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“Blake, where are we going exactly?” Mona asked as she hung on to Blake’s arm.

“I am not exactly sure myself. I only remember that the Dwarves were said to live in the southern mountain range. It will take us a while just to get there.” Blake explained, but Mina found Blake’s words strange. “What do you mean by said to live there? How would you know?”

“Because before I died in my past life, I heard it from some travelers.” Blake lightly explained. He did not go into finer details, but his words caused Mina, who was on top of his head, to feel very confused!

“Don’t think too much about it. When we get there we will get there.” Blake reached up and poked the fairy on the head. She snorted and stomped on him, causing him to chuckle.

The first few hours of their trip went by without a hitch. But soon, Blake paused his steps. “Mina, protect Mona. I will take care of this.”

“Hmm? Are you sure that is a full-fledged earth dragon?” Mina looked between the trees to see an earth dragon walking towards them. Its huge body was easily pushing the trees out of the way. Size alone, it was about a quarter of a mile long and half that wide. It stood four stories high when it raised its head.

“Yeah, it’s a good time to test my new race. My strength has jumped by leaps and bounds, if I do not test out my new abilities on a strong opponent, then I will not know how strong I truly am. So just sit back and protect Mona for me, please.” Blake had been hoping to find a wandering dragon to test his strength on. He had felt his power was thousands of times greater than before, so he really wanted to see just how strong he truly was.

“Alright, but if I see you in danger, I will jump in.” Mina was not asking, she was telling. She would not lose her husband to some stupid dragon!

“Don’t worry. If things get too bad, I can still fly away. Although I am not fully used to it, I can fly now.” Blake grinned. He kissed Mona on the cheek and then held his hand out for Mina to land on and kissed her as well. Only when Mina was perched back on Mona’s head did Blake run forward.

By run, it meant he dug his foot into the ground and disappeared.


Not even a second later, an explosion was heard, and a massive crater formed in the forest they were in. Blake flapped his wings and looked down at the thirty-foot-deep crater and the earth dragon that had been turned into mush with wide eyes. He looked at his hand that had just punched the dragon into the ground in utter shock. He never expected his strength to be this insane! It was even greater than a lower dragons!

“Wait, is there any good meat!?” Blake flew down and looked at the mashed-up corpse and frowned. He used too much strength! The corpse was ruined. All the meat had been mashed into the dirt and rock of the ground, making it useless. Only a pool of blood could be seen as useful. “Truly is a shame! But now that I think about it. While I can eat food now, I do not need to…. I survive off blood, not normal food.”

Blake scratched his head as he looked at the mess. He only turned around when he heard his name being called from above. “Blake, are you oka….. What the hell happened!?”

Blake rubbed his nose and felt slightly embarrassed. “I kinda punched it once, and this happened.”

“What!?” Mina stared at Blake in shock, while Mona had a smug look on her face. Her thought process was simple. ‘Her bull was amazing!’

Blake was all smiles as he flew over to the girls and said: “I never thought that I would end up being this strong. Just a year ago, I was struggling with dragons and had to shove my hand up their ass to burn them, but now the most heavily armored of all dragons, the earth dragon, died to a single punch. I can seriously say I am very amazed.”

“Why would you shove your hand up a dragon’s butt!?” Mina cried out. She did not understand!

“Because the anus is a major weak point on dragons. If you shove your hand up their ass and start casting fireballs inside, they will die.” Blake answered righteously. He had already proven this many times with all the dragons he himself had killed.

“Okay, I understand this concept but still!” Mina could never do it! Even if she was on the verge of death, she would never stick her hand up anyone’s butt!

Blake shrugged before looking back down into the crater, which was at least half a mile wide, and was very happy. He did not know about his magic yet or not, but just from his strength alone, he felt he could probably at least fight lower dragonic to a standstill with his current strength. He may even be able to win.

Blake and the girls continued traveling until nightfall. Blake found a house that was empty to use for shelter for the night and had Mina set up a barrier to block people from seeing in and a sound barrier so no one could hear them.

“Mina, I want to test a few things.” Blake had just finished showering and walked into the room they were going to be sleeping in naked. Mina’s cheeks turned red while Mona licked her lips. Mina had already washed up and wanted to sleep from the long day of travel, but she also remembered something Lillia had reminded her of. Blake’s lust was something she would need to watch out for because drakanis had strong sexual needs.

So Mina could only submit and float over to Blake. “What did you want to test?”


“Well, when we had sex last time, my dick seemed to shrink so that it would fit inside you. But what about your mouth?” Blake had been very curious about this. He did not know how his new magical little brother was able to do the things it could do. Mina did not seem to mind as she flew down to Blake’s dick, which was already quite hard, and kissed the tip of it. When nothing happened, she frowned a little before opening her mouth and pressed it against the tip. Only then did she feel something fill her mouth and see a light coming from Blake’s dick. She felt his dick grow even more in her mouth and realized she was now able to properly pleasure her husband!

With this thought in mind, Mina did not stop as she bobbed her head up and down and used her tongue to play with the tip of his dick that was inside her mouth. Blake also felt this was really different. It felt like his entire dick was being properly attended to, and before he knew it, he was releasing his milk into the poor unsuspecting fairy. Her mouth quickly filled up, and began to squirt out the sides of her mouth. “Cough! You didn’t warn me!” Mina cried out as she pulled Blake’s dick out of her mouth. She swallowed what was left and pouted. She almost died! She had almost drowned in Blake’s fluids!

“Ah, sorry! It felt really good.” Blake felt bad seeing how Mina looked distressed. He created some water in his hand and held it up to Mina, who quickly washed her face and body off once more. She then looked at Blake, who was still hard, and dived back down, Spread her legs, and allowed it to enter inside her.

Mona walked over and stood in front of Blake. She did not mind the little fairy who was currently bouncing up and down. She held her breasts up and looked at Blake with pleading eyes. Blake chuckled and dove into the large melons, squeezing them and sucking them while Mina took care of his dick. It would make for a strange scene if someone saw the three acting like this. A fairy slid up and down a man’s shaft while a cow girl played with herself as the man played with her udders.

The next morning after a quick water magic shower Blake and the girls left the house and began their journey south once more. They came across many monsters the further south they went. But it was not until a week into their journey that Blake was currently in a tree looking down at the scene in front of him.

“You are not going to save them?” Mina asked as she looked at the humans who were currently fighting.

“Why would I save them?” Blake asked. He did not know them, and he was not planning to bring them back to his base. These people would live or die based on their own abilities. What did surprise him, though, was that a few people were using magic. He wondered when people had started hearing the voice. No one in the base got the ancient information at all. “Was it because we already gained this knowledge from Lillia?” Blake mumbled to himself.

“So you plan to just watch?” Mina was curious. She did not care if they saved them or not, but she was definitely curious as to how Blake’s mind worked.

“Mmm… I have no reason not to watch. I want to see how they will live through this. They are fighting a pack of turtle snappers.” Turtle snappers were large turtles that stood on two legs and had claws and sharp teeth. Their long, razor-sharp claws were a pain to deal with, and once cut, you would also be poisoned. “If they can pull through this, I will ask them for directions.”

Mina did not know what to say to this. He was basically watching the fight blow as a form of entertainment and would actually ask them for directions if they won! “I see….”

“Just watch and see. Humans are more resourceful than you think. If they can pull through this, then they have a future ahead of them. If not, even if one or two escape, they will not live long.”


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