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238 Mysterious Summon

Time flowed by and a month passed.

In this month, many huge changes occurred in the war between the Seven Blood Eyes and the Sea Corpse Race. Firstly, the Sea Corpse Race’s several counterattacks failed to take down the merfolk islands.

They could only watch helplessly as the Seven Blood Eyes continued to reinforce the merfolk islands. At the same time, more magic artifacts and all their allies were teleported over.

This was too much of a threat to the Sea Corpse Race.

However, it wasn’t that the Sea Corpse Race didn’t have a victory. By dividing their forces, the Pearl Islands were finally torn down and occupied as the command center.

All the forbidden pills buried by the Seven Blood Eyes were taken out by the experts of the Sea Corpse Race. Moreover, the entire Pearl Islands had been searched carefully many times before they confirmed that there was nothing wrong.

To the Sea Corpse Race, this could be considered a victory in a strategic sense. To the Seven Blood Eyes, it was equivalent to making a careless mistake.

Moreover, this mistake was extremely fatal, causing the Seven Blood Eyes to be in a passive state for more than half a month. There were two times when they were attacked from both sides and almost lost the merfolk islands.

The Peak Lord of the Third Peak was ambushed by many experts of the Sea Corpse Race and almost died. He used a bizarre entity as a substitute and escaped with serious injuries.

Even the Peak Lord of the Sixth Peak was also ambushed and heavily injured.

As for the Golden Core elders, more than ten of them were on the verge of death. This matter dealt a huge blow to the morale of the Seven Blood Eyes. For a time, the number of people participating in the missions decreased sharply.

This was actually also the drawback of the Seven Blood Eyes’ rules. When the blew in its favor, its members could be like a wolf or a tiger. Once it was at a disadvantage, the disciples’ morale would easily collapse and it would be extremely difficult to salvage.

Just as the Sea Corpse Race increased the arrangements on the Pearl Islands, the Seven Blood Eyes’ counterattack arrived.

That was the night half a month ago. Xu Qing, who had completed a small mission and returned to Mire Island to rest, saw with his own eyes mountain peaks appearing on the surface of the sea.

These mountain peaks were connected together and gradually formed a vast mountain range.

As the seawater churned, this mountain range slowly floated up, as though it had transformed into a back…

Xu Qing controlled the Forbidden Sea Plesiosaur and was shocked to see a huge beast under the sea.

Xu Qing faintly felt that this giant beast was familiar. Very soon, he recognized it. It was… a sea lizard!

The mountain range that appeared was other than the back of the sea lizard!

It was vast and endless, and its aura was astonishing. Compared to its body, the Pearl Islands was like an ant, insignificant.

This sea lizard only flipped over slightly before the Pearl Islands completely collapsed.

After the islands shattered into pieces, the sea lizard, which had only revealed half of its back, leisurely left.

The sea lizard’s attack was an extreme shock to everyone in the Sea Corpse Race. Such an existence… had already surpassed a certain level. It wasn’t something the Seven Blood Eyes could easily request for help.

However, it had appeared and its target was clearly the Pearl Islands.

Xu Qing was also shocked by this matter. Shortly after, in order to increase morale, the Seven Blood Eyes answered this matter. In fact, they didn’t hesitate to reveal a portion of the background of the Fourth Peak’s Peak Lord.

The announcement told all the disciples that the sea lizard’s attack this time was thanks to the Fourth Peak. The Peak Lord of the Fourth Peak had a relationship with this giant lizard in the early years. This time, he invited it to destroy the Pearl Islands.

At the same time, the sect announced that this matter had been agreed upon long ago. All the previous arrangements in the Pearl Islands were a cover-up. The goal was to let the Sea Corpse Race invade it. The so-called forbidden pills on it were just to bait them.

The entire Pearl Islands was a huge trap prepared for the Sea Corpse Race.

This matter caused the morale of the Seven Blood Eyes to rise immediately. However, the disciples of the Seven Blood Eyes weren’t fools. There were also scheming people in the Sea Corpse Race. From all kinds of analysis, they determined that the announcement of the Seven Blood Eyes said might be correct, but only partially.

If the Peak Lord of the Fourth Peak truly got the giant lizard to help, there was no need to target the Pearl Islands. The Sea Corpse Race’s guarding islands or the main island were clearly better choices.

Therefore, everyone had their own guesses about the truth of this matter. Some even felt that this matter was related to the Seven Blood Eyes’ ancestor.

However, other than the higher-ups of the Seven Blood Eyes, no one else knew the truth.

However, it had already happened. The Pearl Islands were no longer around, and the Sea Corpse Race had suffered considerable losses.

The Seven Blood Eyes also made use of this to launch an all-out attack. They blew the horn of the first decisive battle.

The Sea Corpse Race’s army continued to shrink and fall back under the heavy injuries. The Seven Blood Eyes also chased with all their might, breaking through layers of defense and moving the battlefield away from the merfolk islands to the edge of the Sea Corpse Race’s territory.

They were only separated from the Sea Corpse Race’s main island by the seven guarding islands. That was the Sea Corpse Race’s last line of defense.

With the enemies at such a close distance, the Sea Corpse Race was under even greater pressure. However, the Sea Corpse Race stubbornly counterattacked and brought the war to a stalemate.

