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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 618: 618 Most Delicious Food Bahasa Indonesia

‘The theme park is next to the plastic surgery hotel. The altar there should be the last one Fu Sheng left for me.’ Han Fei hesitated after he got No. 4’s clues. However, he had to visit the theme park. There were 18 players still trapped at the theme park’s maze. If he didn’t do anything, Absolute Truth might send in more players.

“Tonight, I should try to approach the hospital and attempt to get them to work with me.” Han Fei hoped that they could work together, but if that was not possible, he would force them to do so.

“Time to go home and play games!”

The crew rushed into the building. Other than the doctors and police, even the people from the entertainment agencies arrived.

“Let me go! I’m not crazy! I’m telling the truth!” The hospital door opened, and Bai Cha’s screams came out. Two crew members had trouble controlling him. “The hospital is filled with children! They came out of the paintings!” Bai Cha was agitated. “Look at my face! The guard cut me with the knife! I’m injured!” The experience earlier broke down his defenses, and he was being his real self. “Stop shooting! I’m telling you. This is not over! Give me back my phone! Where’s my agent? I need to call the lawyer!”

Bai Cha shook away the crew. He wiped the blood and tears from his face. At that moment, Han Fei, who had just changed, walked out. Bai Cha’s fury burst when he saw Han Fei. “Han Fei! I knew it! You are in cahoots with them!” Ignoring the others, he charged towards Han Fei. “Tang Yi has given you a hidden script, right? You worked with him to do this to us!”

“That’s not true. This is a misunderstanding.” Han Fei shook his head.

“Fuck you! Don’t lie to me!” Bai Cha growled. By then, the reporters had already arrived. This was a big deal, so naturally, they wouldn’t let it slide. They ran over the roadblock set up by the crew, took out their equipment, and started to livestream this.

Seeing the reporters, Bai Cha reined it in somewhat, but he still shouted, “You are not leaving until you explain yourself!”

Bai Cha was courageous to block Han Fei. The police were shocked, and they looked at Bai Cha with pity. “What are you people looking at? I was fighting ghosts in there! But he ran away on his own!”

“Fighting ghosts?” When he said that, one of the crew members couldn’t help it and burst out laughing.

“Why are you laughing? Is it that funny?”

“I suggest you take back your phone and call your agent. Find out what happened earlier.” Han Fei just wanted to leave and go back home.

Bai Cha finally noticed how strange the surrounding people were acting. He grabbed a nearby crew member and snatched his phone to call his agent.

After being hung up a few times, Bai Cha’s agent finally accepted. This annoyed Bai Cha even more. “It’s me! Where are you now? Get over here!”

“Bai Cha?” The agent was startled before he said, “Get to the van now! Do not let the reporters stop you! You have to be quick!”

Bai Cha looked at the reporters who swam towards him like sharks, and he was confused. “Why? What happened? Why are there so many reporters here? Were they tipped?”

“Boss! We’ve been scammed by Tang Yi! This is not a show recording. It’s a livestream! Everything you did inside the building has been seen by millions of people!” That was like a clap of thunder, and the phone fell to the ground. The call ended. But soon, Bai Cha’s agent called back. The melodious music played. “The sky is blue. There are thousands paper cranes outside the window. Wrote a song. It’s for mom. Put down your work and listen to me…”

Bai Cha wobbled and slumped on the ground. Seeing him like this, the other crew members started to laugh.

“The man is already in a poor state. Why would you laugh?” Han Fei shook his head and left with the police.

The driver was Li Xue’s junior. He told Han Fei many things. Han Fei shouldn’t go anywhere or joined this kind of danger show before Butterfly was captured. Han Fei promised readily as he took out his phone to check the message.

Tang Yi’s livestream shot up to first place on national trending. Han Fei got on trending too. In just a few short hours, he gained almost 300000 new fans. More people talked about him than Bai Xian. However, his foundation was not as stable. He was temporarily more popular than Bai Xian, but if he didn’t produce any new work to follow up, he’d be forgotten too.

‘If this continues, I might rise the fastest among any actor.’ He glanced through the comments about the livestream. The audience wanted more. They wished for more episodes to be released. The show was too fun. Based on this situation, Star Entertainment’s CEO Lee was the biggest winner. The variety show was banned, and the movie could fill in many gaps and take over this wave of popularity. CEO Lee’s only worry was if he didn’t handle this well, he might get into big trouble like Tang Yi.

Han Fei checked his digital bank. He found the account, and he keyed in the password Tang Yi gave him. The money wasn’t there. Instead, he received an encrypted audio message from the digital bank manager. Han Fei put on the earphones and clicked open the file. Tang Yi’s voice came. “Han Fei, I don’t want to owe you. Actually, I invited you, and Xia Yilan was not only for CEO Lee but also the big sponsor behind my company. I can’t give you her name, but you can call her Mr. Lan. She is one of the central members of Deep Space Tech’s Deep Blue Board of Directors and the adopted orphan of the former Immortal Pharma CEO, Fu Tian. I don’t know why she’d pay attention to you, but you have to be very careful. She is very dangerous!” The file self-destructed after that.

Han Fei looked at the empty bank account. “His payment is rather special.” Han Fei returned home, closed the door, and sat on the bed to rest.

