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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 21: Mana Enchantment Bahasa Indonesia

He stood up and faced her with his sword but her voice made him halt in his track.

“I’ll teach you how to use Mana enchantment. It is a technique to infuse your body parts with little mana to increase their efficiency. The more mana you infuse the stronger they will become and you will be able to infuse higher strength.

Make sure to pour little mana, the amount your body can endure, otherwise, your flesh and muscle will start cracking slowly. You also need to keep monitoring your mana usage as a one-time infusion can only last up to 10 minutes of enhancement in strength.” Helia explained with a stiff voice.

Rio became dumbfounded hearing her explanation then he saw her extending her hand which started glowing blue.

“Try it” her cold voice came.

He extended his hand like her and tried sending mana towards his hand.

After pouring mana for a little, his hand started aching.

“Argh.” He cried out in pain.

“Don’t be hasty. Just use a little mana.” She berated him.

He only sent a little mana this time and his hand also glowed blue. He felt as if his hand was breathing with the strength to tear apart the trees and break the stony boulders.

“Pour mana in your sword in a similar way. Since it’s a beast soul it will be easier for you to do it.” She commanded him like a general to her soldiers.

He did as she said. The silver-bloom king sword aura doubled and felt as if roaring its glory to the world.

She moved towards him with her sword and attacked him.

This time he felt the numb feeling in his hand lessened but he was still pushed backward and he gripped his sword tightly.

“Try pouring mana in your legs and eyes.” Her domineering voice sounded in his ears.

He sent little mana to his eyes and legs.

His eyes glowed blue and he saw the surroundings become slower. He could see the veins of the leaf of the healing tree in the corner of the arena.

His legs cried out in strength and he felt he could jump to touch the ceiling.

He curled his knees.

A few seconds later, like an arrow released from the bow string, he rushed towards her at an incredible speed.

A smile blossomed on his face.

“Oh… the cub will now attack his mother after its claw grew” Helia spoke with a mocking smile and waited for his upcoming strike.

“You’re not my mommy,” Rio said and attacked her head-on.

Her face had become red from hearing his remark “Mommy”.

She had heard from maids that among lovers a male partner called their female partner mommy if they were older.

Some people used this word among lovers so her face was flushed like a cherry thinking Rio might be younger than her as he looked sixteen.

The sword collided and she wasn’t prepared which caused a slice on her blue top.

Her cloth tore apart slightly and blood gushed out from it revealing her pale shoulder.

She jolted awake from her embarrassment seeing her cloth tearing apart.

A chilly aura enveloped Rio and he felt a coldness creep up to his spine.

He was attacked countless times.

They collided in the air twenty times in a span of 1 minute but their figure was moving at a face pace. It looked as if a video was playing in rapid motion.

“I didn’t know you and Lia… I still don’t regret my actions. Although I am forbidding myself from drawing your blood. I’ll teach you a lesson for making this lady angry” Helia snorted inwardly.

Rio was punched on his body and kicked on his butt many times while their swords hit each other.

After an hour of colliding in the arena, Rio ran out of mana and collapsed on the ground.

She enjoyed seeing him groaning on the ground.

It took thirty minutes instead of an hour to recover his full mana due to the special effect of the healing tree.

They started once again. He started learning her pattern but her speed was faster.

The fierce combat practice continued until they heard a door ‘creaking’ sound as someone entered the arena.

It was Yami standing near the entrance.

Her face flashed with astonishment as she saw It was Helia whose clothes were torn apart with blood while Rio’s clothes were only covered in dirt.

“Tomorrow at the same time,” Helia said before leaving the battle arena avoiding Yami’s curious gaze that was staring at her torn clothes.

Seeing Yami come to fetch him, he followed her to the castle. She was giving him a curious look from time to time.

He took a bath and returned back.

He met Lia in the garden and she asked him to they should go back.

“Let’s sit here for a while,” Rio said to her and sat on the ground in front of the big tree that had rainbow-colored fruits and white glowing leaves.

Little fairies were hovering around it.

“Okay.” Lia also sat beside him and they watched the palm-sized fairies dancing around them.



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