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Pastoral Daily Life – Chapter 103: (Rebirth) Bahasa Indonesia

Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 103

After his sleep, Lu Lingxi had forgotten what he had said before, but Yan Yue chewed on those words over and over again. Xiao Xi said he was dead and came back to life, how could he have such a strange thought? Yan Yue sat on the sofa puzzled; another Lu Lingxi, and those vague words “elder brother” made him feel unspeakable doubts in his mind.

“Big Brother Yan?” Lu Lingxi poked his head out of the bathroom with his hair wet and called out to Yan Yue with some embarrassment.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Yue immediately returned to his senses and walked over to him. Perhaps it was because of the heat, Lu Lingxi’s white skin was slightly pink and his dark eyes were as clear and moist as if they had been washed with water. He looked at Yan Yue with a bit of a blush as he grabbed the door handle and whispered, “Help me get my pyjamas.”

Lu Lingxi had just woken up and was still a bit confused, and he was in a hurry to take a shower because he didn’t like the smell of alcohol on him. These days as he spent more and more time living in Yan Yue’s place, some of his daily necessities including his clothes were gradually brought over. Wang Shuxiu sometimes complained in her heart that the little bastard was running to Yan Yue’s place too frequently, but every time Lu Lingxi used the excuse of leaving space for her and Xiao Feng, Wang Shuxiu couldn’t say anything. Yan Yue’s house was slowly becoming like Lu Lingxi’s home, with everything available.

He was about to retreat after speaking, but Yan Yue watched him motionlessly, his eyes gradually turning darker. The weird thoughts in his mind from before had been quickly suppressed by the surging lust. Yan Yue couldn’t help but open the door, hug Lu Lingxi’s waist and touch Lu Lingxi’s back, as if his body had its own consciousness. Then he closed the bathroom door, lowered his head and kissed Lu Lingxi deeply.

The skin under his touch was smooth and warm, like the finest jade. Yan Yue rubbed and rubbed again, until Lu Lingxi’s whole body became soft; his breathing was short and he couldn’t stop gasping. With a slight effort, he picked up Lu Lingxi and pressed him against the bathroom wall. He felt the sweetness of the young man between his lips and teeth, and inexplicably the words of the young man flashed through his mind again – actually, I already died.

This thought was just a flash; Yan Yue subconsciously moved to the young man’s neck and bit it. He didn’t use too much force, but Lu Lingxi still moaned sensitively. Yan Yue’s heart settled and he licked at the spot he had nibbled. The young man’s body shuddered and Yan Yue laughed softly, saying in a hoarse voice, “I love you, Xiao Xi.”

Lu Lingxi gasped in reply.

Yan Yue kissed Lu Lingxi as if hypnotised, and only after he had sucked all sorts of traces of Lu Lingxi’s body and both of them had their release in his hands, did he let Lu Lingxi go contentedly. Although Yan Yue still couldn’t understand what the young man meant by his drunken words earlier, it was enough that Lu Lingxi was in his arms, alive and feeling, a treasure that Yan Yue would always hold in his palms.

After that, Yan Yue quickly hugged Lu Lingxi and took a shower with him, and then returned to the bedroom. Lu Lingxi was a little sleepy from all the tossing and turning, so he curled up under the quilt and fell asleep. Yan Yue sat on the edge of the bed and stared at his sleeping face for a long time, then quietly left the bedroom and called Ye Kang.

When the phone rang, Ye Kang was about to get ready for bed. When he saw Yan Yue’s name, he was a little surprised and picked up the phone, joking, “Why do you remember to call me this late at night? Aren’t you with your Xiao Xi?”

Yan Yue smiled restrainedly and his tone changed, “I have something to ask you.”


“What?” Ye Kang perked up, thinking that Yan Yue must have something serious to find him so late. Who knew that Yan Yue paused for a few seconds and hesitantly said, “Ah Kang, if a person says that he has come back from the dead and that he is actually another person, what do you think this is?”

Ye Kang was to hear such a sentence unexpectedly and couldn’t help asking in a daze: “Split personality? “He thought for a while and continued to ask: “Is there anything unusual about this person you are talking about?”

“No.” Yan Yue is very sure.

“Then under what circumstances did he say this?” Ye Kang asked.

“When drunk. ”

“When drunk?” Ye Kang speculated, “Could this kind of imagination be a result of too much stress? Who is this person you are talking about? If you are worried, you can bring him to see me. I will take a test to see.”

Yan Yue didn’t say who it was, he just said, “I’ll have him contact you if necessary.”


Hanging up the phone, Ye Kang had some suspicions that Yan Yue was talking about Lu Lingxi, but Yan Yue wasn’t willing to clarify, so he would not pursue the matter. Besides, he had met Lu Lingxi; the young man was simple and uncomplicated in nature, it wasn’t like he would have any stress, let alone a split personality. What was going on?

