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Pastoral Daily Life – Chapter 128 Bahasa Indonesia

In the evening, when Lu Lingxi got home, Wang Shuxiu asked about his visit to the plant nursery. This time, Lu Lingxi went to Lingshui Village and promised to stay for one day only, but it turned out that he stayed for another day. Although Lu Lingxi said on the phone that he was fine, Wang Shuxiu was still a little worried.

According to her past habits, Wang Shuxiu had always treated Lu Lingxi as a free-range kid. In the past, it was because Lu Lingxi was too rebellious and didn’t want her to take care of him, but later on, it was because Lu Lingxi was too sensible and there was nothing she could take care of. Even when Lu Lingxi ran a plant nursery at a young age, Wang Shuxiu didn’t worry about it at all. But lately, who knows what was going on, perhaps because of her pregnancy, Wang Shuxiu had started to worry about Lu Lingxi’s affairs, asking him a few questions from time to time.

She asked in detail, and Lu Lingxi also wanted to make her happy, picking out what he could talk about and telling about it seriously. Except for the panel and the evolution of the willow tree, Lu Lingxi didn’t hide anything from Wang Shuxiu.

“Big Brother Yan said…”

Lu Lingxi mentioned Yan Yue a few times, and Wang Shuxiu’s heart inexplicably thudded. The little bastard started almost every sentence with “Big Brother Yan said”; Yan Yue’s name appeared in the little bastard’s mouth a little too often. She remembered her last visit to the hospital and felt that something was wrong. A suspicion grew in her mind, but she didn’t dare to think about it for a while.

Wang Shuxiu listened to Lu Lingxi’s story as if nothing had happened and asked as if casually, “I remember that there seems to be only one house over there in the plant nursery where people can live. How do you and Yan Yue live there, Xiao Xi?”

Lu Lingxi was taken aback for a moment, a little confused about what Wang Shuxiu meant, but he still replied, “Together.”

Wang Shuxiu’s heart sank, and that uneasy thought became even stronger. She was about to say something when Xiao Feng came out after taking a shower and saw them talking, reminding, “It’s getting late, it’s time for Xiaohua to rest.”

After all, Wang Shuxiu was too old compared to a pregnant young girl in her 20s, and had to rest for at least 14 or 15 hours a day. Xiao Feng paid great attention to this and kept a strict schedule for Wang Shuxiu, urging her to go to bed at nine o’clock every night at the latest. When he said this, Lu Lingxi took a look at the time, which was already past eight and approaching nine, and immediately said, “Mom, get some rest, I’m going to find Big Brother Yan.”

When he finished speaking and was about to leave, Wang Shuxiu almost subconsciously called him to stop him. Lu Lingxi looked at Wang Shuxiu in confusion. Wang Shuxiu remembered Zhou Xiaoman’s words from last time and asked, “Xiao Xi, what do you think if we change to a bigger house?”

Lu Lingxi blinked unexpectedly, “Change the house?”

Wang Shuxiu nodded; the reason was very good. “We’re going to have another family member soon, and there’s not enough room. I think we should move to your dad’s house first, and your uncle and his family will live here. We can change it later when we have a suitable house.”

Wang Shuxiu’s reason for moving was rational, but Lu Lingxi hesitated without answering. He didn’t want to be separated from Yan Yue, but he couldn’t find any reason to refuse.

Lu Lingxi didn’t speak; his gaze wandered a little and Wang Shuxiu’s heart sank again. The absurd thought in her heart became clearer. Xiao Feng waited for a long time for Wang Shuxiu to go to the bedroom to sleep. When he came out, he noticed that neither mother nor son was talking, as if they were in conflict. He was a bit surprised, as Xiao Xi would never make Wang Shuxiu angry, so what was going on? He didn’t hear anything from the bedroom either. Xiao Feng smiled and tried to smooth the situation, saying: “Xiaohua is still not sleeping? Xiao Xi should go to bed early too, you still have to go to the shop tomorrow.”


