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Outside of Time – Chapter 118: Fair and Reasonable (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Xu Qing mumbled. After making the decision, he stepped onto the magic boat and entered his cultivation room. He then sat cross-legged on a mat and closed his eyes to cultivate.

The sea breeze blew for the entire night. In the early morning, it gradually dissipated like it was exhausted. As the sunlight fell, Xu Qing opened his eyes and began his day of work.

After the operation to search for Night Dove was over, the work of the Homicide Department was very idle most of the time. Only occasionally would the Patrol Department apply for assistance when there was something they couldn’t handle.

For example, today, when Xu Qing had just arrived at the Homicide Department and reported for duty in Black Team Six’s courtyard, they received an application for assistance from the Patrol Department.

Not many people were dispatched. Including the captain, there were a total of six people.

After they walked out of the division, Xu Qing and the other team members also found out that the target of this mission was the Dispatch Team after the captain’s introduction.

The Dispatch Department and the Pilotage Department were considered to be major forces in the entire port area. The former was in charge of arranging the transportation of the ships, while the latter was like the arm of the dispatcher, responsible for guiding the ships from the outside world into the harbor.

Therefore, they had branches in every port. The location for the task was Port 96.

Recently, there had been an intense conflict between the Pilotage Department and Dispatch Department branches in Port 96. Right now, over a hundred people from the Pilotage Department were gathered in the Dispatch Department. They seemed to be in a standoff, so the Dispatch Department reported to the Patrol Department to mediate. The Patrol Department felt that it was troublesome, so they applied for the help of the Homicide Department.

After hearing the mission introduction from the captain, one of the team members spoke with a mocking expression.

“The main point of the contradiction seems to be the additional reward that should have been given to Port 96’s Pilotage Department branch this month. Port 96’s Dispatch Department only gave 10% of what it used to be. No one would agree to this.”

“Other than their daily pay, Pilotage disciples often helped out the Dispatch Department. As income from the dispatches was a lot more, the Dispatch Department had to give additional bonus to Pilotage on time.”

When Xu Qing heard this, he roughly understood what had happened.

“This matter was caused by Port 96’s Dispatch branch. Some time ago, the person-in-charge was changed. It is that core disciple, Zhao Zhongheng.”

Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed.

“As soon as this core disciple took the post, he forcefully changed the rules. It’s said that the bonus given to the Pilotage Department every month went from a 50-50 ratio to a 90-10 ratio. This is the reason the Pilotage Department’s disciples are enraged.”

As Xu Qing listened to everyone’s discussion, he fell into deep thought. The group of them arrived at the Dispatch Department of Port 96. From afar, the design of the Dispatch Department looked like a sail laid out on the ground. There were many buildings of various sizes, and there were many magic boats parked at the side.

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At this moment, more than a hundred people had blocked the entrance of the Dispatch Department and were confronting the Dispatch Department’s disciples. The sounds of quarrels rang out incessantly, and the hostility between them grew increasingly intense. There were even more disciples spectating from the surroundings.

There were also disciples from the Patrol Department mediating the situation. However, both sides refused to back down, so it was extremely difficult to mediate.

With just a small spark, it was very likely that the two sides would directly fight in this tense atmosphere.

So, when they saw the arrival of the Homicide Department, the Patrol Department’s disciples all heaved a sigh of relief. The spectators outside also made way for the Homicide Department.

The captain, who was eating an apple, didn’t look at the two parties who were at daggers drawn and the Patrol Department who was struggling to mediate. Instead, he found a corner not far away and sat down to watch the show.

The mission of the Homicide Department was to quell the commotion after both sides started fighting. Since they hadn’t started fighting yet, there was no need to bother about it.

The other team members were the same. Xu Qing followed everyone and sat down as well. After his gaze swept past both parties, he didn’t see Zhao Zhongheng, but he saw a familiar face.

This person stood at the very front of the group from the Pilotage Department. He was a little fatty.

It was Huang Yan who had generously given him the spirit condensation leaves in the medicinal shop that day.

“Bastards from the Dispatch Department, you’re cutting off the path of survival for us Pilotage Department’s disciples. Without that bonus, the speed of our cultivation and refining of our boats will slow down. How are we supposed to survive in this city that is filled with danger? You are trying to kill us by doing this. Since we’ll die no matter what, we’ll kill you first!”

Huang Yan seemed to be the representative of Port 96’s Pilotage disciples. Although he was wearing a gray robe, he held his head high and puffed out his chest. He didn’t look anxious at all, and his expression even had ferocity. His voice was sharp, and his face was red as he shouted.

The cultivator standing in front of him at the entrance of the Dispatch Department was a middle-aged man. This person was also wearing a gray Daoist robe. He wasn’t a Dispatch member of Port 96 but Zhao Zhongheng’s retainer.

