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Outside of Time – Chapter 157: Like a Phoenix or an Eagle (3) Bahasa Indonesia

As for spirit stones… Xu Qing calculated that there were about 4,000.

Most rogue cultivators were poor. The reason why Xu Qing had gained so much was because he had killed everyone on the island and looted them. Among them, the main contributor of the spirit stones was the Sea Ghost Organization.

As for the Litu Sect, Xu Qing had checked their pockets, but they were really poor for some reason.

He was regretful about that but when he thought of his gains this time, he didn’t care about the low gains from the Litu Sect.

“Even if I don’t include the divine sea lizard molts, I still have a harvest of almost 20,000 spirit stones.” Xu Qing sat and counted the spoils of war while navigating the swift boat to move in the direction of the Seven Blood Eyes.

The increase in his cultivation and the benefits he obtained from this trip allowed Xu Qing to not care about the consumption of spirit stones by the swift boat.

From this trip, Xu Qing’s reverence for the sea deepened.

Now that his pockets were full, he only had one thought, and that was to return as soon as possible.

With the enhancement of a large number of spirit stones, the swift boat continued to operate at its limit. His returning speed was more than twice as fast. According to his judgment, he would be able to return to the sect in three days at most.

For the rest of the journey, Xu Qing didn’t encounter much danger because he was close to the coast of the Nanhuang Continent. When he was only half a day away from the Seven Blood Eyes’ port, he saw a boat from the sect.

It was a battleship speeding toward him.

Although this battleship looked like it belonged to the Seventh Peak’s Coast Guard Department, Xu Qing was still on guard. His plesiosaur at the bottom of the sea swam around and was prepared to fight at any time. At the same time, he noticed that there were five dragonwhales under the battleship.

Moreover, one of them looked a little different. It looked like a dragonwhale but it was actually somewhat similar to the megalodon.

Xu Qing’s heart shook and he became even more vigilant.

Not long later, the battleship gradually got closer and was clearly reflected in Xu Qing’s eyes.

The huge ship was engraved with array formations that emitted terrifying fluctuations. There were also more than 80 magic spikes that seemed to be able to stimulate astonishing power around the ship. As for the deck, one could see more than 30 Seventh Peak disciples.

All of this meant that this battleship possessed formidable combat strength.

“Seven Blood Eyes’ Seventh Peak’s Coast Guard Department on duty. Boat in front, state your identity.” A dignified voice rang out from the Coast Guard Department’s battleship as it got closer.

“Xu Qing from the Seventh Peak’s Homicide Department.” Xu Qing looked at the Coast Guard Department’s battleship and calmly spoke.

There were over 30 cultivators on the battleship and it was clear they were surrounding a single person. The person they were surrounding was a youth in a gray Daoist robe. His gaze was like lightning and carried intense pressure. The fluctuations of the Perfected Qi Condensation from his body were quite extraordinary.

He looked at Xu Qing in the swift boat and a hint of sharpness flashed in his eyes.

“Xu Qing?” After Xu Qing reported his name, a familiar voice rang out from behind the thirty-odd people on the Coast Guard Department’s battleship. Very soon, a person walked out from behind the crowd. It was other than Zhou Qingpeng.

His expression was filled with surprise. After greeting Xu Qing, he turned and respectfully whispered a few words to the youth.

The youth nodded expressionlessly.

Zhou Qingpeng cupped his fists and leaped up from the battleship with joy. He landed on Xu Qing’s swift boat and smiled.

“Xu Qing, I didn’t expect us to meet at sea. Did you return from the sea?”

“I’ve been out for some time. I’m returning to the sect.” Xu Qing looked at the youth on the battleship.

“That’s my boss, Ding Xiaohai from the Coast Guard Department,” Zhou Qingpeng said proudly. After that, he glanced at Xu Qing’s swift boat.

“What happened to you? Why has your boat become so shabby… The Coast Guard Department has the right to inspect all the boats, but looking at your boat, we can forget about it.” Zhou Qingpeng smiled and exchanged a few more pleasantries with Xu Qing. Under Xu Qing’s congratulations, he cupped his fists and prepared to return.

Before he left, he seemed to have thought of something and spoke to Xu Qing in a low voice.

“By the way, Xu Qing, don’t go out to sea again for some time after you return. Our Coast Guard Department has received a notice that the seabed has been a little chaotic recently. I heard from my boss that some terrifying existences have appeared for some reason.”

Zhou Qingpeng’s expression was filled with palpitations. He didn’t say anything else and turned to return to the battleship.

“Terrifying existences?” Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed and his expression was solemn. He cupped his fists and thanked Zhou Qingpeng.

Very soon, the Coast Guard Department’s battleship made honking sounds and changed directions, gradually leaving into the distance.

While Xu Qing was looking at the battleship, Ding Xiaohai tilted his head and looked at Xu Qing’s swift boat in the distance. He then looked at the faintly discernible plesiosaur in the sea below the swift boat and calmly spoke to Zhou Qingpeng, who was reporting to him.

“Zhou Qingpeng, your peer isn’t simple.”

Zhou Qingpeng was stunned and whispered.

“Senior Brother Ding, when the Night Dove operation was carried out, it was rumored that someone killed the enemy leader as an ordinary member…”

“He is that person.” There was a deeper meaning in Ding Xiaohai’s gaze.

When Zhou Qingpeng heard this, he couldn’t help but be in a daze. He turned his head and looked at Xu Qing’s boat in the distance.

One could faintly see the figure of the youth on the magic boat standing there. The wind and waves rose and fell but they could not shake him at all.


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