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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 600: 600 He Is Not Fu Yi Bahasa Indonesia

“Notification for Player 0000! When the player adopts the profession at full compatibility, they will trigger additional profession talent!

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve unlocked your second hidden profession—Lapidarist!

“Profession Talent 1: Resistance to Feeling-type Curse increases by 30 percent.

“Profession Talent 2: There is a chance for the friendliness level of a ghost of your opposite sex to transform into love or hatred. Please be careful when raising their friendliness level.

“Profession Talent 3: The starting friendliness level of all unfamiliar Lingering Spirits, Animated Regrets, and Pure Hatreds will not be zero but one. You have a chance to gain their help directly, but some help comes with a price.

“Profession Talent 4: Lapidarist has only one active talent. You can use it thrice per night. You can temporarily lower the hatred of any member of the opposite sex towards you or temporarily remove their love towards you. However, be careful before using this talent. After you start to manipulate a person’s love and hatred, you will lose the qualification to love her forever! Her hatred towards you will double after the effect of this talent is over!

“Warning! The lower the player’s charm, the stronger this effect.

“Warning! The effect of this talent will differ on Animated Regrets, Lingering Spirits, and Pure Hatred!

“Profession compatibility is more than 100 percent! Unlocked profession unique talent 5: With every level increase, your charm will lower by one. It is easier for you to increase your friendliness level with ghosts of the opposite sex.

“Since the player has rejected the profession five times despite high compatibility, the profession properties have changed!

“Profession Property: You have not even held the hand of a girl but have managed to complete the prerequisite for this mission five times. Perhaps you can give this profession a new meaning.

“A Lonely Lapidarist: You have no concept of family. You have never been loved. You walk through the night alone. When will you find the soul who will voluntarily embrace you?

“A Lonely Lapidarist’s Unique Profession Property 1: When an out-of-control spirit approaches you, she might regain memories related to love…

“A Lonely Lapidarist’s Unique Profession Property 2: Before you understand true love, you will have a chance to gain one free attribute points whenever you kill a monster who has betrayed love!”

Han Fei didn’t even have the chance to think. He used his quickest speed to scan through his new profession’s ability. When he became the midnight butcher, his knife would become sharper when facing bloody butchers. He became a butcher who killed butchers.

Now, with this new profession, it was the same thing. He had the chance to gain a free attribute point once he killed a ghost who had betrayed love. In short, Lapidarist was a profession that relied heavily on the ghosts of the opposite sex, and some of its talents were quite scary.

Han Fei glanced at the Lapidarist’s only active skill. He could temporarily lower the hatred of a female ghost. However, the price was he would be hated twice by the ghost after the effect was over.

Fu Yee’s mother grabbed Han Fei’s neck, and the female netizen wanted to remove Han Fei’s heart. They were struggling with their inner despair. Han Fei glanced around. Du Zhu had combined with the entire hospital. The endless faces and medicine underground fed her continuously, making her stronger. If this continued, Han Fei and his wife would fall into the abyss while Du Zhu would regain control of the hospital.

‘If Du Zhu is left alive, Fu Sheng will still suffer despair and pain. The crazy woman will turn Fu Sheng’s face into Fu Yi’s face and continue to torment Fu Sheng as a toy.’ Han Fei was familiar with Du Zhu’s personality, and because of that, he had to kill Du Zhu! ‘Without their parents, Fu Sheng and Fu Tian would fall into Du Zhu’s hands. Their endings would be worse than real life.’

Han Fei glanced at his wife. She still hadn’t let go. She wouldn’t let Han Fei fall into the abyss alone even though she was sliding towards it. ‘I think I know what to do now.’

Pulling back his gaze, Han Fei looked at Fu Yee’s mother and used Lapidarist’s active skill for the first time. Her heart pounded, and at that moment, two heartbeats overlapped. A special connection formed between Han Fei and Fu Yee’s mother. Han Fei had no idea what Fu Yee’s mother felt, but he could see into the woman’s heart.

