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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 592: 592 Luk Bahasa Indonesia

“Your little brother has been worrying about you. His greatest wish in life is to escape this hospital with you. For this wish, he has given up everything.” Han Fei’s voice contained special power. “Du Zhu has been kidnapped and the hospital is in chaos tonight. We risk so many things to come here to deliver your brother’s concern to you. We know that you have forgotten many things to protect him. But we believe you are still alive. Even if you have forgotten some memories, you’re still his best sister, his most important family.”

Han Fei, who used masterful acting and Cursed Words, sounded very convincing. It was unknown whether Zhang Xi believed him or not, but Du Jing did. She believed this was the real Han Fei. Worm, who held his fingers, was touched when he heard Han Fei. But when he calmed down, he realized they were not here to rescue Zhang Xi but they had to rely on Zhang Xi because they had no other option. With that in mind, Worm looked at Han Fei in shock. He couldn’t believe this man was the madman who had been going around cutting people. ‘Is this the ability of a Grade C actor?’ He could get into the character in just a second. Even those who knew the truth would have trouble telling if he was acting or not. Worm was stunned again. He was so overwhelmed by Han Fei’s show of cruelty that he forgot Han Fei was originally an actor.

The three audiences inside the room had completely different reactions. Worm and Du Jing were fine but Zhang Xi was in a very special state. When she saw her brother’s letter, something in her brain was triggered. Her soul and consciousness started to resist. Han Fei was like a counselor and used the Voice kissed by the Devil to guide her to unlock her memory slowly. Han Fei was not a professional psychiatrist, but he had dealt with many crazy souls in the cryptic world. He danced with despair and pain daily. He was familiar with the regret deep inside human hearts. With Han Fei’s endless persuasion, Zhang Xi’s expression became wilder. Blood vessels popped underneath her cheeks, a sign of the curses.

“Brother Han, perhaps you should give her some time to breathe? What if she gets worse?” Worm was really worried. He still remembered the last comment the fat doctor had for Han Fei—Useless Doctor.

At that moment, the door of the lab was destroyed. The door slammed into the wall. The doctor walked in holding two scalpels. “All of you look so ugly. You need emergency treatment.”

Du Jing and Worm had the same idea. They hid behind Doctor Zhang Xi. A patient had gone insane so it was logical for them to seek help from a doctor. However, Han Fei’s reaction was completely different. He held Rest in Peace to guard before Zhang Xi!

“You are Zhang Zhuangzhuang’s big sister, so you’re my sister too! I’ll do everything to protect you!” He didn’t make any big proclamation but he used his action to prove his words. Han Fei actually wanted to kill this doctor with split lips as well. However, he never had the chance. Building Seven was rife with danger. If he stopped to deal with the doctor, he might be ambushed by other things. However, in Zhang Xi’s lab, Han Fei didn’t have that worry. Now was the perfect time to kill the doctor. After living for so long in the cryptic world, Han Fei knew how to assess the situation better than most players. He and the split lip doctor was in a deadlock, one of them had to die. Plus, if Zhang Xi wanted to kill him, Han Fei wouldn’t be able to survive. However, if Zhang Xi didn’t want to kill him, then helping her kill the other doctor would increase Zhang Xi’s friendliness level. Therefore, the best choice was not to hide behind Zhang Xi but to protect her, and hold the agency in his hands!

Han Fei and the split lip doctor were caught in a fight where a careless mistake would lead to death. Zhang Xi’s faces twisted before she raised her head. Perhaps she was a doctor, or her memory was returning, she started to speak. The split lip doctor slowed down, but Han Fei was not affected. Worm was stunned. He knelt to the ground and looked at Han Fei with respect and admiration. “So this is the real top player? No wonder he has seven wives!” Worm was really impressed.

Sensing the slowing doctor, Han Fei started to adjust his movement. He moved to block the lab’s only exit. After that, Han Fei purposely slowed down too, to create the impression that they were both impacted. When the doctor was so slow that he couldn’t easily evade Han Fei anymore, Han Fei exploded in speed. The blade of humanity cut through the doctor’s face.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve destroyed the despair at the cheilopalatoschisis center. You’ve gained a lot of EXP and obtained His First Despair. Temporarily, the player’s charm will be lowered by one.

“His First Despair: The patients hate his handsome face, so they cut his lips and nose to make him ugly.”

The doctor fell. Han Fei removed his coat and started to loot his body. Looting was a common game mechanic but doing it in real life was quite disgusting. The feeling of the warm blood and sick put many players off.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve found Grade F Unique Attire—The Patient’s White Coat.

