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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 104: Having Tea with Lia & Lioness Bahasa Indonesia

He cast the [Astral Recall] spell as the light enveloped his body and the boy disappeared from the grassland of Saannore Forest region.

A figure appeared on the couch in the couple’s bedroom at the Empress Villa.

The crimson-haired haired boy looked around the room for his wife.

‘She isn’t here. Maybe downstairs?’

He didn’t find Lia in their bedroom and walked downstairs to look for her while removing his [Ancient Disguise] spell and switching to his real self.

Yami was cooking in the kitchen while giving other maids instructions as they were assisting her in doing the side dishes.

“I shouldn’t bother her.” He mumbled inwardly and walked out of the Empress Villa.

It was dark outside and the moon was glimmering in the sky among the sparkling stars.

Flaming torches were placed around the walls to illuminate his path.

“Hey, I’m near the Empress Villa. Have you gone outside the castle?” He asked the white-haired beauty using telepathy while walking towards the artistic garden.

“Can you not sense my location?” Lia asked in puzzlement, her voice had a hint of astonishment.

“I can but it doesn’t tell me exactly where you are. It’s indicating me towards to castle but I can not be sure if you’re outside the castle or inside.” He responded to her in a calm voice.

The boy never used this blessing before that the love birds had received when they were bound by the Heavenly oath.

This was a soul link between the couple blessed by heaven that would let them communicate with one another and feel each other’s location from anywhere.

“Try sensing my location and find me then You will understand how this works. If you found me within ten minutes I’ll let you have a very exclusive delicacy that’s not achievable by other men” Lia said in a mysterious voice and gave him a goal to fasten the process.

“Okay, wait for me. I’ll find you.” Saying that Rio turned towards the castle and started marching at a fast pace.

‘Lia should be within ten minutes’ reach. She won’t be giving me an unreasonable task, I guess.’

The crimson boy made up his mind to claim the reward that was so special to have never been received by other men.

He was wondering all different kinds of things about the treat that Lia would give him if the boy found her within 10 minutes. Rio didn’t want to miss this golden chance.

There were flaming torches at the gate of the castle entrance. The guards didn’t stop him as they were aware of his prominent existence.

The boy entered the castle and followed a long corridor. He took the stairs in a spacious hall to go to the second floor as he felt the location was indicating from this way.

Rio walked towards the end of the Second floor and opened the door to enter the room.

It was a big luxurious hall with a built-in kitchen and a place to sit for guests with three gray couches placed with a circular table.

A blonde-haired girl was near the magical cooking burner with a tea pan, kettles, and some cups.

Helia’s curvaceous body could be witnessed today as she wasn’t wearing the warrior armor as usual.

She was in a long blue dress that was revealing around her plumpy melons and her blonde hair wasn’t tied as they were falling on her pale skin.

A white-haired beauty was sitting, not so far from her, on a green couch. His wifey was in a white dress that made her look otherworldly beauty as always and overshadowed Helia’s seductive body.

Lia was already looking in his direction and waved at him as if she had sensed his presence even before he entered the room.

“Well done. You have found me.” Lia said with a smile and praised her lovely Husband.

Rio approached the coach and sat beside her.

“Where is my special exclusive delicacy?” He asked her in a hushed voice.

“There.” Lia pointed towards Helia, who was busy with pouring tea in a kettle with a tea pan and placing small cups in the tray to bring it to them.

“That lioness is my delicacy?” Rio blurted out instinctively, which caused the blonde-haired to almost drop the kettle as she was unprepared for such a shameless comment.

“Hey, Don’t bully her. She has brewed tea for the two of us. It’s not obtainable by anyone as she only makes it for me. Today, you will become the very first man who would be able to drink it. She doesn’t even brew for Father.”

Lia praised her sister as she knew Helia was a battle maniac and wasn’t good at house chores.

Lioness turned towards the duo and walked to them with a tray filled with tea cups and a kettle.

“Did you tell her I was coming?” He asked, raising his brows.

“I told her we may have an uninvited guest so to make one extra cup,” Lia said with a gentle voice.

“So I’m an uninvited guest now.” He spoke in a grumpy tone that was filled with sarcasm.

“Don’t feel sour about it. No man has even ever had the opportunity to have tea brewed by Helia. You would be the first one in the entirety of this world.” Lia said in a cherishing manner as if it was an Immortal treasure.

Helia placed a cup in front of the boy in a rough manner. If she applied a little more strength to slam the cup it could’ve broken into pieces.

Helia started filling it to the brim as her hand shook while being attentive. It was a very rare occasion for her to serve someone a cup of tea so the lioness wasn’t used to this work.

Even after being so diligent, Helia spilled the tea as it overflowed.

She hastily stopped pouring the tea and her face was enveloped in bitterness.

“Thank you” Rio spoke to her in a calm manner, ignoring her minor mistake.

The lioness was staring daggers at him as if he caused her to spill the tea.

Rio wasn’t perturbed by her glare as he maintained his calm demeanor. He was even warm to her only because of Lia or the boy would’ve been cold to Helia.

Lia couldn’t see her sister’s eyes provocatively glint as Helia’s back was facing her.

The lioness didn’t have to serve the White-haired beauty as Lia took it herself and filled two cups for both of herself and her sister who made the tea for everyone.

She said to Rio using a telepathic voice “Make sure to not laugh at her or she will get hurt. Helia is not good at house works.”

“Okay, I won’t.” He assured her inwardly.

Lia picked up the teacup to take a sip before asking, “You have reached the purple stage?”

She could already feel changes when he first entered the room but Lia didn’t ask right away.

“Yeah.” The crimson-haired boy nodded in affirmation.

Helia, who was sitting opposite them, raised her eyebrows upon hearing this information.

“You went to defeat Monarch Beast and didn’t even tell me?” She said using the telepathy voice. Her tone was bitter as if Rio had betrayed her.

“You would have to get worried about it if I told you. The trial wasn’t that hard. I just had to pick some white petals.” Rio responded to her inwardly.

‘Don’t tell me you’re going to push away Layla and not accept her when she comes to find you. Even Lia shouldn’t have that right to reject Layla being your woman since it was a forced marriage at the beginning’

He didn’t tell Lia what happened at the trial as it would’ve hurt her if he explained everything and told her what Monarch beast had said to him.

Layla’s topic was sensitive for both Rio and Lia and he needed to be cautious to handle it properly without hurting any party.

“I have made a pact with Monarch Beast. After I offer her enough yellow and purple stage cores I will unlock some abilities.” Rio explained about the Monarch beast in short.

They were with Helia so he wanted to keep the conversation short as it was happening using telepathic messages.

He didn’t want to drag the conversation and make Helia feel awkward which Lia wouldn’t want either.

“How much mana do you have now?” Lia asked in his thoughts while taking a small sip of the tea that Helia had made.

“Around 400…” He sent her a secret message, tapping the teacup with her fingers as if thinking something.

“I’m not sure if that should be enough to awaken your Elemental affinity but we can check if it works or not” Lia’s voice mumbled in his mind.

“Elemental affinity?” Rio asked with a puzzled voice.

“Elemental affinity can be Awakened when someone’s core reaches the black stage as it gives them enough mana for the Awakening.

However, it’s not the case for you Since you have double the amount of mana than an Asura or a human. So you might be able to awaken an Elemental affinity with your current mana pool at the purple stage.” She explained in a delighted tone to him in his thoughts.

Helia was glaring at him as he wasn’t drinking the tea she made and just tapped the cup with his finger.

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