do we have here?”


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