Both sides had casualties, but the Sea Corpse Race suffered more.

Even so, the casualties of the Seven Blood Eyes were still shocking, and this caused a group of cultivators to apply to withdraw from the battle. The Seven Blood Eyes didn’t refuse this. As long as they met the conditions, they allowed them to withdraw from the battle.

However, while agreeing their requests to withdraw from the battle, the Seven Blood Eyes offered more rewards for the war. They also distributed the first batch of Core Formation opportunities.

In addition, they released two trump cards. The first was that the Seven Blood Eyes had given out 50 spots to use its magic treasure.

Every disciple in the top 50 war rankings had the right to borrow the sect’s foundational magic treasure projection once.

Magic treasures were items of legends. The might of any one of them was earth-shattering and far exceeded imagination. There was only one in the entire Seven Blood Eyes.

Hence, even if it was only its projection, its might would be soul-stirring.

This news instantly caused a commotion among all the disciples in the sect. As for the second trump card, it was even more astonishing. It was… the ancestor taking in a disciple!

The Seven Blood Eyes’ ancestor would accept ten Foundation Building cultivators as inner disciples and three Golden Cores as personal disciples who would inherit his mantle after the war!

The choice of disciples was calculated according to the completion rate of the missions and the killing of the Sea Corpse Race.

As soon as this news was out, most of the Seven Blood Eyes’ disciples were shocked. Some who originally wanted to withdraw from the battle even gave up on retreating and continued to stay on the battlefield.

This was because the Seven Blood Eyes’ ancestor hadn’t taken in any disciples for many years. One could imagine that once they became his disciples, their statuses and benefits would be extremely high.

Becoming an inner sect disciple would be the same as leaping through the dragon gate. Their statuses were only inferior to the Peak Lords and surpassed the elders.

As for personal disciples… Just the thought of it made their breathing quicken and their eyes turn red.

Not to mention Foundation Building cultivators, even the Golden Cores of the various peaks were moved. Clearly, even they didn’t know that the sect would release such temptation at this moment.

From this, it could be seen that the Seven Blood Eyes was determined to win in this war.

Xu Qing was also extremely tempted but he quickly suppressed the desire. Although this matter was enticing, he knew that there were many experts in the sect and he wasn’t the strongest among Foundation Building cultivators. Every peak had cultivators who had formed three balls of life fire.

With these people around, it would probably be very difficult for him to fight for the disciple spot even if he risked his life.

However, Xu Qing looked at his ranking and felt that he could get one of the 50 spots for using the magic treasure.

After all, this war score was different from the battle results, it was a comprehensive ranking that included missions and killings. At the same time, it also had a high requirement for the quality of the missions.

However, because Xu Qing had crazily accepted missions and farmed battle results previously, his ranking wasn’t low.

“73rd…” Xu Qing mumbled and accepted another mission.

Just like that, another half a month passed. Xu Qing’s ranking continued to increase with the missions and killings, reaching 59th place.

More of his magic apertures opened as he killed the Sea Corpse Race cultivators, reaching a total of 44.

The further he went, the more souls he needed.

Just as he was frequently accepting missions, on this day, Xu Qing, who had just accepted a reinforcement mission, suddenly saw a summons order that specially indicated him appearing in his identity token!

The appearance of this order clearly had extremely high authority. It directly erased all the missions on Xu Qing’s identity token and became the only one.

In fact, the mission he had just accepted actually gave him a sign that he had completed it, allowing him to obtain the reward effortlessly.

“Xu Qing, Foundation Building disciple of the Seventh Peak, come to the command center on Binding Island immediately. The Deputy Peak Lord of the Seventh Peak has summoned you!”

Looking at this information, Xu Qing was stunned. After pondering for a long time, many guesses and thoughts surfaced in his mind but he still couldn’t think of the reason. He didn’t know this deputy Peak Lord and had never even heard of him before.

However, the information on this identity token was conclusive. In fact, while Xu Qing was pondering, this information appeared many times and locked his identity token, causing him to be unable to continue accepting missions.

After some thought, Xu Qing leaped up and headed straight for Binding Island.

With his speed, although he didn’t activate his Mystic Brilliance Form, he was still very fast. Not long later, Xu Qing arrived at Binding Island and headed straight for the huge eyeball in the center of the island.

This was the core of the Seven Blood Eyes’ frontline command center on merfolk islands.

Disciples couldn’t approach this place without being summoned. It was a top-secret place.

As Xu Qing got closer, many terrifying divine senses locked onto him.

Even the huge eyeball swept its gaze across him.

Xu Qing didn’t continue forward. He took out his identity token and spoke in a deep voice.

“Disciple Xu Qing has been summoned by the Seventh Peak’s Deputy Peak Lord.”

As he spoke, his identity token shone. The eye on the ground quickly blinked three times and a teleportation power instantly appeared around Xu Qing. Before he could react, his figure had already disappeared.

It was only after Xu Qing was teleported away that the divine senses in the surroundings disappeared.

Xu Qing’s figure appeared in a magnificent hall inside the eye.

When he appeared, he quickly looked around. A woman’s voice calmly appeared from behind him.

“You are Xu Qing?”


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