Inside the Pure Hatred’s heart, Fu Yee’s mother locked up a beautiful woman who loved music, food, and clothes into an old dresser. The woman looked just like her. She used the hospital reports to seal up the dresser. After she knew Fu Yee’s condition, she forgot to take care of herself. She gave up her identity to become the ‘powerful’ mother who only knew how to earn money to cure her daughter. Her face was dry, and her hands were calloused, her skin loosened. She hadn’t smiled in a long time.

“I…” Han Fei’s inner voice traveled over. The tired mother heard something, and she lifted her head. “Perhaps I should help you remove all the hospital reports from the dresser and help the past you out, but I do not have the power to do that now.”

Han Fei chose to lower the hatred of Fu Yee’s mother. After he made that choice, the image he saw slowly disappeared. The connection between the two severed and the hands on Han Fei’s neck retracted. Her eyes on Han Fei became more complicated. When the Lapidarist’s active skill was used, the two parties’ heartbeats overlapped, and they could see into each other’s hearts. Han Fei had no idea what Fu Yee’s mother saw, but after Fu Yee’s mother let go of his neck, she turned to walk towards Du Zhu. ‘Killing Du Zhu is my strongest desire. Perhaps she can see that?’

While Han Fei was confused, the system said, “Notification for Player 0000! The active talent of Lapidarist will last for one minute.”

The active talent could affect Pure Hatreds, but the price was heavy. One minute later, Fu Yee’s mother would have double the hatred. She wouldn’t be able to control herself then. Du Zhu once owned the hospital and the altar, and she was the ghost closest to being the altar owner. She was now a mad monster, and she was powerful.

‘One minute is enough to say goodbye.’ Han Fei turned to the female netizen. ‘I can’t give you my heart, but I can help you kill Fu Yi.’

When their hearts beat together, Han Fei saw a pretty stray cat inside the female netizen’s heart. It had a beautiful fur coat and the most amazing pattern. However, it was kneeling, watching a closed door. Warm light came from the glass window and showered on the lawn. The stray cat bit on the heart it had just retrieved from its chest. It was flustered.

“Notification for Player 0000! The effective time for the Lapidarist’s talent is 1 minute and 15 seconds.”

The female netizen touched Han Fei lightly before walking towards Du Zhu. She joined the fight. As powerful as Du Zhu was, she couldn’t handle five Pure Hatreds on her own. It was a matter of time until she was killed.

‘One minute later, Fu Yee’s mother and the girl will return with double their hatred. If they plan to kill me, then the situation will turn around again.’ Han Fei had already reached this step, and he refused to allow any accident. Du Zhu had to die here!

The nine Pure Hatreds fought together. Only his wife held onto all the chains alone. She stood at the edge of the abyss. Even if she had done everything, she was at her limit. With one more step, she would fall into the abyss with Han Fei. How could a single housewife take on the despair of the whole memory world?

‘After Fu Yi’s death, she raised Fu Tian and Fu Yi alone. Perhaps in real life, she had once faced the despair of the whole world alone too.’ Han Fei looked at his wife. He didn’t speak, and he didn’t want to use the Lapidarist’s power on her. He looked at the woman silently. She grabbed all the chains and tried to haul Han Fei out of the abyss. “I’m sorry, but it’s time for goodbye.”

One-third of the prayers had gathered on Han Fei. Han Fei needed more time to be the new God, but he had less than a minute left.

‘There are two major despairs in this world for Fu Sheng, Du Zhu, and Fu Yi. The last thing I can do for him is to destroy these two despairs. Once I die, Fu Yi will disappear. Once I die, Fu Yee’s mother and the girl won’t be affected by the double hatred towards me, and they will continue to attack Du Zhu. Once I die, you’ll put down the shackles and stop at the edge of the abyss.’