This matter was suggested by Zhao Zhongheng. Now that there was a problem with the other party’s identity, he naturally wouldn’t come out personally to resolve it. Hence, he arranged for his retainer to come and handle it.

At this moment, the middle-aged cultivator’s eyes revealed a cold glint, and there was even a deep sense of displeasure. He had followed Zhao Zhongheng for a very long time. Although he was a retainer, most of the piedmont disciples would greet him with respect. He had also seen many other core disciples, so he had long forgotten his identity. He didn’t care much about these gray-robed disciples.

This was especially so since he knew that it was impossible for his master to change the rules. So, he put on a strong front.

“Scram within the next 30 minutes if you don’t want to die!”

As soon as he spoke, killing intent filled the air among the Pilotage Department’s disciples. When the people from the Dispatch Department saw this, their eyes gleamed coldly.

The disciples of various departments in the Seven Blood Eyes’ main city, who had fought their way out of the wolf’s den and didn’t rely on others to gain a foothold, were no strangers to slaughter.

“You want us to scram? F*ck you!” Huang Yan glared and directly charged over. He was heavy but very fast. His movements caused explosive sounds.

At the next moment, the disciples of both departments who had long been in a tense atmosphere started fighting at the entrance.

Rumbling sounds echoed out, and spell fluctuations spread in all directions. The chaotic battle between hundreds of people directly unfolded before Xu Qing’s eyes. Blood splattered everywhere along with mournful cries.

The Patrol Department in charge of mediation retreated one after another. As for Xu Qing and the others, they remained seated.

Xu Qing glanced at the captain at the side. The captain was eating an apple and seemed very interested in the chaotic battle ahead. He would even cheer occasionally.

“There are too many of them, and it’ll be a little dangerous if we meddle now. We’ll wait until they are mostly killed before we go and calm them down. Besides, the sect doesn’t want to see two departments fighting each other. There’s a high chance that they’ll step out to stop it.”

After the captain cheered, he whispered to his team members.

Casualties had already appeared on both sides of the chaotic battle. Amidst the roars and explosions that grew even more intense, Xu Qing saw that Huang Yan, who was in the crowd, was attacking crazily with bloodshot eyes. His cultivation base was at the seventh level of Qi Condensation, allowing his explosive strength to possess a very strong lethality.

And at this moment, Xu Qing saw that among the people from the Dispatch Department, the middle-aged man who was confronting Huang Yan earlier was rapidly retreating. The gaze he used to look at Huang Yan was filled with malice. Taking advantage of the fact that Huang Yan was not on guard, he waved his hand, and a lancet knife instantly flew out from his sleeve.

The material of this knife was special. It was somewhat transparent and extremely fast. There was a faint blue glow on it like it was smeared with poison as it flew toward Huang Yan’s neck.

Huang Yan was in the midst of the chaotic battle and didn’t notice the knife immediately. Seeing that the knife was about to reach Huang Yan, Xu Qing narrowed his eyes and flicked his right hand lightly. A drop of water instantly formed out of thin air and flew out at an astonishing speed, landing directly on the lancet knife.

The force of the water droplet was extremely great. With a bang, the throwing knife deviated in its direction and flew past Huang Yan.

Huang Yan’s expression changed. He first looked at Xu Qing and nodded. After that, his malevolent gaze landed on the middle-aged cultivator as he let out a low roar and charged over.

“Damn it!” The middle-aged cultivator immediately retreated, but it was still too late. Huang Yan caught up to him with a few leaps and ruthlessly slammed into him.

The cracking sounds were drowned out by the chaotic battle in the surroundings. One could only see the distorted expression of the middle-aged cultivator as he quickly counterattacked.

The chaotic battle continued with even more casualties.

The captain at the side cast a glance at Xu Qing with a spurious smile.

Xu Qing didn’t say anything and retracted his gaze from Huang Yan. The reason why he interfered was because Huang Yan had generously given him spirit condensation leaves before.

Very soon, as the battle between the two branches became increasingly intense, a low bellow rang out from afar like thunder.

“All of you, stop!”

Amidst the sound, a figure approached from afar while stepping on the air. A powerful and terrifying aura descended from the sky, suppressing the surroundings, causing all the disciples on the ground to be mentally shaken and stop fighting.

“It’s time to work,” the captain said in a low voice. He then stood up and assumed the appearance of a law enforcer with a solemn expression. Xu Qing and the other team members also stood up.

The instant they stood up, the figure in the sky rapidly closed in and stopped in mid-air, transforming into a youth wearing a dark purple Daoist robe.

This youth didn’t have an outstanding appearance, and his expression didn’t fluctuate much. However, the aura he emitted was astonishing. He stood in the air and coldly looked at the disciples from both sides who had stopped fighting.


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