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266 Something Happened…

The place where the Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue was located was very quiet.

Usually, there were no intense energy fluctuations here, and the Sea Corpse Race didn’t allow their clansmen to make a breakthrough near the statue.

Hence, the silence here was like this all year round.

Healing in there required qualifications. Unless one had a high status, only those who had made contributions to the race would be allowed to come to the blood pool under the statue to heal their injuries. This also caused there to be relatively few cultivators here.

There were more people now because of the war. However, even so, the silence here was still as usual. No one dared to be disrespectful here.

At the same time, there were few cases of outsiders infiltrating the Sea Corpse Race’s holy land. After all, under layers of protection and with the screening of array formations, it was extremely difficult to break in.

It wasn’t that infiltration cases didn’t exist. In the history of the Sea Corpse Race, such a thing had happened several times.

In the past, the reason why people sneaked into this place wasn’t to absorb the blood pool but for the ancestral statue itself.

The nine ancestral statues of the Sea Corpse Race were made of special materials that were rarely seen in the world. It seemed that only these nine statues possessed them, so they attracted the curiosity and attention of many races.

However, the material of these ancestral statues was extremely sturdy and even if a part of the statue was destroyed, it could quickly recover. In addition, not everyone could suppress the Sea Corpse Race, so the statues were preserved perfectly.

Naturally, if the attacker’s strength was astonishing, they could completely destroy the statue. However, most of those with powerful strength wouldn’t infiltrate. They could rely on their strength to request the cooperation of the Sea Corpse Race.

Moreover, once the material of these statues left the island of the Sea Corpse Race, they would turn into an ordinary item and lose their profundities.

As time passed and after experiencing the exploration of the powerful races time and time again, these nine statues were finally ignored by others.

Moreover, because the statues recovered on their own, they seemed to have never suffered any damage.

There were rumors that the Sea Corpse Race originally had more than nine ancestral statues. It was just that the Sea Corpse Race could only preserve nine till now.

However, no matter what, to the Sea Corpse Race, these statues were their holy items. Anyone who had designs on the holy items would be treated as their biggest enemy.

Even if the infiltrators couldn’t cause any damage to their holy items, it was still a humiliation in the eyes of the Sea Corpse Race.

The most recent infiltration was a hundred years ago. At that time, the infiltrator was only at the Foundation Building realm. He used some unknown method to come here and absorb a large amount of spirit liquid before escaping alive.

The Sea Corpse Race was furious and chased after the infiltrator for many years. However, that person was peerlessly talented. After escaping danger after danger, he was taken in as a son-in-law by a big shot. Only then did the Sea Corpse Race have no choice but to postpone this matter. However, they became even more vigilant after that.

As for this Foundation Building cultivator back then, he had risen in the past hundred years and was… Old Master Seventh of the Seventh Peak of the Seven Blood Eyes.

Today, the event that had happened in history was happening next to the Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue.

Xu Qing carefully absorbed the spirit liquid. The amount of blood-colored spirit liquid gathered in his body gradually increased and the aura it emitted that made his magic apertures covetous grew increasingly intense.

However, the dangers in the surroundings and the Golden Core expert caused Xu Qing to be extremely careful.

“I can’t be too greedy. Once my body is full, I’ll leave this place.” Xu Qing warned himself. Seeing that no one noticed him, his absorption speed became even faster.

In addition, at this moment, the shadow silently entered the pool. After the hundred eyes blinked at the same time, it took a sip with some curiosity. After that, all its eyes narrowed as though it was very intoxicated and quickly absorbed the liquid.

Seeing this, Xu Qing secretly took out the black iron stick and placed it in the pool. The Diamond Sect’s ancestor was clearly shaken. After absorbing a little, his eyes also lit up.

“Both of you can absorb it? Is this spirit liquid effective for everyone?”

Xu Qing was surprised. After some thought, he secretly used Golden Crow Refines All Life. Immediately, the totemic tattoo imprinted on his back shone slightly under Xu Qing’s control. A large amount of red liquid flowed into it.

This scene caused Xu Qing to be very surprised.

The captain quickly noticed his absorption speed. His eyes turned red with envy.

Xu Qing’s absorption speed was clearly faster than his. This made the captain feel embarrassed. Hence, after looking around and discovering that no one was paying attention, he took out a small bottle and placed it in the water before knocking it fiercely.

Immediately, a large amount of blood-colored spirit liquid flowed into the bottle.

This bottle was mysterious and could accommodate a lot. However, it was quickly filled. After the captain calmly kept it, he took out another one and began to store the liquid again.

Just like that, he used item after item to store the liquid. His speed wasn’t any slower than Xu Qing’s.

Xu Qing also sensed this scene. He glanced at the captain with a frown. The captain also looked at him with a provocative gaze.

Xu Qing fell silent. He knew that his captain was a lunatic, so he wouldn’t argue with a lunatic. At the same time, he continued to remind himself not to be greedy and just take enough. After he absorbed enough, and the shadow, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor, or Golden Crow Refines All Life reached the limit, he would leave.

However, the shadow, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor, and himself hadn’t absorbed enough yet. Xu Qing thought about it and slowly moved his body closer to the statue.

He had already sensed that the closer he got to the statue, the better the quality of the blood-colored spirit liquid.

