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Outside of Time – Chapter 205: Canopy Over Life! (2) Bahasa Indonesia

This opportunity was very precious. Moreover, this magic aperture would become his second natal aperture!

Xu Qing waved his hands fiercely. Immediately, the Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale reformed outside his body.

Its size had been compressed to the extreme, transforming into a fist-sized body. After Xu Qing opened his mouth and swallowed it, the plesiosaur in his body let out a joyous roar and charged toward Xu Qing’s second magic aperture!

A boom echoed out as the second magic aperture was opened!

The plesiosaur rushed in and transformed into a 5000-foot-long spirit sea vortex. As flames rose, a second magic power thread also emerged from the burning sea!

After the second magic power thread appeared, it also flowed through Xu Qing’s entire body, strengthening his magic body once again.

At the same time, the bizarre shadows in the surroundings seemed to be extremely tempted by this. They got closer again and tried to suppress the black umbrella lantern, but they couldn’t do it.

However, an unprecedented chilly wind blew over like a storm. It was as though the great evil among the bizarre shadows had been attracted and blew fiercely at the fire.

Although it was still unable to blow out the life lantern, it still dimmed it for a moment. Taking advantage of the dimness, this invisible great ferocious beast excitedly let out a soundless roar and sent a wisp of phantom toward Xu Qing, instantly approaching and wanting to rush into the space between Xu Qing’s brows.

However, as the life lantern shone, this phantom had no choice but to give up. It could only shrink back reluctantly.

However, at the next instant, the lifeless shadow on the ground that Xu Qing had suppressed earlier seemed to have smelled a delicious aura and suddenly rushed toward the phantom.

Before the phantom could retract, it was instantly approached by the shadow. It opened its mouth as though it was eating snacks and directly swallowed it.

Amidst the roars of the unknown great ferocious beast, it burped in satisfaction. After that, it looked at Xu Qing with a hint of ferocity.

However, in the end, it shivered a few times, as it recalled too many memories of being suppressed. It didn’t dare to make a move. After it returned to Xu Qing’s feet, it put on a lifeless and fragmented appearance and lay there in boredom.

As for the bizarre entities in the surroundings, they all paused for a moment. It was as though there was an additional shark in the school of fish. They instantly retreated in unison and disappeared.

Xu Qing suddenly opened his eyes and glanced at the shadow.

The shadow trembled and there were even more cracks on it. It was unknown if they were real or fake…

Xu Qing narrowed his eyes. After he retracted his gaze, he checked his body. At that moment, his magic body had been augmented again. A rumbling sound filled his surroundings. That was the sound of his heart beating.

It was like the beating of war drums.

As for the second wisp of magic power, it quickly fused with the first wisp of magic power and transformed into a thread.

This thread of magic power caused flames to fill Xu Qing’s body. The flames in the two magic apertures in his body burned his spirit sea and magic power continued to form and gather, illuminating everything in his body. After it illuminated all the areas in his body, it spread out.

The strength of his aura was much stronger than before. There was no way to compare them at all. That was the difference in levels. In fact, when Xu Qing compared himself to the Foundation Building cultivators he had encountered, there was a considerable gap between them from the magic apertures alone.

The magic apertures in their bodies were clearly not as dazzling as Xu Qing’s.

“The goal of opening the magic apertures is to cultivate the life fire. 30 magic apertures can form a ball of life fire!”

“When the life fire is formed, it will be the true early-stage Foundation Building. The second ball of life fire will be the mid-stage…”

“Only by forming a life fire can I unleash the signature ability of a Foundation Building cultivator, the Mystic Brilliance Form!” Xu Qing muttered. Through the Foundation Building jade slip, he knew that after Foundation Building cultivators obtained a life fire, they usually wouldn’t ignite it unless necessary.

This was because in the Mystic Brilliance Form, the consumption was extremely terrifying.

However, at the same time, after activating the Mystic Brilliance Form, their combat strength would be astonishing.

Therefore, almost all Foundation Building cultivators who had formed their life fire would only activate their Mystic Brilliance Form to kill enemies during battle. Even if they didn’t activate their Mystic Brilliance Form, they were still very powerful with their spells and magic body.

“From the looks of it, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor did not finish opening 30 magic apertures. That’s why the battle back then progressed like that… I have to open 30 magic apertures as soon as possible!”

Xu Qing’s eyes revealed intense vigilance and anticipation. He was vigilant because Foundation Building cultivators weren’t as simple as he thought. He was looking forward to the formation of his life fire in the future and the activation of the Mystic Brilliance Form. At the same time, he also had… a life lantern!

“A life lantern that all cultivators from large sects and factions desire. One lantern contains two balls of life fire. However, if I want to use it, I have to form the first ball of life fire before I can ignite it in my body.”

“After I cultivate the first ball of life fire and place it on the life lantern, making the life fire have a foundation, I’ll be able to display the power of two balls of life fire. I’ll be able to suppress all my peers at the early stage and fight against those at the middle stage. Moreover, according to the density of my magic apertures, I’ll be able to activate Mystic Brilliance Form longer than others!”

Xu Qing’s gaze was like lightning. He looked at the black umbrella life lantern in front of him. After he picked it up, the light in his eyes became even more intense under the illumination of the life lantern.

“I have to store the life lantern first, it’s the safest to keep it in my body.”

Xu Qing mumbled. The magic power in his body spread out from the two magic apertures. After it enveloped the life lantern in his hand, the lantern strangely turned transparent and fused with Xu Qing’s magic power.

As his magic power returned, Xu Qing immediately felt that this life lantern that looked like a black umbrella had appeared in his dantian. The umbrella canopy that seemed to contain some sort of profundity slowly opened and closed. Every time it opened and closed, a baleful aura would spread from it.

After the life lantern opened and closed several times, it froze and fused with Xu Qing’s body. An ancient feeling of time took root in Xu Qing’s body.

The black umbrella was faintly discernible above Xu Qing’s head, like a canopy. As its light fell, it emitted waves of protective intent, causing Xu Qing’s mind to be incomparably calm.

His magic apertures were also enhanced. The speed at which his spirit sea rotated was even faster, and the formation of magic power also accelerated.

In fact, there was even a hint of the aura of the black umbrella within the magic power. It exuded an ancient feeling and heat, spreading throughout Xu Qing’s entire body, causing his body to feel extremely hot. Even his clothes turned to ashes at this moment.

The heat spread to the outside. The cave instantly dried up and cracked, and the water outside evaporated in the blink of an eye. Trees spontaneously combusted and turned into ashes. At the same time, this heat continued to spread in all directions until it enveloped the whole jungle.

Endless clouds of fog rose and dried-up cracks appeared on the ground. All the trees turned to ashes. The affected area was more than 30,000 feet!

The land became so dry that it seemed to have been exposed to the sun for a hundred years!

In the center of the dry land, the soil in Xu Qing’s cave had already turned into black crystals from the high temperature. Xu Qing was sitting with eyes closed and had a calm expression on his face.

If other Foundation Building cultivators could see Xu Qing’s body, they would be extremely shocked. This was because when compared to their very small magic apertures, Xu Qing’s magic apertures were astonishingly large. There was also a large black umbrella in his body that protected his soul.

The black umbrella shone brightly, illuminating his entire body from the inside out. It was as though the heavenly palace was about to be revealed.

After a long time, Xu Qing opened his eyes.


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