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Outside of Time – Chapter 215: Killing Intent Surges Bahasa Indonesia

Time flowed like water.

The beast corpses were like autumn leaves, falling one after another.

In the blink of an eye, more than 20 days passed.

Xu Qing was no longer in the bay he had started in. He had already been to five deserted islands.

Now, on the sixth deserted island, he sat in the simple bay that he had created himself.

In these twenty-odd days, other than changing locations, he was completely immersed in the impact on his magic apertures, allowing him to open his tenth magic aperture.

In the black iron stick, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor had already felt his heart pounding countless times in the past half a month or so. Later on, he felt a little dazed. He felt as though he had entered the world in the ancient books…

The more magic apertures were opened, the more soul power it would require and the more difficult it would be to open other magic apertures. It took him eight years to open the tenth one.

As for Xu Qing, it had only been more than 20 days…

This speed caused the Diamond Sect’s ancestor’s heart to tremble violently. He knew that Foundation Building cultivators of the Seven Blood Eyes usually needed about two years to open ten magic apertures.

They would only be able to reach Xu Qing’s speed if there was a large-scale battle and they continuously fought and survived.

The Seven Blood Eyes hadn’t had a large-scale war for many years. Usually, there would be small frictions and the scale would be controlled to a certain extent. As for the sea beasts, although the Forbidden Sea was large and the intelligence of the sea beasts was low, it was very difficult to kill them in groups.

Only some poisons, array formations, or other special methods could allow someone to advance rapidly like Xu Qing.

However, there weren’t many such people.

Not only did this require external help, but it also required one’s strength to be extraordinary. They also had to make sure they didn’t attract powerful sea beasts. There were many restrictions.

Xu Qing was also aware that he couldn’t continue this for a long time.

Firstly, Ghost Desires were rare. Out of the two he had obtained, he had refined one before, and there was not much of its blood left. At the same time, he did not have many ammonites left.

Also, during these few days, Xu Qing was feeling a sense of trepidation. There were quite a lot of beast corpses under every bay he stayed in. Even though Xu Qing frequently changed places, this might still attract the attention of some terrifying existences in the sea.

Xu Qing already had the intention to leave. At that moment, after he extracted the soul of the plesiosaur that had arrived, he stood up and prepared to leave while breaking through the eleventh magic aperture in his body.

Although many more cracks appeared in the eleventh magic aperture, it still didn’t break open. Xu Qing’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He looked at the distant sea and his eyes slowly revealed a sharp glint.

“This aura…”

Just as he was watching, the surface of the sea suddenly rose. A sea beast with a body of about a thousand feet and covered in armor that exuded a metallic feeling rushed out of the sea.

Its body actually stopped in mid-air as it looked at Xu Qing in the bay.

“Foundation Building torpedo scad!” Xu Qing narrowed his eyes. This wasn’t the first Foundation Building sea beast he had encountered in the past twenty or so days. He had encountered one seven days ago. It was a helicoprion.

The terrifying appearance, astonishing aura, and the feeling of having a stove burning in its body had made Xu Qing realize that the other party had the Mystic Brilliance Form. He had immediately gone ashore and fully activated his magic ship.

However, the helicoprion didn’t seem to have much interest in him. It left after taking a look.

Xu Qing kept his gaze on the torpedo scad and quickly weighed the other party’s strength. This torpedo scad clearly had intelligence and didn’t approach directly. Instead, it looked from the distance and landed on the surface of the sea, swimming rapidly in the surroundings as though it was also weighing Xu Qing’s strength.

The armor on its body continued to sway, emitting clanking sounds. This was a sound unique to torpedo scad. After swimming for the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, its speed suddenly erupted as it rushed toward the bay Xu Qing was in.

As it rushed over, it leaped up again and let out a roar at Xu Qing. This roar formed a sound wave that swept up the surface of the sea, forming a huge wave that rumbled toward Xu Qing.

A cold glint flashed in Xu Qing’s eyes and the magic ship beneath him suddenly buzzed. While the divinity was gathering, Xu Qing grabbed at the air. Immediately, his plesiosaur appeared in the air and smashed toward the torpedo scad.

A loud collision rang out as the torpedo scad was sent back. It seemed to have sensed that Xu Qing wasn’t someone to be trifled with and decisively dove into the sea, wanting to retreat.

“It doesn’t have Mystic Brilliance Form!” Xu Qing’s eyes lit up. This kind of Foundation Building sea beast that didn’t have Mystic Brilliance Form was something he yearned to encounter. How could he let the other party escape now?

He decisively rushed out. His speed was so fast that he transformed into a stream of light. With a wave of his hand, the heavenly saber shone above his head and slashed fiercely at the surface of the sea below.

The sea rumbled and a 1000-foot-long gap directly opened, revealing the torpedo scad below. However, the iron armor on its body was too powerful. It was unscathed even after being struck by the heavenly saber. Its ferocity seemed to have been agitated as it turned around and rushed toward Xu Qing.

The black iron stick quickly appeared. It emitted a cold light with a hint of blue. That was poison.

This was something the Diamond Sect’s ancestor had taken the initiative to implore Xu Qing to apply.

It quickly approached the torpedo scad. Its target seemed to be the iron armor on its body, but in reality, the moment it got close, it strangely changed its direction and ruthlessly stabbed the torpedo scad’s eye.

The torpedo scad roared and its body shook slightly. Immediately, countless scale shadows appeared around it. Each of them contained Foundation Building magic power that could kill Qi Condensation cultivators.