As Xiao Feng said that, he winked at Lu Lingxi, who hesitantly looked at Wang Shuxiu and whispered, “Good night, Dad and Mom.” He turned around and went back to his room. Even if he was dumb, he noticed that the atmosphere just now wasn’t right. Wang Shuxiu didn’t seem too happy. Was it because he was unwilling to move?

Lu Lingxi closed the door to his room, and Xiao Feng coaxed Wang Shuxiu to go to the bedroom. “What’s wrong? Where did Xiao Xi make you angry?” Xiao Feng asked.

Wang Shuxiu didn’t know what to say. She was only guessing and wasn’t sure if it was what she thought it was.

Xiao Feng looked at her expression and spoke for Lu Lingxi, “Xiao Xi has always been sensible. Take your time to tell him what’s wrong, don’t lose your temper in a hurry.”

Wang Shuxiu sighed and didn’t say anything, pulled up the blanket and closed her eyes to prepare for sleep. Xiao Feng gave Wang Shuxiu a worried look, turned off the light and lay down beside her. “What do you think of Yan Yue?” Wang Shuxiu asked Xiao Feng after lying down for a long time, unable to sleep and turning over.

“Why do you think of Yan Yue?” Wang Shuxiu had asked this question just a few days ago.

Wang Shuxiu sounded a little annoyed, “You know Yan Yue has never had a girlfriend, is there something wrong with him?”

Xiao Feng’s heart moved and he guessed the reason for Wang Shuxiu’s abnormality. When he didn’t say anything, Wang Shuxiu took it as him agreeing, and since she couldn’t sleep anyway, she simply started talking. “You’ve noticed, haven’t you, that Xiao Xi treats Yan Yue very differently? In the past, I was too busy with the restaurant and didn’t care much. I thought Yan Yue was just about the same as Yi Hang to Xiao Xi. Xiao Xi used to have a good relationship with Yi Hang, but not as good as he has now with Yan Yue, day and night together, ‘Big Brother Yan this’ and ‘Big Brother Yan that’ every sentence. Yan Yue has never had a girlfriend, do you think they…”

Wang Shuxiu didn’t say any more and just felt that her heart was blocked badly. It was because the little bastard was usually too obedient, and as a result, when she mentioned moving and the little bastard didn’t say anything but showed obvious reluctance, it made her feel that there was a serious problem. Why was the little bastard reluctant to move? The only reason Wang Shuxiu could think of was Yan Yue. Her mind flashed back to the last time Yan Yue and Lu Lingxi had spent time together, and Wang Shuxiu felt even more gloomy.

Yan Yue moved next door to her house, Yan Yue didn’t have a girlfriend, Yan Yue left his own business and got a small plant nursery with Lu Lingxi… These things that Wang Shuxiu had previously ignored were now all evidence in her eyes. Wang Shuxiu sat up violently, “No, we must move.”

Xiao Feng was startled by her and hurried to turn on the lights. Wang Shuxiu’s face was ugly, “How old is Xiao Xi, he doesn’t understand anything, we can’t let him and Yan Yue stay together.”

Xiao Feng smiled and felt a little sympathy for Yan Yue; but sympathy is sympathy, and the situation was Wang Shuxiu’s biggest worry. He couldn’t let Wang Shuxiu suffer any stimulation, so he immediately took a stand and said, “If Xiaohua thinks it’s inappropriate, we’ll move.”

“Moving is not enough.” Wang Shuxiu’s face was sullen, “It’s not good for the two of them to stay together.”


She didn’t know how far Lu Lingxi and Yan Yue had come, and she couldn’t tell from their past dealings, except that they were a little too close. If the two had not yet pierced that layer of window paper, it was okay, but if they had… Wang Shuxiu was ready to be ruthless. The little bastard would only be nineteen this year, she couldn’t let him go down this crooked path. She thought about Yan Yue finding the little bastard to cooperate in the first place, daring to deceive the little bastard who didn’t understand anything. The more Wang Shuxiu thought about it, the more she couldn’t sleep. She wanted to go to Yan Yue and demand an explanation from him immediately.

