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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 593: 593 Reunions Bahasa Indonesia

‘The difficulty of this lab is to give Zhang Xi hope and persuade her to leave. In real-life, after Fu Sheng was captured by Du Zhu, he must have yearned to leave.’ After Fu Yi’s death, Fu Sheng had a mental breakdown. People already treated him like he was crazy. After he was sent here, he met Du Zhu. He couldn’t prove that he was not crazy. All his protests became symptoms of his madness.

‘I need to shatter all the seven despairs before midnight. But one thing’s strange…’ Han Fei checked the system. After breaking the despairs in the lab, he would gain the EXP and something called—One of his Despairs. This was not an item or a buff, and it was an emotion of despair. After Han Fei shattered the despairs and changed the future, the despair on Fu Sheng appeared to transfer to him. Temporarily, Han Fei didn’t feel anything change. Although, he would continue to finish the mission even if he knew Fu Sheng’s despair would harm him. To change Fu Sheng’s future was the choice he had already made. This was the first time Han Fei became a father, and he didn’t know how to be a good father. He was trying his best to fight for his family.

“Sister Zhang, I’ll bring you to meet Zhang Zhuangzhuang. But before that, we need to find someone else.” There weren’t many doctors who were communicable. “The person’s surname is Yan. He is a doctor here. He is very tall and joined this hospital just recently.”

“There’s a Doctor Yan on the sixth floor’s burn and plastic surgery center, but I’m not sure if that’s the person you’re looking for.” Zhang Xi provided valuable information.

“Okay, we’ll head to the sixth floor now.” When they moved close to the stairwell, they saw something disgusting. The yellow liquid was moving on the steps like they had a mind of their own.

“It looks like something is wrong at the liposuction center again.” Zhang Xi said, “Don’t touch the fat, you’ll die.”

“Erm… Sister Zhang Xi.” Worm held up his bloated fingers. He carefully approached Zhang Xi. “I accidentally touched the yellow liquid earlier. Now, my hand is swollen, and my arms are numb.” Worm showed Zhang Xi his arm. His skin was turning a strange color. His capillaries bulged. There was something white flowing in them. “Sister Zhang Xi, what should I do?” Since Zhang Xi didn’t answer, Worm asked again. Zhang Xi finally turned around. She shook her head. “There’s nothing you can do.”

“There’s not even a chance?” Worm looked sad. He regretted not listening to Han Fei. If he had chopped off one finger, he could have saved his whole arm.

“Chin up. We’ll meet up with Doctor Yan first and then go to the liposuction center together.” Han Fei encouraged Worm. “We’ll capture the doctor there and force him to treat you.”

“Thank you, Brother Han!” Worm knew how dangerous the hospital was, but Han Fei was still willing to take risks to save him. Worm slowly understood why someone as crazy as Han Fei was so popular. “Brother Han, if you have use of me, I will sacrifice myself for you.”

“Don’t jinx it. Keep close to me.” Han Fei didn’t think he did anything to deserve something like this. He was also afraid that Worm might mean something different by sacrifice. After all, there was no telling what the man was thinking.

Han Fei’s group rushed to the fifth floor before the fat flooded the fourth floor. All the wards here were open. Only the lab door was closed.

“Prosthetic limbs reconstruction center?” Han Fei glanced at the lab but didn’t get close.

“There’s a very greedy person on this floor. Even I can’t tell if he’s a doctor or a patient.” Once Zhang Xi said that there was this strange sound. It sounded like many people scratching on the floor with their nails or a centipede moving.

“Let’s get to the sixth floor first, and there’s no need to fight every time.” After clearing Zhang Xi’s mission, Han Fei realized murder was not the only solution.

“The other doctors might let you go but definitely not the thing on this floor.” Zhang Xi knew her colleagues well. She looked coldly at the empty wards. “His inner greed will be triggered once night fell, and he’d turn everything on the fifth floor into his private possession.”

The scratching grew louder, and Han Fei confirmed where it came from. He turned to the stairwell. A bespectacled old man’s head reached out from the landing between the fifth and sixth floors. The wizened face was followed by an aged neck and then many pairs of arms and legs. The old man was like a giant human centipede. If Han Fei had charged upstairs, he would have fallen right into the old man’s trap.

“Doctor Wu is very greedy. He has no family, and he likes to scam the patients for money. In the morning, he would recommend the patients different prosthetics, and then at night, he would pull off the young people’s prosthetics and attach them to his body.” Zhang Xi looked at Doctor Wu like how one would look at a disgusting bug. “If there’s a ranking for the most hated doctors, Doctor Wu would be ranked first. Almost everyone here has been scammed by him before.”

“I rarely judge a book by its cover, but this thing deserves to be killed.” Han Fei took out Rest in Peace. He wanted to chop off Doctor Wu’s every limb. The old man stared at Han Fei. The four limbs on his shoulders grabbed the banister, and the two arms poking out of his ribs pointed at Han Fei. “I can let you pass, but you have to give me something in return.”

“I have a medicine that can cure all ills. If you’re satisfied, I hope you can let us pass.” Han Fei put on his masterful acting. He wore the split lip doctor’s coat and put his hands in the pockets.

“A cure-all medicine?” The old man revealed an ugly grin. “Give me!” He climbed on the wall until he stopped above Han Fei.

“This medicine is very precious. I only have one. I hope you’ll keep your promise after you try it.” Han Fei pulled his hand out of his pocket. He was holding a blade hilt.