Han Fei looked at his wife and then down the distance at home. ‘I think I understand why he still chose to protect humanity after everything done to him.’

Han Fei pulled his gaze back and gave Big Sin one last order at the end of the one minute. “Big Sin!” The creature in the ghost tattoo responded, but it refused to come out. “Eat me!”

The voice was firm. When Han Fei made this decision, Fu Yi sensed something. He reappeared. He had been waiting for Han Fei to deal with his wife and lovers before coming out to steal the altar. Han Fei lost control of his body again, and only his heart still beat.

“Eat me!” The black tattoo cut through the skin. A large creature emerged from Han Fei’s body!

When Big Sin appeared, Han Fei’s body collapsed. The ten chains shattered. The prayers on Han Fei burst, and it fell like a rain of light. The heart dissolved into the rain. Two consciousnesses bound together. Han Fei grabbed Fu Yi, who was trying to escape. His hands dug into Fu Yi. “Do you think I’ll give you the chance to be a ghost?”

The soul covered in Soul Mist bit on Fu Yi’s neck. Even if Han Fei had to die, he would kill Fu Yi first. Without the chains, Han Fei and Fu Yi fell into the abyss. Fu Yi tried to escape, but Han Fei grabbed firm to him and refused to let go. Han Fei’s soul wrapped around Fu Yi. He would drag the man down into the abyss with him. Han Fei ate, punched, tore apart Fu Yi’s consciousness!

When Fu Yi couldn’t scream anymore, Han Fei consumed the last shred of memory, and everything returned to peace. Han Fei looked at the disappearing consciousness and the exit slipping away. He had no idea how long he fell before reaching the bottom of the abyss. The man barely had a sliver of consciousness left, and he saw the source of all the despair in the memory world. At the bottom of the abyss was a black box. No one knew what was inside and where it came from. It was placed at the bottom of the abyss so only those who had experienced extreme despair could see it.

‘Fu Sheng saw the black box after being tortured by the hospital. He should be like me now. He was heavily wounded and dying.’ Han Fei couldn’t even think. Death was coming. As his last consciousness approached the black box, before he disappeared, he mumbled—Resurrection.

The prayers within Han Fei exploded. A gentle rain fell at the mutated hospital. Every raindrop of light carried beauty and hope. It paused the mutation.

The wife stood at the edge of the abyss with all the chains. She saw Han Fei’s death and the fight between Fu Yi and Han Fei. She saw Han Fei’s face. The chains fell to the ground. She slowly turned around and walked towards Du Zhu. Hatred burned. She wanted to surrender her rationality to the hatred. That way, she wouldn’t feel pain anymore.

There was a shrill scream, and Du Zhu was annihilated by the team of Pure Hatreds. The most beautiful woman only had an ugly shell left. After Du Zhu died, all the medicine at the hospital returned to normal. The mutation was limited to the hospital, and it hadn’t spread. The altar and the figurine at the hospital collapsed. The world hadn’t collapsed because this world had two altars.

“Leader…” After the other Pure Hatreds managed to kill Du Zhu, Lee Guo Er turned to look at the abyss. Wearing her old spectacles, she tried her best to piece Han Fei back together. The heart was broken. Han Fei was dead in the memory world. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t even gather a complete body. After Du Zhu died, the other Pure Hatreds walked over too. Everyone surrounded the altar base, looking at Han Fei’s broken body. He was served on Aphrodite’s table, but no one wanted to harm him anymore.

“Love is like a saw. This is how one would after being ravaged by love.” Love put down her saw. She pressed her hand on Han Fei’s neck. She left her love and hatred inside Han Fei. “We had nothing when we met. We should be like that when we leave.”

Love and hatred twirled around Han Fei’s neck and head. The blood on Love’s body faded away. When she turned to leave, the silent wife suddenly spoke.

“He is not Fu Yi.” The wife looked at the women with clenched fists. “Do you know that that? He is not Fu Yi!”


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