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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 6: Punishment Bahasa Indonesia

There were couches on the side and a king-sized bed in the middle. A vase with flowers was placed beside her bed and small magic lights were glittering in her room. A door was attached to the wall which might be a bathroom.

She walked to the window and drew the curtains wide open.

“You will live here from now on. Although I don’t want to live with you in the same room, I have to accept you since we are already bound in the oaths of heaven.” Lia said with some bitterness in her eyes as she was gazing at the moon. She looked at it as if she was thinking something.

“Don’t worry, I can sleep on the couch until you accept me in your heart.” Rio said as he guessed what she was worried about.

Hearing his words, she turned around and looked at him as if she wasn’t expecting him to say this. She murmured, “You’re really a weird one.”

“What did you say?” He couldn’t hear it so he asked her to repeat it.

“Nothing…” She didn’t want to repeat it and continued, “That door will lead you to the bathroom.”

Footsteps were heard, and a sweet voice came, “May I enter, your highness?”

“Yes, you can come.” Lia’s eyes moved to the door and Rio also turned back.

A girl who appeared to be in her early twenties entered the room wearing a maid costume. She was a blonde with a ponytail. She was the second prettiest girl Rio met in the land of asura. Although she wasn’t at Lia’s level, she could easily rival movie stars in his world.

“Dinner is ready, your highness. Where would you like to have your dinner?” The blonde-haired girl asked politely.

“I’m not hungry,” Lia said.

“But I’m hungry,” Rio spoke hurriedly, thinking he would sleep without eating anything.

“You won’t get any food tonight. That’s your punishment for kissing me.” Lia voice was heard in his thoughts and she coldly glared at him.

“Are you for real? I was just following your father’s order.” Rio retaliated.

“So will you jump from a cliff if he asks?” She was staring daggers at him but the maid wasn’t able to hear what Lia was saying to Rio.

“Of course not. I’ll only do things that have some benefits for me.” Rio showed his big smile.

“This is Yami, the chief maid. You can ask her for anything you need from tomorrow morning.” Lia told him but she didn’t forget to speak the last part of the sentence word by word as if reminding him that he was destined to be punished tonight.

“Okay, I understood.” Rio walked towards the couch with dropped shoulders and lay down. He turned his head towards the couch back like a saddened kid whose demands were not fulfilled by his mother.

“Yami, he is your new lord. Don’t let anyone harm him.” Lia said to the blonde-haired girl.

“Who is he, your highness?” Yami asked with puzzlement. Although no one dared to ask Lia anything, Yami was special to her as they grew up together. She trusted her a lot and considered her like a sister.

“He is mine,” Lia said in a small voice so Rio couldn’t hear as her face became beet red after saying the piece of information.

‘She probably brought a new plaything for her.’

Yami thought inwardly as her mind didn’t go in direction that Rio could be her Husband.

“Okay, your highness. Have a beautiful sleep.” Saying that Yami left their room.

‘He is acting like a cute child.’ Lia looked at Rio with a gentle smile who was sleeping in the corner with his back towards her and walked to her bed to sleep.



A cold wet sensation on his face jolted him awake from his beautiful dream.

“Ahhh…” He opened his eyes and fumed in anger as he saw water spill on his face.

“Wake up… it’s already late… don’t sleep like a horse. Father is waiting for you.” A mischievous voice welcomed him who disturbed his sleep.

Seeing her fairy like face reduced his anger by 80 percent but he was still annoyed.

“Couldn’t you wake me up in a gentle way?” He sat up and asked with a bitter voice while wiping the water from his face with the sleeves.

“Wasn’t I already gentle? I was thinking of throwing a bucket of freezing water. If you want I’ll be less gentle next time.” She said while crossing her arms while her eyes looked as if she was planning something mischievous.

“Just wake me up like a loving wife.” Rio said while stretching his body and yawning.

“Come with me, or you will be late for your first training class.” She said while walking towards the door.

Seeing her leaving, Rio stood up and chased behind her at a fast pace while fixing his clothes and ruffling his wet hair.

They went to the castle and entered a room. It had two couches placed opposite to each other near the windows which were showing the beautiful scene of the garden.

Emperor was already waiting there while a maid was placing the tea cups on the table that was in the middle of both couches.

“Young man, it seems your wife didn’t let you sleep last night.” Dylan gave a knowing smile to his new son-in-law.

“Father…” Lia was embarrassed hearing it as her face flushed red and she glared at the Emperor while her eyebrows were scrunched.

“Hahaha… Okay, come sit here. We will start your lessons with the basic knowledge first as you don’t know much about it.”

The newlywed couple walked to the couch and sat opposite to Dylan.


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