“A hilt?” The old man frowned. “Where’s the medicine?”

“You can’t see it? Then I’ll feed you myself!” Han Fei rushed forward. Rest in Peace glowed. The shine of humanity pierced through the old man’s head, and then it slid down to cut the body in half!

The old man was cautious when he saw the hilt, but his body suddenly slowed. He couldn’t evade. The giant body fell to the ground. The endless limbs crawled away. As long as the old man’s weakness didn’t perish, he would eventually recover.

“Don’t stop!” Zhang Xi shouted. Han Fei never intended to do that. He was not going to win the old man alone, but with Zhang Xi’s help, he easily evaded the old man’s attack. He chopped through the endless limbs. After the last limb was severed, blood leaked out to reveal the black heart underneath. Han Fei punctured it, and the black-hearted old man stopped struggling.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve shattered the despair in the prosthetic limbs reconstruction center. You’ve obtained EXP and His Third Despair. Your Life Points will recover faster.

“His Third Despair: His stepmother lost everything to help treat his illness. He felt like the biggest failure in the world. His life was a burden.”

Han Fei didn’t stop and ran to the sixth floor. The corridor was silent. This floor felt more like a real hospital compared to the other floors. Holding Rest in Peace, Han Fei slowly moved to the burn and plastic surgery treatment center. The lab looked normal from the outside. Han Fei pushed on the door, and the door wasn’t locked like the people inside knew he was coming. The smell of burnt flesh assaulted his nostrils. Han Fei looked into the lab, and a tall doctor was working beside the surgical table.

“Doctor Yan?” Han Fei held up Rest in Peace. When the blade of humanity glowed, the doctor slowly turned around. An unfamiliar face appeared before Han Fei. Doctor Yan didn’t have a face in the cryptic world, so Han Fei never knew what he looked like.

“You’re finally here.” Doctor Yan saw Han Fei’s blade. A person’s appearance and personality could be swapped, but only Han Fei could use Rest in Peace. “I’ve been waiting for you.” When Doctor Yan said that, the system said, “Notification for Player 0000! You’ve shattered the despairs in the burn and plastic surgery treatment center. You’ve obtained EXP and His Fourth Despair. Your resistance against negative emotions has increased.

“His Fourth Despair: He thought about death. His soul fell into flames, but he didn’t know he didn’t even have the power to die.”

Doctor Yan stood up. “We are running out of time. This world is going to mutate soon fully. Then everyone will be consumed by the altar, and no one can leave.”

“To leave, I have to inherit the altar, but I don’t even know where it is.” Han Fei sighed. The inheritance mission of this memory world was different from the Mirror God’s world.

“I’ve searched the whole hospital. I can confirm its general location.” Doctor Yan surprised Han Fei. “But it’s impossible to get there. I believe you need the memory world’s owner to accompany you.”

“What if he can’t enter this hospital?”

“I suppose someone who carries his regret and despair will work too.” Doctor Yan wasn’t sure.

“I am the altar owner’s father. I have shouldered part of his despair.” Han Fei grabbed Doctor Yan. “Bring me there. I should be able to get close to the altar.”

“You’re the altar owner’s father?” Doctor Yan’s expressionless face filled with shock. “How is that possible?”

“Bring me there now! I’ll explain along the way.” Han Fei didn’t want to waste any time.

“Okay.” Doctor Yan nodded and then shouted at the surgical table. “You should come with us. After I leave, the other patients can come into this lab.” The patient on the surgical table slowly sat up. His exposed arms, arms, and cheeks were burnt. “Han Fei, I’m surprised you know my savior.” Qiang Wei’s voice came from underneath the bandage.

Han Fei was surprised too, but he didn’t show it. “You and Worm are players with great potential. Stay close to me, and I’ll bring you all out of here.” Han Fei still had many questions for Doctor Yan, but nothing was more important than the altar. In the memory world, the altar was the anchor.

“Come with me.” Doctor Yan put on his work Id and led everyone out of the lab. They took the elevator to the seventh floor. Doctor Yan stopped at the corner of the corridor. He was nervous as he looked at the long corridor that led to the emergency room. “The altar is there.”

Other than the lights, there was nothing on the corridor.

“Are you sure?” Worm widened his eyes. “How come I can’t see anything?”

The white lights shone on the white wall. Han Fei was reminded of something as he slowly moved towards the emergency room. With each of his steps, the lights dimmed. Fu Yi, who was quiet, suddenly started to struggle. Han Fei’s mouth and nose bled. The closer he got, the weaker he was. Fu Sheng’s despair pressed down on him. Negative emotions consumed him, but he didn’t stop. Every step was heavy. He was about to break. This corridor appeared to collect humanity’s tragedy.

His lungs had difficulty breathing, and his eyes watered. Han Fei could hear someone crying weakly and someone calling his name. Han Fei took the last step, and he stopped before the emergency room door.

Fu Sheng’s despair in his mind suffocated him. Fu Yi struggled to get his body back, but he couldn’t stop Han Fei. Han Fei raised his hand to push open the emergency room door. The answer was right here. The lights on the seventh floor went out at the same time!

The crying prayers came out of the walls. Endless souls were praying. They tried their best to plead with the divine for them to stay longer on earth. Divine patterns appeared on the corridor.

Looking at Han Fei and the souls imprinted on the corridor, Doctor Yan sighed in relief.

As a doctor, he knew that the corridor towards the emergency room had heard more prayers than the most famous place of worship in the world. This was this memory world’s altar.


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