“The Patient’s White Coat: The patient has owned this white coat for a long time. He has been acting as the doctor at the cheilopalatoschisis center and operating on the other patients to look like him. After you put on this special attire, you’ll be cursed by the patient’s soul and become more aggressive. However, your speed will have a small increase and it’ll be harder for the other doctors to detect your disguise.”

“I found a Grade F Attire? Is it the effect of Fu Yee’s heaven blessing?” Be it in the cryptic world or surface world, attire that could raise attributes was extremely rare. Han Fei immediately put the coat on. Du Jing was confused, but Worm was already used to it. After dealing with the split lip doctor’s body, Han Fei walked to Zhang Xi. He glanced at the letter, and he saw the first line—Zhang Xi, you have to look after your little brother. The letter was yellow, it was from years ago, but Zhang Zhuangzhuang had preserved it well.

“This is my mother’s letter to me. I know I have a little brother, but I can’t remember what his name is and where he is.” Zhang Xi looked at Han Fei. Once she spoke, Han Fei felt his control over his body lessened.

“I can bring him to meet him.” Han Fei took out his phone. “Your brother is now at Building One. This is his number.” Han Fei called Zhang Zhuangzhuang, but no one answered.

“No one can leave Building Seven. If my brother is really here, then tell him to leave immediately and don’t harbor any more unrealistic dreams.”

“How is saving you an unrealistic dream?” Han Fei interrupted her. “You are Zhang Zhuangzhuang’s sister, so you’re my sister too. I’ll bring you away even if I have to destroy Building Seven.”

Zhang Xi looked at Han Fei silently. Suddenly, she raised her palm and placed it on Han Fei’s heart. “You’re willing to fight the whole hospital for a friend’s sister? You can still escape now. After midnight, death will become a luxury. You’ll forget yourself and become the type of person you once hated the most.”

“My intention is still the same. I’ll have to bring you away from here no matter what. If the hospital intends to stop you from reuniting with your brother, then we’ll destroy the hospital together.”

Zhang Xi’s fingers touched Han Fei’s heart. When Han Fei spoke, her eyes were terrifying. But when he finished, her eyes returned to normal.

“No one can destroy the hospital. I appreciate your concern, but I can’t leave this place anymore.” Zhang Xi pulled back her hand. She knew Han Fei wasn’t lying. “You better leave now and escape before midnight.”

“I will destroy this place.” Han Fei grabbed Zhang Xi’s hand and placed it before his chest. “You should be able to tell that I’m not lying. I can tell you in no uncertain terms that I will destroy this hospital even if I have to die to do it!” Han Fei was very sincere. He wanted to end this tragedy.

“Notification for Player 0000! Friendliness level with Zhang Xi increases by two!” Zhang Xi used her talent to listen to Han Fei’s inner voice with her hand over his heart. She could feel his determination.

“I still don’t think you can do that.” Zhang Xi sighed, “But I do wish to meet the little brother that I’ve forgotten.”

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve shattered the despair at Cosmetic Psychology Consultation Center. You’ve obtained a lot of EXP and his Second Despair.

“His Second Despair: The endless counseling and consultation broke his mind. This place that should bring him hope buried him deeper into the abyss. It made him feel like his illness would never be treated, and he would never leave this place.”

Han Fei was shocked to hear the system notification. He hadn’t done anything but hand the letter to Zhang Xi after entering his lab.

“The mission is completed?” Han Fei looked up in confusion. The blood-red doll crawled back into his pocket. He felt his luck had improved a lot. This lab should be one of the hardest rooms. However, Han Fei was lucky enough to gain Zhang Zhuangzhuang’s trust, and from him, the key item.

After entering the lab, he didn’t even have the chance to retrieve the letter. The doll was not made from flesh and blood, so it was immune to Zhang Xi’s power. It grabbed the letter for Han Fei. He then used his experience and Cursed Words to help Zhang Xi find part of her rationality. Then, the split lip doctor barged in. Han Fei protected Zhang Xi and murdered the doctor to prove he was there to help her. The endless coincidences meant that Han Fei left the perfect first impression on Zhang Xi.

‘Things are that successful?’ Han Fei felt things were too surreal. He opened his menu because he was worried that he had accidentally triggered the profession of Lapidarist.

His profession tab hadn’t changed, but Fu Yee’s talent of Heaven’s Blessing had been active all this time.


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