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Outside of Time – Chapter 120: The Weird Ancestor (1) Bahasa Indonesia

In the night sky, the moonlight was bright, and there were a few clouds in the sky.

However, outside the cave abode on the Sixth Peak, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor, who was standing with his back facing the moonlight, looked a little gloomy.

In this darkness, the worry on his face seemed to be even more intense.

Actually, he didn’t feel too bad about losing his belongings. Back then, the reason why he vomited blood was because he was angry about the destruction of the mountain gate.

As for those spirit stones, they were only what he had placed on the surface.

What he was truly worried about was that his enemy would become increasingly powerful in the Seven Blood Eyes.

At this moment, he was extremely anxious. He looked at the cave abode in front of him. It was completely silent and there was no response.

After the time it took for half an incense stick to burn out, a sigh finally came from the cave abode.

“You Lingzi, long time no see.”

The dao name of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor was You Lingzi. However, in the area he was in, regardless of whether it was inside or outside the sect, everyone referred to him as Ancestor. Hence, it had been a long time since he heard his dao name from others.

The expression of the Vajra Sect’s ancestor revealed some recollection as he sighed softly.

“Long time no see.”

As his voice echoed, the closed stone door slowly rose with a rumbling sound, revealing the darkness within. A figure slowly walked out from the darkness.

This figure’s footsteps were a little strange, and every step he took seemed to be measured. After he walked out of the cave, one could see that he was an old man. He wore a dark blue Daoist robe, and under his gray hair was a stern and rigid face.

He walked in front of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor and stopped. At this moment, the mountain breeze blew over, blowing up a corner of his robe, revealing his legs that weren’t made of flesh and blood…

That pair of legs was actually forged from refining materials. They emitted a blue glow, and under the moonlight, the blue glow seemed to carry coldness.

“Since we haven’t seen each other for a long time, what are you here for?” The old man in blue looked up at the clouds in the night sky and asked calmly.

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He and the Diamond Sect’s ancestor were clearly standing together, but the feeling he gave off was that the Diamond Sect’s ancestor was a level lower than him.

The expression of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor was somewhat bitter. After a moment of silence, he still spoke about Xu Qing.

“My sect encountered an unexpected calamity… Before that thief left, he plundered my sect’s resources and maliciously set fire to the sect, burning it to ashes.”

“If this kid was just an ordinary person, I wouldn’t have taken it to heart. However, I spent a lot of money to investigate and found out that he had become a disciple of the Seven Blood Eyes and has even gained a foothold here. This made me feel uneasy, and I kept thinking about the ancient books I’ve read over the years.

“According to the experience I gained from reading countless ancient books, after comparing them, I discovered that most of the people like him in the ancient books possessed great fortune. Back then, I was muddle-headed. I shouldn’t have acted with just myself and two sect elders. I should have used the entire sect’s strength and spared no expense to kill him. Or perhaps, I should have turned hostility into friendship and given him an apology gift…”

“Sigh, it’s a pity that I missed the opportunity. According to my analysis, if I can’t suppress him before he completely matures… then I’ll definitely die in the future!”

“I have a strong feeling that once this person rises, he will definitely bring about a storm of blood for your Seven Blood Eyes, causing your sect to face the danger of annihilation. This is what is written in the ancient books. At that time, with just a casual sentence from this person, my Diamond Sect will be eliminated.”

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor finished speaking and lowered his head bitterly.

The expression of the dark blue-robed ancestor standing in front of him slowly turned strange. He looked at the Diamond Sect’s ancestor and shook his head after a long while.

“You Lingzi, so many years have passed. You… Why are you still so immersed in fantasies? In your eyes, a small fry has become a person with great luck who can even bring about a bloody storm for the Seven Blood Eyes? He can destroy your Diamond Sect with a single sentence? You can even fantasize about such a thing…”

“You don’t understand. I believe in my own feelings…” The Diamond Sect’s ancestor also sighed.

Seeing the Diamond Sect’s ancestor like this, the dark blue-robed old man shook his head slightly. He didn’t have a deep relationship with the other party, but they had interacted a few times many years ago. At this moment, he was somewhat unconcerned.

“Which peak did this kid enter?”

“The Seventh Peak… According to my investigation, his name is Xu Qing. He entered the Homicide Department.” The Diamond Sect’s ancestor knew that he couldn’t hide it and spoke in a low voice.

“What department isn’t important? It’s just that although the sect treats piedmont disciples as rearing Gu, allowing them to kill each other to survive, there are some rules in the sect that cannot be broken…”

At this point, the dark blue-robed old man saw that the Diamond Sect’s ancestor’s expression was gloomy, so he sighed.

“Forget it. The most I can do for you is beat this kid up and make him spit out the things he took from your Diamond Sect. If he doesn’t have enough, I’ll make him use all his belongings to offset it.”

He took out a jade slip and transmitted some instructions. He then pointed at the Diamond Sect’s ancestor.

“Alright, the arrangements have been made. However, you should cultivate properly when you have the time. You’re still at the early-stage Foundation Building Realm after so many years and haven’t improved. Don’t keep reading those nonsensical ancient books. You are too immersed in those fantasies. If you continue reading, I’m worried that you’ll develop inner demons.”

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor wanted to say something but hesitated. This wasn’t the result he wanted. However, seeing that the other party had already decided, he could only sigh. In the end, he cupped his fists and bowed.

It was a night of silence.

The next morning, Xu Qing opened his eyes from his cross-legged state and looked at the leather pouch beside him.

This was what Huang Yan had given him last night. There were three mutated beast materials inside.


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