The phone call from Yan Yue gave Ye Kang something to think about, and Yan Yue couldn’t sleep for a while when he returned to his bedroom. He didn’t believe Ye Kang’s idea of a split personality, and as for too much stress, it was even more unlikely. Yan Yue had read before that when all other possibilities had been eliminated, the remaining possibility, no matter how improbable it seemed, must be the truth. He repeated the words “back from the dead” wordlessly and forcefully suppressed that absurd speculation in his mind.

Because of this incident, Yan Yue didn’t sleep well all night. When Lu Lingxi woke up early and opened his eyes, he saw Yan Yue standing at the window, staring out and thinking about something.

“What are you looking at, Big Brother Yan? Is it snowing outside?” Lu Lingxi sat up, wrapped in the blanket.

Yan Yue turned around and walked up to Lu Lingxi’s side, looking at him with a warm gaze, lowered his head and kissed him on the forehead, softly saying, “Why are you awake so early?”

Lu Lingxi tilted his head and was a little embarrassed, “I slept too much yesterday.”

Yan Yue smiled at his words; counting the time from yesterday’s afternoon, Lu Lingxi had slept for almost 17 or 18 hours, so he had indeed slept too much. He reached out and hugged Lu Lingxi, gently touched Lu Lingxi’s neck and said with amusement, “Will you drink in the future? You’re so drunk after drinking just a little.”

“Never.” Lu Lingxi obediently promised.

Yan Yue’s heart moved and he casually said, “It’s best if you don’t drink. Xiao Xi, you’re a little chatterbox when you’re drunk, dragging me around and insisting on telling me a secret.” He spoke carelessly but his eyes kept watching Lu Lingxi’s face. He saw Lu Lingxi’s expression change slightly, the young man looking at him a little nervously, “What secret?”


Yan Yue’s heart softened; although the young man was trying his best to be calm, his eyes were very apprehensive. He was a little distressed and chuckled, “I was going to ask Xiao Xi what the secret was. What kind of person would fall asleep after saying the word “secret”, like you did?”

Lu Lingxi let out a soft sigh of relief and buried his head in Yan Yue’s chest, saying in a small voice, “I forgot.”

Yan Yue sighed, “Never mind, but remember not to drink anymore in the future.”

Lu Lingxi nodded. Although he said he had forgotten, the only thing that could be considered a secret to him besides the panel was the matter of his rebirth. He himself wasn’t sure which sounded more bizarre, the panel or rebirth. He was willing to confess the existence of the panel to Yan Yue but he didn’t know how to talk about rebirth. He had taken over another person’s body, occupied another person’s family and friends. He liked his life now and didn’t want to have any connection to the past. He couldn’t say these things openly to Yan Yue; he was afraid that Yan Yue would think he was selfish, and even more afraid that Wang Shuxiu would be upset if she knew.

Yan Yue didn’t say anything else but only patted Lu Lingxi soothingly. He was now basically sure that what the young man had said yesterday was true. The young man’s ignorance of the world, the same name of Lu Lingxi, and that vague “elder brother”, the young man’s identity… Yan Yue lowered his eyes, already calculating in his heart.

The two of them dawdled in the bed, and it took Lu Lingxi almost half an hour to wash up and dress. He craned his neck and looked at the still visible tooth marks in the mirror, a little embarrassed about how to go home for breakfast later. The place where Yan Yue bit couldn’t be covered by clothes at all, and it would be troublesome if it was seen by Wang Shuxiu.

“Cover it with a band-aid.” Yan Yue suggested.

Lu Lingxi hesitated and said, “What to say to Mom when she asks? There are no mosquitoes now. ”

Yan Yue’s eyes lit up with a smile, and he didn’t hesitate to take Xiaohei out of his pocket and shake him, “Just say Xiaohei bit you. ”

Lu Lingxi: “……”

Xiaohei understood Yan Yue’s words, crawled on Lu Lingxi’s shoulder, aggrieved, and rubbed against Lu Lingxi’s face. Xiaohei only had two teeth. How could he leave such a big tooth mark? It was a pity that Lu Lingxi didn’t understand his explanation. As for Yan Yue, what a bad guy!

As expected, Wang Shuxiu saw the band-aid on Lu Lingxi’s neck at a glance, and when she heard that it was Xiaohei’s bite, Wang Shuxiu immediately became anxious. “Is there any poison, is the bite deep? What do you think you’re doing with this snake, little bastard?…” She shot all those questions rapidly, then stopped and glared around: “Never mind, I’m talking rubbish.”

Xiao Feng laughed, gave Yan Yue a meaningful look and said to Wang Shuxiu, “Don’t worry, Xiaohei is not poisonous, he is only a few years old, even his teeth are just growing out. It’s okay.”

