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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 72: Offering Herself To Husband Bahasa Indonesia

The sharp blade of the dagger moved towards her neck as she made a small cut on her milky-white skin. Blood started seeping out in a small amount as the cut was very precise and tiny.

Rio was already frightened as he wanted to stop her but if he moved he could’ve caused Lia to hurt herself more.

She only made a little cut and said in a loving manner, “In our Devlin family when our pureblood accepts their partner, we offer them our blood to show the immense love we feel for our better half. In case their partner declines, which doesn’t happen, it will be considered that their partner doesn’t love them.

Although I accepted you in my heart long ago, but I wanted you to take that one step that you hesitated all this time. After all, our marriage was a forced one. So today, I want you to have my blood to deepen our bonding.

I wish for Husband to truly accept me as his wife. I have fallen for you and lost my heart to you. This Lia loves Husband a lot…”

She was looking at him with an inviting gaze as her words were filled with deep affection for the man who conquered her heart.

Her expression told that the thirst she felt can only be quenched by Rio’s acceptance.

Lia was resolute in her childhood that she would never be charmed by another man as she loath the stranger. She only cared about very few people that didn’t even exceed five.

But the arrival of the man from prophecy shook all her commonsense as she was freed of the heart-wrenching nightmares that never ended before.

Rio gave her surprises one after another as he even killed another human for her while injuring himself for someone who forcefully trapped him in her clutches.

Wasn’t he supposed to hate her and just act like how an arranged marriage looked? What was there need to show her affection? She could never understand.

This guy even went to the wilderness and got injured to gain a heart stone for his wife while presenting it into her hands with an affection-filled smile that was telling her he don’t blame Lia for anything.

How could she be not moved by his selfless action in a world filled with people who only wanted to make relationships for some ulterior motives?

She fell for him badly and decided to offer her blood as a showcase to deepen their bonding forever.

Rio felt his heart aching as he saw blood coming out of her neck but he listened to her words and remembered not to deny her.

He calmed down as this was Devlin’s Royal Family tradition.

The crimson-haired boy placed his hand between her head and gazed at her inviting eyes that were nervous and filled with love.

Rio moved down the bottom of her face and kissed her blood-seeping neck to soothe the pain she was feeling.

He used his mushy tongue to lick on her creamy skin in a loving manner to express his acceptance and affection for her.

An electrifying current ran down Lia’s body as this was too sensual to rise the hormones in her body.

Rio kissed her neck passionately it increased their appetite to devour and have each other more.

Her two massive melons were pressing down below his chest as he moved his left hand to gently grope them.

“Mmnh…” Lia gave out a sweet pleased cry.

The soft sensation of her bosom caused his mind to run wild.

The dreamland of every man desired in their lifetime, was finally in his hand as he drowned in the pleasure of physically loving the most beautiful girl in the land of asura and even in both worlds.

He fondled those twin melons slowly while licking her neck.

Rio remembered her words as she mentioned and decided to dab the blood from her neck as he sucked it with love, enjoying the moment to the fullest.

‘It feels like a baby is drinking milk from their mother. Eh…If she finds out what I’m thinking she might use that sharp dagger to play with me.’

He ignored the unnecessary thoughts and focused on important business that was in front of him

The sweet taste of her blood entered his mouth and poured down his throat which caused a bunch of notifications to ring in his mind.


[Pureblood of Ancient Devlin’s Bloodline Consumed.]

[You have Awakened the Devlin Might]

[Beast soul of purple nightmare worm Killed. Purple nightmare worm Curse has been lifted.]

[You have Awakened the Sealed Innate Talent]


A bunch of notifications was heard in his mind as he drank Lia’s blood.

A golden light brightened his mind-sea and made him feel dizzy and ultimately it caused him to sway in the air and fall freely like a leaf.

Seeing him fainting on her body, Lia couldn’t understand what happened. Her eyes were filled with worry as she patted his face to find out more about his condition.

Lia placed him perfectly on the bed and inspected his body for abnormality which made her finally see the lit-up screen of the AI watch.

She read the notifications appearing on top of the screen and frowned.

‘Purple nightmare worm…isn’t it the cursed beast that seals memory and someone’s innate talent who doesn’t have mana in their body. But who dared to do it to Rio?’

Her face was filled with the coldness that showed she would cut apart the person who dared to harm her Husband but her eyes were worryingly looking at the Boy breathing in a gentle and steady manner as if drowned in wonderland.

They were having a sweet loving time together but this unexpected outcome disturbed their blissful hot night.

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