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Outside of Time – Chapter 101: Beautiful Figure Under the Umbrella (2) Bahasa Indonesia

The blue insect had a malevolent appearance. Its mouthpart was very long, had four pairs of legs, and there were even natural patterns on its back that looked like ghost faces. Moreover, each ghost face was different. Some looked like they were crying, some looked like they were laughing, and some looked like they were angry.

Although it was only the size of a palm, it was covered in sharp spikes. This was especially so for its tail, which actually had a mouth.

The tiny teeth in the mouth were incomparably sharp.

At this moment, although the corpses had dried up, when one swept their gaze over, they would still be shocked by the malevolent appearance of the insect.

“Ghost Desire!” Xu Qing’s expression changed slightly. He quickly walked forward and observed the corpses carefully. Back then, he had heard Grandmaster Bai talk about this Ghost Desire. It only existed in the deep sea and was rarely seen on the market. It was considered a very obscure venomous insect.

Its blood was blue in color and extremely poisonous. However, with some special concoctions, it could be made into a holy medicine that could heal injuries.

Zhou Qingpeng, who was checking the medicinal pills in the shop, also took a glance when he heard this.

“As expected, you do recognize it.” The shopkeeper smiled. At the same time, his opinion of Xu Qing grew even more. He was very clear that even the disciples of the Second Peak did not know many of these obscure venomous arthropods.

Hence, he became even more curious. Where did this handsome youth in front of him learn such extraordinary medical knowledge?

“How much are you selling it for?” Xu Qing was tempted and asked the shopkeeper.

“I don’t dare to sell it.” The shopkeeper coughed and kept the bag. When he saw that Xu Qing’s gaze was still on the leather bag containing the venomous bug, he smiled and explained.

“My boss had someone spend a lot of effort to get this. It was only delivered today. My boss will come and collect it in a while. How would I dare to sell it… I only took it out for you to admire. After all, this thing is a rare item.”

Xu Qing retracted his gaze with some regret. He didn’t take out the white pills immediately but waited for a while until Zhou Qingpeng paid the bill and left. Only then did Xu Qing take out the leather bag that contained the white pills and place it on the counter.

“I’m not buying herbs today. I’m selling pills.”

“Hmm?” The shopkeeper’s eyes narrowed. He immediately opened the leather bag and swept his gaze across it. His expression instantly changed.

“So many white pills?” He didn’t inspect them immediately but washed his hands carefully at the side. After that, he put on a pair of gloves and signaled to Xu Qing that the gloves were dust-free. He then opened the leather bag and took out the white pills inside.

As he placed them on the counter, his eyes revealed a hint of surprise. There were simply too many white pills. There were over 500 pills, and each of them was almost perfectly round. The medicinal fragrance gushed forth and permeated the entire medicinal shop.

Many of the customers smelled the scent and looked over. Xu Qing frowned slightly, and his right hand naturally landed beside the leather bag containing the black iron stick.

At this moment, the shopkeeper had finished examining the pills and was very surprised. He took a deep look at the youth in front of him. He originally thought that the other party’s knowledge of flora and fauna was already excellent. However, he now knew that the other party’s alchemy technique was even more outstanding.

These medicinal pills were naturally formed, and it was obvious at a glance that they had been refined successfully on the first try. There were no mistakes in the refinement process. Moreover, every single one of them was white and translucent, and they also contained some natural medicinal oil, like mutton fat.

Not everyone in the Second Peak’s disciples possessed such skill. Hence, after taking inventory, the shopkeeper pondered for a moment before giving a price.

“How about ten spirit stones?”

Xu Qing was aware of the prices in the main city. White pills were usually sold for around 30 spirit coins, and the value of a spirit stone was around 1,000 spirit coins.

Hence, after some thought, he nodded in agreement.

The shopkeeper hurriedly took out spirit stones and passed them to Xu Qing. After that, he put away the medicinal pills on the counter. Xu Qing swept his gaze across the crowd before turning to leave.