“The black box’s owner is Fu Sheng, but Deep Space Tech did the most when developing Perfect Life… O well. I should stick close to the police before I find my real memory.” Han Fei didn’t want to be dragged into the fight of the big companies. While he still had the police’s protection, he wanted to finish the game as soon as possible and find his missing past. At 11 pm, Han Fei had his fill and was about to enter the gaming hub when his phone rang. It was a call from Huang Yin.

“Brother Huang, what’s wrong?”

“You were amazing in that livestream. Even my dad wants to hire you to be our hospital’s spokesperson.” Huang Yin chuckled. “Uncle saw the livestream?”

“Yes, I told him you’re my brother, and he also thought you’re a good influence on me.” Due to his childhood, Huang Yin didn’t have a good relationship with his father. It was not until he encountered Han Fei that he talked it out with his father. It was evident that Huang Yin’s relationship with his father had improved a lot. These were all the benefits of the Iyashikei game.

“Anyway, I’m calling mainly to tell you that Absolute Truth is planning to send in their fourth batch of explorers. It’s another group of six.”

“The fourth batch?” Han Fei was speechless. He really needed to explore the theme park soon. After all, 24 lives were on the line.

“Try to see if you can find Boss first. Or else more people will sink in.”

“Okay.” Han Fei hung up and got into the game. The blood fell. Han Fei could hear the maddening laughter coming from behind him. He knew someone bloody stood behind him. When he entered the game, it felt like he was lying on top of a bloody person. Han Fei tried to turn his head. But whenever he could see the person’s face, he would log in to the game.

Han Fei opened his eyes and realized he was inside the Ziggurat. His body hadn’t fully recovered. It pained when he walked.

He just took the first step when the door opened. Weep looked into the room holding the fishbowl. Ying Yue sat on Weep’s urn and played with her screaming dolls.

“You two are like brother and sister.” Before Han Fei left the room, he smelled this intoxicating fragrance of meat. His desire amplified. He held the wall and followed the scent. The neighbors greeted them. They looked strange, as if they wanted to stop Han Fei, but they didn’t dare.

On the fifth floor, Han Fei pushed open the door. He realized the walls had been broken down, and the place was turned into a giant kitchen. It was filled with ‘ingredients’ like cursed hair, unknown objects filled with Death Curse, wine made from blood, and so on…

“You’re back?” Xu Yin’s voice came from the kitchen. “Are you hungry? I’ve made some food for you.” Han Fei followed the voice. He saw Xu Qin serve the table with food. Every dish was exceptionally alluring. The fragrance was like a lasso around his neck. He was willing to be enslaved for them.

“How can they smell so good?”

Hearing the praise, Xu Qin stopped working, and she smiled. “Only you will say that. Other people can’t wait to get away from my cooking. They don’t even dare to have a taste. I’m the only one left on the floor.”

“That’s because they have no taste.” Han Fei couldn’t stop his hunger anymore. However, as he sat at the table, a giant sound came from the corridor. The room door was rammed through, and Big Sin rolled excited beside the table. It looked at Han Fei excitedly. “Why is this thing acting more like a dog?” Han Fei’s face twitched. He knew why Big Sin was so excited.

“I know the food won’t kill me.” Han Fei comforted himself and grabbed the familiar pork heart, and started to eat. Xu Qin must have some secret cooking method because the simple pork heart was as addictive as a drug.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’re tasting Grade E Cooking made by Pure Hatred—Pork Heart. You’ve obtained an upgradeable title—Gourmand.

“Gourmand: This title can be upgraded as you taste more food! The title provides 10 percent resistance to the food-type curse. It is the lowest requirement to unlock the hidden profession, Gourmand!

“Pork heart: A delicacy made by a Pure Hatred. It contains her love and hatred towards you. It also possesses unknown curses. If you are not 100 percent confident, do not try them.

“Consuming this food will give you 60 percent to be cursed, 30 percent to be killed, and 10 percent to gain a special buff.”

Han Fei had already taken a large bite when the system sang. Then, his body froze, and he couldn’t even breathe! The curse crawled on his skin. Han Fei toppled to the ground. Different Death Curses appeared on his face like a black rose was blooming on his face. Xu Qin ran over when she heard this. She pressed her hand on Han Fei’s heart. Xu Qin sucked away all the curses.

“I think I’ve triggered a curse…” Han Fei’s face was pale. His weak body was about to shatter, but he didn’t stop. He grabbed the remaining pork hearts and started to eat. Other than the possibility of death, Xu Qin’s food was flawless. Xu Qin smiled, seeing Han Fei engulf her food even though he was cursed.

After finishing two pork hearts, Han Fei finally triggered the Grade E food’s special buff.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve digested the cursed pork heart! Your health recovery increases by 35 percent, and this buff will last for 5 minutes!” Han Fei’s color returned. He was using his own method to get used to the curse. When other players were planting flowers and drinking coffee, Han Fei started to use Pure Hatred’s food to strengthen his body.

“Don’t force yourself.” Xu Qin helped Han Fei up. Before she left, she turned back to ask, “You have eaten so much. Is the meat really that delicious?”

“They are the most delicious food I’ve eaten! They can heal all my pain.” Han Fei said without hesitation. To speed up the healing of his weak body, he sat at the table and started to devour.


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