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Xu Qing recognized that this falling Sea Corpse Race cultivator was the one who had half of his body destroyed by the First Peak’s Peak Lord’s sword earlier. The other party was already heavily injured at that time. Clearly, he had been cut down in the subsequent battle.

Although it didn’t look like he had really died, even if he didn’t die, he would definitely be on the verge of death.

Xu Qing stared at the surface of the sea where the other party had fallen. His eyes flickered with a glint that was similar to when the captain looked at the flesh of Binding back then. The youth from the First Peak outside his magic ship also looked over with a hesitant expression.

Xu Qing fell silent for a few breaths before a decisive expression appeared on his face. The plesiosaur under his magic ship headed straight for the bottom of the sea under Xu Qing’s control. Very soon, it saw the falling Sea Corpse Race cultivator.

This person was in an extremely miserable state. His lower body and head were all gone, leaving only his upper body. His black blood fused into the seawater, and he was not moving like he had no life left.

At the next instant, the Forbidden Sea Plesiosaur bit it. However, at this moment, the broken body suddenly moved. It raised its right hand and pressed down on the approaching plesiosaur.

With this push, the plesiosaur’s entire body rumbled and directly collapsed. Only the torpedo scad’s black bead was left. Immediately after, a new plesiosaur manifested again.

The Sea Corpse Race cultivator seemed to have lost all his strength. His right hand hung down and the aura he emitted became even weaker. In fact, because of the attack earlier, more wounds appeared on his broken body.

Seeing this scene, Xu Qing quickly performed a series of hand seals with both hands. Immediately, the plesiosaur that had reformed at the bottom of the sea approached again and bit down ruthlessly. This time, although it still collapsed under the attack of the half-dead body, it bit off one of his fingers.

However, Xu Qing still didn’t go over personally. He continued to reform the plesiosaur. In addition, he didn’t hide his attacks, so the First Peak’s youth at the side clearly sensed this.

The youth originally had some hesitation, but when he saw this scene, his eyes instantly lit up. He swept his gaze across Xu Qing and then looked down at the sea. At the same time, Xu Qing controlled the plesiosaur to attack again.

Amidst the rumbling, one of the arms of the Sea Corpse Race’s corpse collapsed while the plesiosaur was destroyed. Xu Qing suddenly stood up and was about to rush out.

The youth from the First Peak laughed and rushed into the sea before Xu Qing, heading straight for the broken Sea Corpse Race cultivator.

Xu Qing stepped into the sea without stopping. He seemed to be moving at full speed but he was holding back. He coldly looked at the back of the First Peak’s youth in front of him.

Xu Qing didn’t plan to go over first. Even though the plesiosaur had probed many times, he was still cautious. He felt that cultivators at the same level as an elder probably had a life-saving method even in such a situation.

This was especially so for the strange Sea Corpse Race. Xu Qing had seen their terrifying recovery ability before.

Hence, it would naturally be best if someone could investigate first.

As for whether the First Peak’s youth would be killed… Xu Qing didn’t think it was possible.

The other party clearly had some life-saving methods hidden. If he really died, Xu Qing would use the shadow to cover himself although he wasn’t completely sure of its effectiveness. He could only give it a try when the time came.

Xu Qing maintained a certain distance from the other party under the sea. The First Peak’s youth got close to the Sea Corpse Race cultivator and performed a series of hand seals with both hands. Immediately, large swords formed and headed straight for the corpse.

He wasn’t stupid. Although he had rushed out earlier and Xu Qing was about to catch up to him, he felt that there might be a trap. It was just that the temptation was too great, so he wasn’t willing to give up. Now that he was close, he was planning to probe first.

The dozen or so large swords got close to the corpse and were about to cut it. However, at that moment, the chest of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator suddenly split open and a ball of black blood flowed out. It directly transformed into a malevolent ghost shadow and roared at the First Peak’s youth.