There were a hundred of them and they swept in all directions. However, Xu Qing was already approaching it.

As the black flames in his body spread out, flames rose outside his body and gathered in his right hand, turning into a dagger.

This was a spell that matched with the Fiendish Fire Soul Devouring Art after ten magic apertures were opened. It was called the Fiendish Edge.

Its appearance could be changed according to the cultivator’s needs. At that moment, Xu Qing threw the dagger. It easily pierced into the torpedo scad’s body, breaking its armor and transforming into flames that spread throughout its body.

This wasn’t the end. The shadow under Xu Qing’s feet wasn’t to be outdone and rapidly moved toward the torpedo scad, causing terror to appear in its eyes. Its entire body shook and the iron armor around its body instantly dispersed. After the burning flames on its body dissipated, the iron armor transformed into a metal storm that swept toward Xu Qing.

It then swung its tail and broke through the surface of the sea, creating a water wall as it rose into the air. Xu Qing was blocked by the metal storm, the torpedo scad turned its head and stared fixedly at Xu Qing. It suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a black bead that was ten feet long.

The bead was filled with rotting corpses of humans and beasts. All of them suddenly opened their eyes and let out mournful cries, as though they wanted to crawl out of the bead. Their limbs even protruded from the bead.

This scene caused the bead to look like it was covered in soft thorns as it moved toward Xu Qing.

A cold glint appeared in Xu Qing’s eyes. The flames on his body rose even more. The Ba shadow behind him transformed and charged forward with a roar. The Forbidden Sea Plesiosaur rushed out from the bottom of the sea and devoured the black bead.

As a shocking sound echoed, the bead was devoured by the plesiosaur. It seemed like it was about to explode in its body but it was firmly suppressed by the plesiosaur.

However, the plesiosaur was formed from a spell after all and didn’t seem to be able to last long.

At this moment, Xu Qing also broke through the metal storm and activated all of his defenses. When he got close to the torpedo scad that had landed on the surface of the sea, the flames in his hand transformed into a new dagger that ruthlessly stabbed into the other party’s eye.

The torpedo scad roared and struggled to enter the deep sea. However, Xu Qing’s shadow split into two. One connected to the island in the bay and the other wrapped around the torpedo scad.

The torpedo scad felt as though it was bound. As it struggled, Xu Qing’s right hand grabbed the dagger that had pierced into the other party’s eyes. At the same time, he lifted his left hand and flames erupted from the ten magic apertures in his body. They gathered in his left hand and pressed down on the torpedo scad’s body, spreading out and starting to burn it.

As the flames burned it, strands of soul power rapidly fused into Xu Qing’s body. However, at this moment, a sense of danger erupted in Xu Qing’s mind.

He abruptly lifted his head and immediately saw dozens of bronze swords whistling toward the torpedo scad with astonishing lethality.

The range was very large and they completely ignored the fact that Xu Qing was still here. When they got close, vortexes appeared in the surrounding seawater, causing Xu Qing to have no choice but to release his hand and perform a series of hand seals. The black flames in his body transformed into a shield above him and blocked the swords.

Amidst the rumbling sounds of impact, dozens of large bronze swords landed and penetrated the heavily injured torpedo scad, directly cutting it into pieces. Xu Qing also retreated from the impact.

After he retreated out of the range of the bronze swords, Xu Qing stopped. His expression was gloomy as he looked at the dismembered fish corpse floating on the sea. He then looked at the youth who was approaching on a bronze sword.

The red Daoist robe on the other party made him very conspicuous.

“Worthwhile to stay up late till dawn, and casually call out a treasure.”

The youth from the First Peak stood on the large sword with his hands behind his back. Strands of qi and blood rose from the corpse parts of the torpedo scad and were absorbed by him. He then coldly looked at Xu Qing and turned to leave after leaving behind this baffling sentence.

Xu Qing didn’t say anything. He glanced at his Forbidden Sea Plesiosaur. The bead in its body no longer struggled because of the death of the torpedo scad. It was already suppressed by his life-bound plesiosaur and was being refined.

As for the soul power in his body, although he didn’t have time to extract all of it from the torpedo scad’s body earlier, he still extracted 40% of it. At this moment, it was charging toward the eleventh magic aperture.

At the next instant, the eleventh magic aperture was opened.

The magic power in Xu Qing’s body suddenly rose. He looked at the departing First Peak’s youth. He could tell that the other party hadn’t formed his life fire either. Hence, killing intent rose in his eyes. With a wave of his hand, the magic ship that was docked in the bay flashed with golden light and a terrifying divine fluctuation erupted.

A golden beam of light shot out with incomparable holiness, directly blasting toward the departing First Peak youth.

For the first time, the expression of the First Peak’s youth changed. He quickly performed a series of hand seals in mid-air and the bronze sword under him stood in front of him to block. At the next instant, it came into contact with the divinity attack and directly shattered into pieces. At the same time, blood flowed from the corner of the First Peak’s youth’s mouth.

His body was sent back a thousand feet from the force. Killing intent flashed in his eyes as he looked at Xu Qing.

“How easily youth takes its leave while I remain. High up on a building I face the wee hours with a shattered life!”

Xu Qing didn’t understand but his killing intent had already risen. His speed erupted as he headed straight for the other party. After he got close, the dagger appeared in his right hand and he slashed ruthlessly at the neck of the youth in front of him!


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