When he reached the entrance, he saw a young girl walking over from the outside. Before she got close, the medicinal fragrance assaulted his senses first.

This young girl looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old. She held a white umbrella and wore a light orange Daoist robe!

One had to know that in the entire Seven Blood Eyes, the piedmont disciples wore gray Daoist robes. Only core disciples could wear colored robes.

For example, the light purple color of the Seventh Peak.

These Daoist robes represented noble status!

Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed as he dodged to the side and swept his gaze over.

Under the white paper umbrella, the young girl’s jet-black mid-length hair casually draped over her shoulders. A slanted fringe just happened to brush past her eyelids.

Under her long eyelashes was a pair of glistening eyes. Her light orange Daoist robe seemed to have become a long skirt on her body.

Her waist was slender, and her face was flawless, as though she did not belong to the mortal world.

This was especially so when the rain and wind blew over at this moment, causing the two strands of hair by her cheeks to flutter gently in the wind, revealing her skin that was as fine and smooth as jade.

She also saw Xu Qing. After her gaze swept past his face, she didn’t have the arrogance of a core disciple. Instead, she smiled elegantly and let him pass first.

Xu Qing nodded and retracted his gaze before he left. After he left, the fragrance of the young girl who had entered the medicinal shop quietly spread out in the entire shop, slowly spreading to the hearts of everyone.

“Boss, you’re here. Actually, there’s no need for you to come personally. I would have sent it over.” The shopkeeper hurriedly ran over with a respectful expression.

“Uncle Peng, you don’t have to be so polite. I’m tired from refining pills in the mountains, so I came out to relax.” The girl smiled and followed the shopkeeper to the counter.

“It is my duty.” The shopkeeper was as respectful as ever. He quickly followed and took out the leather bag containing the Ghost Desires from the counter, handing it to the young girl.

Seeing that the shopkeeper was still so polite, the young girl helplessly shook her head. She was about to leave when her gaze suddenly swept over and landed on the white pills that had yet to be completely put away.

She exclaimed softly.

She lifted her jade-like white right hand and gently picked up a pill. She held it in front of her pure and flawless face and looked at it carefully. A hint of surprise appeared in her eyes.

“Boss, is there anything wrong with this pill?” When the shopkeeper saw her expression, he asked cautiously.

“There’s no problem.” The girl sniffed it.

“This pill is very good and its purity is extremely high. Such a pill is rarely seen.”

When the shopkeeper heard this, he was even more surprised.

“Boss, you’re a core disciple of the Second Peak and a heaven’s chosen in alchemy. Even you think the purity of this pill is rare? But no matter how high the purity of a white pill is, it’s still a white pill.”

The girl chuckled.

“Uncle Peng, you’re right. White pill is only a basic pill. Although the higher the purity, the better, you can just eat a few more for the same effect.”

“However, purity represents the refinement method. That is what I’m interested in.” The young girl sized up the pill in her hand again.

She got the shopkeeper to take out all the white pills in this batch. After checking them one by one, the surprise in her eyes grew increasingly intense.

“To think that every pill is of the same quality. There are so many of them, and judging from the temperature of the pills, they were refined in batches. The earliest they were refined should be yesterday.”

“This means the refiner already refined them to the extreme at the medicinal liquid stage. Every pill is exactly the same.” The young girl muttered and got the shopkeeper to store all the white pills in this batch. She was going to take them back and study them carefully.

Before she left, she thought of something and asked.

“Uncle Peng, where did you get this batch of white pills?”

“A disciple from an unknown peak. He just left. Boss, you should have seen him when you came in.” After the shopkeeper finished speaking, he looked outside the medicinal shop. Xu Qing’s figure was long gone.

The young girl recalled for a moment, and the image of the handsome youth from earlier appeared in her mind. she nodded.

“Uncle Peng, if that person comes to sell pills again, please keep them for me.”

The shopkeeper hurriedly agreed while being shocked inwardly. At the same time, he became even more curious about Xu Qing.


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