This roar instantly stirred up a violent force, causing the dozen or so large swords to instantly collapse and shatter inch by inch. At the same time, blood flowed out of the seven apertures of the First Peak’s youth. The jade pendant in his hand had long shattered, forming a protective barrier as he rapidly retreated.

His expression contained a trace of horror. As he dodged the impact, Xu Qing whistled out from behind him and headed straight for the Sea Corpse Race cultivator. His speed was so fast that he instantly got close.

The ghost shadow on the Sea Corpse Race cultivator’s chest roared again.

A cold glint flashed in Xu Qing’s eyes. The black umbrella that was hidden in his body opened slightly as he charged forward. A muffled sound rang out from under the sea.

Xu Qing’s entire body trembled violently and blood flowed out. At the same time, he ruthlessly threw out the dagger formed by the black flames in his right hand and stabbed the ghost shadow.

The ghost shadow swayed and black flames filled its entire body. At the same time, a second ghost shadow crawled out of the cultivator’s chest and let out a low roar again.

Xu Qing’s body shook intensely and he was forced to retreat hundreds of feet away. As for the Sea Corpse Race cultivator, he also took this opportunity to speed up his descent, wanting to escape.

Xu Qing’s eyes flashed with a cold light. From the contact earlier, he could sense a trace of remnant soul on the other party’s body. This remnant soul was extremely tempting to him. At the same time, he could faintly see a storage bag on the other party’s body.

Xu Qing didn’t plan to let go of such an opportunity.

After all, it was extremely rare to encounter an elder-level existence on the verge of death. Even if there were, there would definitely be a lot of people fighting for it.

Xu Qing made a decision. He looked at the Sea Corpse Race’s corpse that was rapidly sinking to the bottom of the sea and rushed over.

The plesiosaur also arrived and enveloped him, causing Xu Qing’s speed to increase. The magic ship also dived into the sea. Golden light flickered on it as the divinity attack was prepared.

As for the First Peak’s youth, his eyes were wide open as he looked at Xu Qing’s figure chasing after the corpse. His thoughts instantly became chaotic. Although he was tempted by the corpse, he felt that it wasn’t worth it to risk his life for it.

As the ninth highness of the First Peak, he could take appropriate risks but he couldn’t choose to risk his life. After all, as long as he followed the prescribed plan, his future would be bright.

However… Xu Qing went.

He was connected to Xu Qing with the life-linking talisman. The restrictions of this talisman were on both sides. If he died, Xu Qing’s soul would dissipate. Similarly, if Xu Qing died, his soul would also dissipate.

This made him, who had felt comfortable earlier, instantly feel incomparably anxious.

He suddenly felt that his master wasn’t that wise and mighty… Hence, he was extremely conflicted at this moment. In the end, he gritted his teeth and cursed in his mind as he followed.

Moreover, his speed was even faster. He bit the tip of his tongue that was about to disappear and used the secret technique to transform into a blood sword. He was afraid that if he was too late, this lunatic from the Seventh Peak would lose his life.

After catching up to Xu Qing, the First Peak’s youth felt extremely aggrieved as he threw a life-saving jade talisman he loved to Xu Qing…

Seeing Xu Qing skillfully take the jade talisman, the First Peak’s youth wailed in his mind. He felt that he shouldn’t have snatched the other party’s sea beast on this trip to the sea.

Now, under the life-linking talisman, not only did he not feel comfortable, but he also had to become the other party’s Dao Protector. He had to risk his life so that Xu Qing would not die.

This grievance erupted to the extreme after he saw Xu Qing crashing into the Sea Corpse Race’s cultivator. He sped up crazily and had no choice but to attack together with Xu Qing. He had to consider his own protection while also protecting Xu Qing.

Just like that, the two of them began an intense battle with the broken body of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator in the sea. Although the other party only had a remnant soul left, the ghost shadow he transformed into was extraordinary. The two of them were heavily injured many times.

