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“Mama, why is Papa staying in such a small room? I haven’t seen Papa in so many days and now he is living in a room? Why did you lock Papa up?” Destiny was currently interrogating her mother about why she had not seen her papa. Her little pouty face and stern expression as she put her hands on her hips as she spoke really looked very cute.

“Have you not realized I have been gone too!? Destiny, is there only papa in your eyes?” Lillia felt like she was being forgotten all over again. But her words made Destiny’s expression soften as she walked over and hugged Lillia. “I missed Mama too, but Papa….”

“Yes, yes…. You are a daddy’s girl, I know.” Lillia sighed as she hugged her daughter and lifted her up. “You were good for your mama’s, right?”

“Mmm! Mama Tina, let me play with my baby sister! Hope is so cute.” Destiny began telling Lillia everything she did. This allowed Lillia to feel even closer to her daughter. It was a slow process, but the little girl was finally opening up to her and letting her into her world.

Lillia held her daughter in her arms and listened carefully to each word Destiny said. Making comments here and there while laughing and smiling the entire time. Tina, who was following while carrying hope, knew just how much Lillia had been waiting for the day when Destiny would act like this and was smiling from ear to ear. Her sister’s wish came true finally. The rest of the family also followed behind. This also included Moha and Mona. The two cow girls have been getting extra training and teachings from the other girls about matters between them, Blake, and the future, as well as the way they all communicate and become one harmonious group. A lot of it came as a surprise at first, but they slowly took it all in and even put some of it to practice to prepare for the future. It could be said that Tina was very good at teaching.

When they arrived at the small room, Blake had already changed into a clean set of clothes and was still resting on the bed. Once Destiny saw her papa she quickly struggled out of Lillia’s arms and jumped on top of him and hugged him with a big smile: “Papa! I missed you!”

“Little girl, you will kill your papa!” Blake replied with a smile. Although he said something that most kids would find frightening, Destiny giggled and hugged Blake tighter.

“Oh? Not bad! Your aura has skyrocketed compared to before.” Faana walked into the room and nodded in appreciation. Even she had been spending more time with Blake’s wives lately. She seemed to be feeling left out since arriving here with only Anna to talk to. But this was because Lillia was trying to give Faana time to grow up her mentality. It was still stuck in a teenage state even though Faana was just as old or a tad younger than Lillia.

On Faana’s head was Mina, who flew off and landed on Blake’s head and snuggled into his hair, taking in his scent. In other words, she was being a pervert. Blake looked at all the girls who were surrounding him and wondered just how lucky he could be to have so many cared about him. In his past life, he died alone. He struggled to try to help humanity, only to be sacrificed in the end when they fought a dragonic. Of course, at that time, he was nowhere near as good as he is now.

Erica and Sam stood off to the side, wanting to go forward but did not since they were waiting for their turn. Tina was already there holding Hope up to Blake so he could play with her. After an hour, the two girls finally got to get near Blake and hug him after not seeing him for a few days. Then the mookin sisters were able to check on Blake as well.

“Sisters, listen up.” Lillia looked at Blake and then sighed. “Our husband is going to be stuck in this room for the next few months. He will be undergoing his drakani evolution. At the time he succeeds, he will be needing blood from us. We will need to let him feed on us from that moment on, and the first day will be the worst of it.”

“It’s fine. I got lots of blood!” Erica patted her chest. She was more than happy to help Blake.

“I- also have blood….” Faana tried to step in as well, but all she got was stares from the other girls, which made her lose her momentum and lower her head.

Lillia sighed and walked over to her, and whispered into her ear. What was said no one knew, but Faana’s eyes did light up as she nodded her head. Lillia patted her head before continuing what she was saying: “We will all need to pitch in. and it is not just blood but also nighttime matters as well. Drakani are known for their….” Lillia looked at the kids and cleared her throat. “I am sure you understand what I mean. But our husband will also be one of the strongest bloodlines to ever walk this planet.

“We will all have to work hard, and we will also need to slowly expand our sisterhood and also grow even more powerful ourselves. Luckily Blake has found a large mana cleansing herb which I am currently trying to cultivate so we can all undergo a mana cleansing. Our future babies will also be part drakani as well. So we will have a lot of work to do. During the next few months, we will all be taking turns and watching over Blake in twos. If he becomes a drakani, we will need two people to help deal with his first outburst of blood lust. Everyone will also be given alarms, so one of you will need to press it when this happens. But if we work together we can pull through.” Lillia scratched her head as she looked at the girls who were looking back up at her and sighed. “Let’s hope everything works out.”

The girls and Blake spent the day together. At night everyone slept in the tiny room. Even Anna, who had been training, came straight to the room when she got wind of what was going on. After all, Blake was her brother.

After a full night’s sleep and eating breakfast with the girls, Lillia, Faana, Moha, and Mona were going to take the first watch. It was these three due to Lillia needing a few extra hands for the first part of this process, and that was to hold Blake down, and the four of them were the strongest out of the group.


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