Lu Lingxi immediately nodded obediently and agreed, “Xiaohei didn’t do it on purpose, just a layer of skin was broken. It was Big Brother Yan who was worried about infection, that’s why he had to make me put a band-aid on it.”

Both he and Xiao Feng said this, so Wang Shuxiu calmed down. But poor Xiaohei was punished by Wang Shuxiu for “biting” Lu Lingxi and wasn’t allowed to eat breakfast, so he could only bite the tip of his tail and drool over the milk in the saucer on the floor.

It was almost noon on this day when Fang Lei came to Tiny Garden once again. However, he went to the pet shop across the street before coming to Tiny Garden. After a while, Fang Lei walked in with the big dog that had just been groomed and hurriedly went straight to Dahei.

Lu Lingxi was already numb to the scene in front of him. He thought Fang Lei had given up after repeated defeats; who knew the other party was actually getting more and more courageous. He gave Dahei a helpless look, wondering what words Fang Lei was going to say this time to praise Dahei.

As one man and one dog squatted there staring at each other, Lu Lingxi simply got busy with his own things. He was about to water a privet at the door when his mobile phone suddenly rang. It was Uncle Li calling. Xiao Shi had wandered off this morning and Yu Xiaojuan was about to go crazy. Uncle Li had called the police and wanted Dahei to come and see if he could help in any way. Lu Lingxi immediately agreed to do so. After hanging up the phone, Lu Lingxi didn’t hide this from Fang Lei. He was going to take Dahei to Lingshui Village to find Xiao Shi. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Privet

As soon as Fang Lei heard this he immediately said, “I’ll go with you.”

Yan Yue didn’t come to Tiny Garden today and went to An Jie’s place. Lu Lingxi was thinking that it was inconvenient to take a taxi, ordinary taxis were not willing to carry pets. With Fang Lei he would be able to get there as soon as possible. After a hurried call to Yan Yue, Lu Lingxi closed the shop and got into Fang Lei’s car.

An hour later, the two arrived at Lingshui Village. The whole village had been mobilised, and people in the village had put down their work to help find Xiao Shi. Someone seemed to have seen Xiao Shi being taken away by a strange man, and some village people had already gone after him.

Lu Lingxi found Uncle Li and asked anxiously, “Have you seen Ah Huang?” Xiao Shi was basically inseparable from Ah Huang whenever he was in the village. Lu Lingxi didn’t think anyone could take Xiao Shi away from Ah Huang, unless Ah Huang was injured and couldn’t stop it, but then Ah Huang would definitely go to the plant nursery and call for help.

This was exactly what Uncle Li was wondering about. He shook his head, “I haven’t seen Ah Huang since we couldn’t find Xiao Shi.”

“Could it be that Ah Huang followed him?” Lu Lingxi speculated, but he couldn’t rule out that Ah Huang had had an accident. At this time Lu Lingxi could no longer care about hiding his secret. He stroked Dahei’s head and told him to find Ah Huang as soon as possible.

Dahei licked Lu Lingxi’s fingers and ran towards the outside of the village. Soon after, a howl came from outside the village, and the dogs in the village stirred up again, dogs of all sizes running out from all the houses, as if they were summoned by something, and heading out of the village.

“What’s going on here? The dog king has come again?” Some villagers were surprised.

“You remember the big yellow dog beside Xiao Shi, right? Could it be that the big yellow dog found that Xiao Shi was lost and went to the dog king for help?”

The people in the village had a lot of imagination and reassured Yu Xiaojuan that with the dog king leading the pack of dogs they would surely be able to get Xiao Shi back. Just now Dahei had run outside the village before summoning the dog pack, so the people in the village still didn’t know that the dog king they were talking about was none other than Dahei.

The first thing Fang Lei did after arriving was to ask the village people about the specific situation, and at the same time he also called the nearby police station. Both parties said more or less the same thing, and the people from the police station were also out looking for Xiao Shi right now. As soon as Fang Lei hung up the phone, he saw the dogs in the village scrambling towards the outside of the village, and even the flower of the police force he had brought with him ran out with them. Fang Lei was stunned and immediately thought of the “wolf howl” he had just heard.

“Dog King?” Fang Lei said curiously.

Lu Lingxi nodded slightly.

At the other end of the village, Uncle Xu opened the bird cage hanging in the tree and said to a starling inside, “Go ahead, you can fly high and see far, help find Xiao Shi boy, okay?”

The starling understood what Uncle Xu said, flapped its wings and shouted “Find someone, find someone”, and flew out into the sky.

Uncle Xu relaxed; he didn’t know if the starling could help, but at least he did his best. Now then, who would have thought that he, an old man halfway to his grave, would one day be able to communicate with a bird? He thought of what Xiao Shi had said earlier, and wondered if Xiao Shi was not just kidding. If it was true, then he and Xiao Shi would have something in common. Let’s hope nothing happens to the little boy and he will come back quickly.


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