Xu Qing didn’t seem to care about his life. This caused the youth’s heart to feel even more aggrieved. He kept giving Xu Qing life-saving jade talismans and even used his trump cards, trying to end this battle as soon as possible.

In the end, Xu Qing simply didn’t bother to protect himself. He performed hand seals with both hands and released black flames continuously. He continued to attack and absorb traces of the other party’s soul power, while he was being desperately protected by the First Peak’s youth.

If an outsider saw this level of protection, they would definitely be moved.

The First Peak’s youth fell into despair. He gritted his teeth and retreated, deciding not to protect him. He didn’t believe that the other party would really court death.

Xu Qing coldly glanced at the youth and didn’t bother with him. He continued to attack.

A moment later, the First Peak’s youth was frightened. He saw that Xu Qing had almost been killed many times, so his mind trembled. He wailed as he hurriedly threw out a protective jade talisman to protect Xu Qing. He then joined the battle again with a bitter expression and fought against the Sea Corpse Race cultivator.

He used the madness in his heart on his attacks. The battle lasted for an entire day. When Xu Qing and the ninth highness of the First Peak had exhausted all their means, the remnant soul of the Sea Corpse Race finally couldn’t hold on and dissipated. After Xu Qing absorbed more than half of the soul, the other party’s storage bag was also taken away by him.

However, after returning to the magic ship, the ninth highness of the First Peak directly took out a sword and placed it on his neck. While panting, his eyes revealed a resolute expression as he gritted his teeth and spoke.

“One incense stick for two tombs in Qingming; if the spoils are not distributed, intestines shall fall!”

“I don’t understand.” Xu Qing calmly spoke and kept the storage bag in his arms.

The eyes of the ninth highness of the First Peak were red as he stared fixedly at Xu Qing. After holding it in for a long while, he spoke the second proper sentence on this trip to the sea.

“Split it with me! Otherwise, I’ll kill myself!!”

Xu Qing calmly looked at the youth. He could see the determination in the other party’s eyes. He fell silent for a moment and thought that the other party had indeed helped him a lot when he attacked earlier. The youth had also worked extremely hard to protect him. There were several times when the latter was more like a Dao Protector than a Dao Protector.

He opened the storage bag and poured it in front of the other party.

Immediately, a large number of items landed. There was a bundle of spirit tickets, a large number of scattered spirit stones, jade slips, pill bottles, and so on. There were even many refining materials. The materials piled up to a significant height.

There were two jade talismans that were emitting energy fluctuations. Xu Qing had seen such jade talismans before. They were similar to the life-saving items of the youth. However, it was obvious that the fluctuations from these two jade talismans were much stronger.

Xu Qing had seen such an item in the shop at the harbor. This was also a talisman but it wasn’t made by a Foundation Building cultivator but by a Golden Core cultivator.

Because the Golden Cores were too strong and there were no jade stones that could completely contain the power of their attack, most of the jade talismans only had a small amount of Golden Core power. These two talismans seemed to have been refined not long ago. Clearly, it wasn’t for the Sea Corpse Race cultivator’s own use. There was no need for him to do so.

There was a high chance that he had prepared them for someone else.

There was also a feather carved from jade that was extremely eye-catching among the items. It shone with a piercing light. When Xu Qing and the ninth highness saw this item, their eyes narrowed.

“Magic artifact!” Xu Qing was somewhat moved. His Spirit Breath Lantern was a magic artifact and the black iron stick could also be called a magic artifact to a certain extent.

Magic artifacts were ranked between runic treasures and magic treasures. They were considered man-made magic treasures. However, there was a wide gap between them and the true magic treasures. They were divided into three ranks: low, middle, and high.

However, to cultivators who didn’t have any fortuitous encounters to obtain magic treasures, magic artifacts were already extremely good.

Xu Qing didn’t hesitate at all and grabbed the jade feather. As for the ninth highness of the First Peak, he also lifted his hand. However, what he grabbed wasn’t the feather but a very inconspicuous item in this pile of items.

It was a metal piece that looked like a box.


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