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The First Peak’s youth was stunned.

He felt that his literary attainments weren’t bad and he could casually speak in poems. However, he was still a little confused by the content of the jade slip, so he studied it word by word.

However, he was still a little confused. After another careful analysis, he was stunned.

“Give birth to an heir? How? Why must it be qing e1? Qing e means women, right?”

After a while, he looked at the small bottle. He suddenly thought of something and his eyes widened.

“Could it be…” He started to feel uncomfortable when he recalled that he had smelled it earlier. He gritted his teeth and muttered.

“This is too much!!” He instinctively wanted to throw it away but he couldn’t bear to. He reassured himself that this might be considered half of the ancient king’s bloodline. Hence, he felt very conflicted when he held it in his hand and wondered if men couldn’t do it.

At the same time, Xu Qing opened his eyes on the magic ship in the distance and looked at the First Peak’s youth on the large sword behind him. He guessed that the other party should have opened that wish box and was also curious.

“What did you get?” Xu Qing asked.

The barrier around the large sword dissipated and revealed the First Peak’s youth. His expression was unsightly and he kept spewing out air as though he was cleaning his nose.

He even gushed his magic power into his nostrils. It was only after a long time that his expression improved a little. He looked at the sky and didn’t speak. As for the wish box, he had already stored it.

Seeing this, Xu Qing made a guess. He retracted his gaze and didn’t bother anymore.

Time flowed again. The two of them were getting closer and closer to the Seven Blood Eyes, and Xu Qing also gained some understanding of that feather magic artifact.

The ability of this item was speed.

Once it was activated, it could allow the cultivator’s speed to instantly erupt to several times that of their own. However, the requirement for the body was very high.

Because there was an outsider around, Xu Qing didn’t test it right away. However, after sensing it, he was already certain that once this magic artifact was activated, his speed would reach an astonishing height.

“I need to find a place to give it a try and familiarize myself with its usage.” As Xu Qing pondered, he noticed a magic boat from the Seventh Peak in the distance.

Almost the instant the Seventh Peak’s magic boat appeared, the First Peak’s youth, who had become bored since he opened the wish box, instantly raised his head and snapped his fingers. A new Daoist robe appeared on his body.

His movements were very familiar, as though he had practiced this many times. His expression also revealed coldness, as though it had turned into ice.

There was also a faintly lingering sword qi on his body. It looked like he was on guard and also looked like it was done intentionally. This was more obvious when the sword qi surrounded him, causing his long hair to flutter. When outsiders saw it, they would think he was extraordinary.

It was only when the Seventh Peak’s magic boat left that the First Peak’s youth became dispirited again.

This action, especially the way he changed his clothes and the speed, made Xu Qing feel a little strange.

However, as time passed, they encountered more Seven Blood Eyes disciples on the way. Moreover, Xu Qing gradually got used to it as the other party did this every time. The Diamond Sect’s ancestor seized the opportunity and transmitted his voice to Xu Qing.

“Master, this kid is clearly someone who pays special attention to his image. I think it’s fine if we don’t kill such a person. We can make use of his personality and make him work for us.”

“For example, at critical moments, Master, you can praise him a little. According to the descriptions in the ancient books I read, such people are often the kind of people who can bleed for their reputation.”

“Also, I guessed earlier that he values his reputation very much, so I’ve already cast a spell and imprinted all his sorry appearances on the way. I’ve also saved the scenes of him speaking normally. Regardless of whether it’s useful or not, at least this is a method to exploit his personality.”

“Also, if there’s a chance in the future, Master can create some situations that will embarrass this person even more. For example, making him beg for mercy, placing him in filth, and so on. I’ll store his images behind in case we need it.”

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor spoke quickly. He didn’t say a word about how useful he could be, but after listening to it, it revealed his value.

“Master, please punish me for my slow reaction. To Master, these small matters can be thought of instantly. However, I only thought of these after thinking about it for a long time. Master, please punish me. I’m too stupid and my talent is inferior to Master’s.”

“Master, please give me another chance. I’ll definitely work hard and deal with all these trivial matters for you in the future. Leave these dirty and tiring work to me. You Lingzi will definitely do his best to not let Master down!”

Xu Qing glanced at the black iron stick beside him and calmly spoke.

“Three months are almost up. I’ll give you an additional month. Shadow, your time is still the same.”

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor was immediately excited. After that, he pretended to casually glance at the shadow. As for the shadow, it trembled and quickly spread out. It then entered the sea and crazily absorbed the anomalous substances.

Xu Qing glanced at them but didn’t bother. He closed his eyes and meditated on Life Art.

Time flowed by and the Seven Blood Eyes’ harbor was in sight in the distance. As they encountered more boats and ships, the First Peak’s youth seemed to have put down his worries. His eyes clearly revealed determination as he stood up, maintaining his aloof posture at all times.

He didn’t seem as worried about Xu Qing’s cold gaze as before. He even sized up Xu Qing a few times and calmly spoke.

“A cloud in front of the City God Temple, cultivators die quickly.”

When Xu Qing heard this, he touched the black iron stick at the side. The Diamond Sect’s ancestor was also tactful and released a ferocious intent to lock onto the First Peak’s youth.

The First Peak’s youth coughed. He knew that the other party didn’t understand his words and he wasn’t willing to explain. He took out a jade slip and imprinted it. He then threw it to Xu Qing as though everything he wanted to say was inside.