As he moved closer to the statue, Xu Qing’s heart was filled with surprise. He discovered that his absorption speed had increased even more. It was the same for his shadow. The Diamond Sect’s ancestor was the most useless. He actually reached his limit soon after.

Xu Qing glanced at the black iron stick unhappily. After he stored it, he thought inwardly.

‘Mm, I’ll leave when the shadow and I are full!’

After having this plan, Xu Qing continued to move slowly. Very soon, the time it took for an incense stick to burn passed and he silently arrived at the foot of the statue.

At the same time, after the captain noticed Xu Qing’s actions, he also moved toward the statue. Just like that, when Xu Qing arrived beside one of the statue’s feet, the captain also arrived beside the statue’s other foot.

He felt that Xu Qing was a little too crazy. He had been sucking for so long but he still didn’t leave.

‘No, I can’t be compared by my subordinate. Hehe, are you trying to compete with me in madness?’ The captain muttered in his mind. He directly took out ten bottles and began to store the liquid.

Xu Qing’s brows rose immediately.

‘The captain is too greedy. If this continues, we will be easily exposed. I can’t stay here for too long. I just need enough. I can’t be greedy!’

Xu Qing mumbled inwardly and continued to absorb. After the time it took for half an incense stick to burn passed, he regretfully discovered that the blood-colored liquid in his body had been contained to the extreme and couldn’t continue. Although his entire body looked normal, Xu Qing felt as though it was about to explode.

At the same time, the shadow also sent emotions of satiety.

Xu Qing sensed that his Golden Crow Refines All Life seemed to be able to accommodate more. Hence, he pressed his back against the statue.

‘I can’t be greedy. Shadow, iron stick, and I are all full. Only the golden crow is left…’ Xu Qing muttered inwardly and quietly circulated Golden Crow Refines All Life. His back was pressing against the statue, so with this circulation, the power from both the statue and the pool instantly surged over.

Vaguely, some ripples appeared on the surrounding water. Xu Qing’s heart pounded as he hurriedly suppressed the speed of his absorption before the ripples dissipated.

His heart raced as he slowly absorbed it.

The captain’s eyes widened as he looked at Xu Qing before lowering his head to look at the bottles around him. He gritted his teeth fiercely and took out another ten bottles to accelerate the storage.

Time slowly passed. After the time it took for an incense stick to burn out… Xu Qing’s breathing suddenly became hurried. He felt that something was amiss.

At that moment, he could sense that as he unleashed Golden Crow Refines All Life on the statue, other than a large amount of qi and blood power surging in, there was also a ball of undercurrents rapidly forming at the location he was pressed against the statue.

This undercurrent existed in the statue’s body. Outsiders couldn’t see or sense it. Only when Xu Qing activated Golden Crow Refines All Life could he sense it. It gave him the feeling that he had gathered a large amount of impurities during the absorption.

These impurities couldn’t leave the statue and were blocked. Hence, they continued to gather and emitted fluctuations that caused Xu Qing’s heart to skip a beat.

This fluctuation was extremely unstable. It would explode with a little stimulation.

Xu Qing was horrified, especially since he could faintly sense that the power contained in this undercurrent was extremely terrifying. He felt that once it exploded, he would definitely be enveloped by it at such a close distance.

Xu Qing felt an intense life-and-death crisis.

‘Once this thing explodes, it will definitely cause other reactions in the statue… It’s too dangerous.’ Xu Qing immediately became vigilant. He slowly restrained Golden Crow Refines All Life and carefully ended the devouring without stimulating the undercurrent substance.

He sensed that after the undercurrent lost its suction force, it slowly floated up along the interior of the statue and became even more unstable.

Xu Qing lifted his head and glanced at the Golden Core boy sitting cross-legged. He silently stood up and didn’t dare to move too quickly. He suppressed the nervousness in his heart and walked out.

Xu Qing’s actions caused the captain to be stunned. When he looked at Xu Qing, Xu Qing gave him a signal with his eyes.

The captain was a little hesitant as he stood up with eyes revealing a hint of conflict and unwillingness. He felt that what he had done this time wasn’t satisfying at all. Moreover, the degree of madness was far inferior to that old fellow.

He felt that it would be fine if no one noticed that he had infiltrated and left successfully.

However, if someone discovered his identity, this would clearly be a huge loss.

‘Since there’s a high chance that I’ll be discovered when I go out, of course I have to go big. When that old fellow finds out later, he’ll have to admit that he’s inferior!’ After the captain thought about it, a hint of madness appeared in his eyes.

When Xu Qing saw the madness in the captain’s eyes, his heart skipped a beat. He knew that the situation wasn’t good. Hence, he didn’t hesitate and sped up.

The captain, who was panting heavily, suddenly laughed. He reached into his storage bag and took out a piece of flesh that was filled with the aura of divinity. As soon as this piece of flesh, astonishing energy fluctuations spread in the surroundings.

Almost at the instant this fluctuation spread out, the captain put the flesh into his mouth. After he swallowed it, his entire body rumbled and erupted with a piercing golden light, causing all the sea corpse cultivators here to be awakened.

The life fires in the captain’s body were fully activated. His aura rumbled as he removed his seal. His entire person shone with a golden light and he pounced on the foot of the statue. He didn’t care about the surrounding sea corpse cultivators or the Golden Core expert. He opened his mouth and bit fiercely at the toe of the Ancestral Corpse Statue!



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