Xiao Feng saw that her face wasn’t right, got up and poured her a glass of water, gently persuading: “Xiaohua, don’t think too much, I think it’s better for you to ask Xiao Xi about this matter. He is not a child anymore, we can guide him, but we can’t decide for him. Besides, you just suspect it. It is not necessarily true, right?”

Wang Shuxiu took a sip of the water, calmed down a little and glared at Xiao Feng discontentedly, “Then if Xiao Xi really… can’t I control him?”

Xiao Feng shook his head and said patiently, “You should definitely manage, but you have to find the right way. Don’t rush to say anything, first look for clues to see if it’s what you think.”

Xiao Feng made up his mind to pacify Wang Shuxiu first. She was pregnant and couldn’t be stimulated. The best thing to do was to make this a minor issue and let Yan Yue put up with it until Wang Shuxiu had given birth.

While Wang Shuxiu and Xiao Feng talked about Lu Lingxi without sleeping, in his room Lu Lingxi couldn’t sleep either, holding his mobile phone and chatting with Yan Yue. Originally, Lu Lingxi planned to go to Yan Yue, but seeing that Wang Shuxiu was in a bad mood, he stayed at home after some thinking.

Yan Yue waited for Lu Lingxi and thought something had happened at home, but when he asked, he found out that Wang Shuxiu was unhappy, seemingly because of the move. Yan Yue’s heart thudded. Although Wang Shuxiu’s reason was quite good: after the baby was born, there would not be enough place for the family; but Yan Yue vaguely felt that Wang Shuxiu might have found out something, otherwise she wouldn’t be so upset because of this small matter.

“What else did your mom say?” Yan Yue asked.

Lu Lingxi thought carefully and felt that Wang Shuxiu hadn’t said anything either. He had been the one talking about things, and it was only later when he was leaving that Wang Shuxiu talked about the move.

“Nothing more, what I said before was all about the village.”

“Big Brother Yan, why don’t I just say I agree to move the next time Mom asks about it?”

Lu Lingxi sent two text messages in a row, and Yan Yue’s eyes darkened when he saw the content of the second one. If Wang Shuxiu insisted on moving, according to Xiao Xi’s nature, he would definitely compromise in the end. Yan Yue endured everything for so long in order to be with Lu Lingxi, not to get farther and farther away from him.

Yan Yue lowered his eyes slightly and tapped on the table, looking somewhat thoughtful. It seemed that tomorrow he would have to find Xiao Feng to figure out what Wang Shuxiu really meant. If it was really what he thought, he might as well just confess. In any case, now that Wang Shuxiu had another child, she would pay less attention to Xiao Xi.

He thought about this matter while talking to Lu Lingxi for a few more minutes before urging him to go to bed early. Lu Lingxi dutifully agreed, but tossed and turned, unable to sleep. He was used to having Yan Yue and Dahei by his side, so it was a bit uncomfortable to have no one there at the moment, and it took him until midnight to drift off to sleep.

That night, the four people next to each other basically didn’t sleep well. Early the next morning, Lu Lingxi was surprised to find that Wang Shuxiu had actually gotten up early.

“Why didn’t Mom sleep more? Is there something wrong?” Lu Lingxi asked nervously, rushing over.

“It’s nothing.” Wang Shuxiu shook her head. Lu Lingxi’s expression was so concerned that even though Wang Shuxiu was annoyed, she couldn’t be angry with him.

Xiao Feng poked his head out of the kitchen, “Xiao Xi, go and wash up, we’ll be eating soon.”

“Oh.” Lu Lingxi obediently agreed.

After eating breakfast, Lu Lingxi thought about going to find Yan Yue. Wang Shuxiu was unhappy when she heard Yan Yue’s name, glaring at Lu Lingxi and slapping the table, “Your dad is here, let your dad take you to the shop.”

Lu Lingxi was startled, and Xiao Feng looked at Wang Shuxiu helplessly and smiled.


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