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“What is with these things!” A young man screamed as he came under attack by two turtle snappers. He was using a large thick branch to hit them in the head and guard against their attacks, but they were very quick!

“Ted, stop fucking around!” A girl yelled to the man, who seemed to not be trying too hard.

“Fine! I just wanted to test a few things! Why are you all so weak!?” Ted yelled back and began fighting seriously. He was the only one with something that looked like a proper weapon. A metal baseball bat. He began hammering away at the turtle snappers, breaking one head open after the other. In no time at all, the entire pack of turtle snappers had been killed, all laying on the ground with their heads busted open.

He flicked his bat and then turned to the others, who were all sitting on the ground panting, and sneered some more. “How did any of you even survive this long!? You can’t even handle a simple group of turtles! And Gale, I will say this now. You tell me what to do again, and I will find a goblin den and toss your sorry ass into it.”

“You!” Gale was really angered by these words. Just because the man was slightly stronger than the rest of them, he was acting all high and mighty. “You are the only one with strengthening magic! While I got water magic and the others are still struggling to use magic other than defensive magic. You volunteered to help us gather resources, but you still want to act as if you are better than everyone else!?”

“Haha! It’s because I am stronger that gives me the right. If you can defeat me, then I will wait on you hand and foot!” Ted replied with a mocking smile.

*Clap!* *Clap!*

The sound of someone clapping came from the trees. Two figures suddenly dropped down. Or it should be said that there were three, but one was clinging to the male figure’s head. Ted quickly went on guard and stared at the new people. Horns, wings, a tail…. “Are you one of those humanoid dragons!?”

“Huh?” The figure tilted his head before suddenly realizing he was mistaking him for a dragonic. “Ah, no. I am not a dragonic. I am something much better. Anyway…..”

“Don’t take a step closer!” Ted warned. By this time, everyone was on guard and standing up again. They were ready for battle at any time.

The figure nodded his head as he looked at the humans in front of him. “Truly impressive, the human race really can unite in a time of need. Just a few seconds ago, Mr. Ego was busy telling everyone he was better than everyone else, causing them to all want to kill him, but in times of need, they are willing to stand at his side.”

The figure did not pay heed to the warning from before and continued walking forward. But no one attacked. It was as if they were too scared to do so. Even Ted was frozen on the spot. “Hmmm? Why are you guys not attacking?”

How could they dare attack? They were having issues trying to stay calm! They felt suppressed just looking at this man, well… all except one person. Gale looked at the man and felt like her whole body was heating up. She wanted him to ravish her body and do as he pleased with it.

“Ummm…” Gale dropped her stick and walked over to the figure, and said: “My name is Gale. Can I ask you your name?”

“Hmmm? Mine? It’s Blake.” Blake smiled. He could see the girl was looking at him in a loving manner. Which meant his charm was working as it should be. But he did not just plan to take any girl in, nor would he fuck any girl who came near him. “Miss Gale, can I ask you if you have seen any dwarves?”

“Dwarves? Like the fantasy race?” Gale asked, her eyes fluttering as she bashfully lowered her head.

“Yeah, the short, stout guys who seem to love to drink ale,” Blake explained. Mona, who was at his side was hugging Blake’s arm and looking around, oblivious as to what was going on. To her, as long as she was with her bull, she could care less about the rest. Mina, on the other hand, was frowning. She did not think the drakani bloodline would be this strong when it came to attracting women! Lillia had warned her about this, but she never suspected it to be so.

“Ummm, sorry, we haven’t seen any. We only have seen goblins….” Gale’s expression sank. She couldn’t be of any assistance to the handsome man! But then an idea came to mind as she asked: “How about traveling with us for a while? Maybe we will….”

Blake pressed his finger against Gale’s lips and shook his head. “I must continue south. And it seems your male friends wish to tear me to shreds.”

“Humph! They are just thirsting after what they can not get.” Gale snorted before reaching out to hold Blake’s arm, only to suddenly have a small person appear and swat her hand away. “You are not allowed to touch our husband!”

“Ah!” Gale cried out as she stumbled back and looked at the small figure floating in front of her. “A fairy!?”

“Mina, don’t mind interesting people. We need to keep going. They haven’t seen any dwarves.” Blake said as he held his hand out. Mina spat towards Gale before flying over to Blake’s hand and landing on it. Blake then turned to the humans and said: “Try to stay alive, and maybe one day we will meet again.”

Blake wrapped his arm around Mona, held Mina to his chest, and then disappeared from sight. The group of humans all stood there in a daze. Ted was the first to snap out of it as he angrily turned and looked at Gale. “Slut!”

“Fuck you!” Gale snapped out of her daze at these words and suddenly cast a water ball and shot it toward Ted, who was not expecting to be suddenly attacked.

The water ball slammed into his chest and sent him flying into a tree. He fell to the ground in pain. He knew he had just broken a few ribs. “You bitch! You were trying to jump in that monster pants. You think he would fuck a cheap slut like you!?”

“Ted, I will kill you!” Gale seemed to have lost her mind. A side effect of being rejected by a drakani. Those who are rejected will lash out at those around them without much thought. Anything that angers them will make them want to kill the instigator. No one knew of this side effect, not even Lillia.

The group that had just stood together suddenly began fighting one another. Blood spilled and attracted more monsters. This small group, during Blake’s first life, would go on to be hailed as champions for helping take back a large city when the next war broke out, but now they were at each other’s throats. Gale did not even notice the monsters bearing their fangs at her as she continued to attack Ted like a crazy person.

As for the cause of this sudden butterfly effect, Blake stopped at a newly created canyon that was created during a dragon attack. It was massive and looked to be at least ten miles long. “What created this?” Blake pursed his lips and tried to think back to his past life, but nothing came up to tell him how this canyon was created since there was never any history of a canyon being here.

“This was probably caused by an elder fire dragon. They have a lot of power. But to get them to do this much damage… it must have been fighting someone very strong.” Mina explained.

“Hmmm, then maybe this was one of the spots a nuclear bomb was dropped….” Blake took out a geiger counter from his space pouch and tried to get some readings, but he was coming up empty. “I guess not?”

“Blake, what is that?” Mona asked out of curiosity.

“It is a small box that will record radiation levels which can be dangerous to people,” Blake explained in the simplest way possible. Mona gave an oh for an answer before rubbing her face on Blake’s shoulder. She lost interest. Blake chuckled, but he found the canyon to be quite interesting.

Elven camp….

A young man with blonde hair sat in a wooden chair in front of a group of people with pointy ears dressed in black. “No word?”

“Your highness, the slave you planted with the group who went to search for Princess Noa has not made any contact.”

“I see… We can only guess that she failed. Find out her last location, and we will go from there. No matter what, that good little sister of mine must die!”


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