Xu Qing frowned. After he caught the jade slip, the information about the other party’s imprint appeared in his mind.

“Brother, we can be considered to have an affinity. I’m the ninth highness of the First Peak, Wu Jianwu. We became acquainted after a fight and we’re from the same sect. I think your murderous aura is too strong. We don’t have to fight to the death.”

“Moreover, it’s not good to have too much baleful aura outside. I heard that back then, after the Third Peak’s core disciple, Senior Brother Chen, advanced, he went missing because his baleful aura was too strong. Now, many years have passed but we have yet to find the murderer.”

“Also, the only son of the Sixth Peak’s Peak Lord was also as murderous as you. He also disappeared.”

“So, I advise you to conduct yourself well.”

The First Peak’s young man, Wu Jianwu, stood on the large sword and glanced at Xu Qing. The instant Xu Qing looked at the jade slip, he rushed out. His entire body emitted a monstrous blood light and he transformed into a rainbow that shot into the sky. A large sword also manifested under his feet.

His entire person looked extraordinary and he instantly got far from Xu Qing’s magic ship. He flew straight for the First Peak of the Seven Blood Eyes.

“I have transcended the mundane world, and became an immortal by swallowing the sea of clouds.”

When he flew over, he let out a clear voice that echoed in all directions, attracting the attention of many people.

In their eyes, this heaven’s chosen of the First Peak, who was dressed in a crimson Daoist robe and whose long hair fluttered in the wind, looked like an immortal.

Xu Qing cast a cold glance. He didn’t care about the other party’s little trick. In reality, the closer he was to the sect, the less he would act like before.

He retracted his gaze and controlled the magic ship to head straight for the Seven Blood Eyes’ port. The moment he got close, the life-linking talisman mark on his body emitted a gentle light before quickly dissipating.

After he completely stepped into the harbor of the Seven Blood Eyes, all the runes on his body disappeared.

Xu Qing’s body relaxed. He then glanced at Wu Jianwu, who had already flown to the First Peak. He put away the magic ship and soared into the air, flying toward the Seventh Peak. Very soon, he entered the Seventh Peak and returned to his cave abode.

After arriving at the entrance of the cave abode, Xu Qing sensed his surroundings and confirmed that everything he had arranged before leaving was normal. Only then did he open the cave abode’s entrance and enter. As the door closed, Xu Qing sat down.

“I need to see how many spirit stones I need to open the port. Also, it’s indeed inconvenient to stay on the mountain. It’s more comfortable to stay on the magic ship.”

After Xu Qing pondered, he looked at the purple Daoist robe he was wearing and thought of Zhang San and the captain’s gray Daoist robe. He then made some decisions.

He turned his head and looked at the jade plate at the center of the cave abode. Ever since he entered the cave abode, it had been emitting a weak light.

This central jade plate was the core of the cave abode’s array formation. The replacement spirit stones were also here. It also had a recording function.

Xu Qing walked over and pressed down on the central jade plate. Immediately, streams of information appeared in his mind. It recorded the people who had requested to see him during this period of time.

Among them, Huang Yan requested once, Zhou Qingpeng requested once, Ding Xue requested three times, and Gu Muqing requested two times. However, there were two who had come to check the most number of times.

One was the director of the Homicide Department. He had made 23 requests, and the other was a member of Team Six of the Homicide Department. The name he reported was Mute.

There were a total of 41 records of him requesting to see him.

He basically requested every day.

Xu Qing looked at these records and thought of how he had casually saved the mute back then. Clearly, the other party’s life was very tenacious and had survived.

Just as Xu Qing was checking, the jade plate suddenly shone again. There was another record, and it was from the mute.

To the disciples on the mountain, outsiders had to obtain their permission to visit, especially the piedmont disciple. After some thought, Xu Qing agreed to the request.

Not long later, a small and skinny figure followed the guidance of the array formation and arrived in front of Xu Qing’s cave abode. Xu Qing walked out as the door of the cave abode opened.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Qing looked at the little mute who was standing there awkwardly, not daring to get close.

The other party’s clothes were as old as ever and the injuries on his body had long recovered. Moreover, his entire person had a colder aura. Clearly, he had grown a lot from that life-and-death situation.

Under Xu Qing’s gaze, the mute’s body trembled. He took out a token and respectfully placed it to the side. After that, he took a few steps back and lifted his small face to look at Xu Qing. He suddenly knelt down and kowtowed a few times.

Only when his forehead was bleeding did he stand up and quickly run down the mountain.

Xu Qing watched as the other party left. He then lifted his right hand and made a grabbing gesture; the token on the ground flew over. This item wasn’t an identity mark but a storage token.

Xu Qing, who was very familiar with the port, naturally knew what this was.

Half of the Seven Blood Eyes’ ports was used by the Seventh Peak’s disciples, and the other half was for the outside world. There were many boats and ships from various races that usually came and went, and pirate ships were also mixed up in them.

As for these foreign boats, they couldn’t be stored like the Seven Blood Eyes’ magic boats. Therefore, they needed to be berthed and stored. This token was the authenticating item to take them back.

To the Seven Blood Eyes, they only verified the tokens when someone came to take the boats.

Clearly, after the little mute experienced the matter of sending the wanted criminal’s corpse last time, he thought that Xu Qing didn’t like wanted criminals. Hence, he killed countless people this time and obtained such a token for Xu Qing.

This time around, Xu Qing accepted it.


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