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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 589: 589 Fellow Patient Bahasa Indonesia

The beauty of humanity formed the sharp blade. When Han Fei raised the butcher knife, it lit up the first-floor basement. The night turned to day. Without wasting any extra movements, Han Fei slowly approached his target. The smile on the fat doctor froze. Even a ghost would have trouble smiling then. He didn’t expect a normal-looking living person would take out such a dangerous butcher’s knife. Compared to Han Fei, he was so harmless.

“I think…” The fatty arms raised. Then the fat doctor saw his arms being cut from the middle, and nothing could stop the blade!

His sight was dominated by light. The fat doctor felt warmth from his forehead, and he hadn’t felt that in a long time already.

“What a charlatan…”

The enormous body crumbled like a deflated balloon. A copious amount of blood vessels exploded out of his body. Then, something curious happened. The blood vessels gathered around the two nurses and then returned to the fat doctor’s stomach like some kind of power controlled them. A normal person might be surprised, but Han Fei knew something was wrong with the fat doctor’s stomach earlier. Therefore, he never stopped swinging!

The doctor’s coat was slashed through. The fat doctor’s stomach had completely mutated. It was hiding a beautiful human face. The face looked like Du Zhu. She was furious. Fury distorted her face, making her look so scary. “An angry face?”

Emotions could bring people power. The fat doctor was far stronger than the other doctors, which might have to do with this angry face. To prevent the face from recovering, Han Fei used Rest in Peace to shred it into pieces. Worm, who hid inside Ward Six, saw this. He bit his hands not to make any sound. It was too cruel!

This was more than self-defense. It was premeditated murder. Worm saw the fat doctor and the two nurses dissolve into blood, but the man was still chopping. Worm curled at the corner, and he bit his finger until it bled. The wall behind him reflected the shadow of Han Fei in the middle of a massacre. The shadow would haunt him forever. At that moment, both his hidden and main personas were shocked. “Is he really just a horror film actor?” “If you ask me, this is his real job.”

Worm conversed with himself. When he saw Han Fei chase after the two guards with the butcher knife, Worm had to ask, “Are we really the good guy here?”

After the last guard collapsed, the light dwindled. Han Fei walked back with the stuff he found. “You’re too eye-catching in the patient’s garb. Change into this guard uniform.”

“Okay.” Worm moved with the highest speed. He would do everything Han Fei said. Han Fei didn’t think much seeing Worm act so obediently. He merely thought this was a result of Worm’s childhood trauma.

“Move faster. The mutation here is getting serious.” During the fights, Han Fei felt that clearly. The guards were faster and more agile than before.

“The mutation will be the heaviest when it’s midnight.” Han Fei took out his phone. There were one and a half hours to midnight. Han Fei moved deeper into the first-floor basement while Worm changed. Other than the six wards, the most important room here was the surgical room, where the fat doctor came from.

The surgical room was left ajar. The layout inside looked similar to the one at Building One. However, there were more broken equipment and fake limbs on the ground. “One’s emotions and memories can be stripped with these things?”

Han Fei turned to the middle of the room. There was a surgical table covered with a bloody cloth. Han Fei removed the cloth, and he was shocked. A patient lay on the table. She looked about 30. Her left leg was missing.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve triggered the altar mission—Fellow Patient.

“Fellow Patient: This is a memory he can’t forget. When he was strapped to the sickbed, when he was tormented to madness, when he lost all hope, it was this normal fellow patient who showed him hope and gave him the ray of light.

“Mission Requirement One: Protect her until dawn.

“Mission Requirement Two: Complete her wish in life—Find her daughter, no matter what she has become.

“Warning! Completing this mission will award the player with a chance of special altar reward!”

The mission notification stopped Han Fei in his tracks. He found the woman’s patient record in the surgical room.

Patient: Du Jing

Age: 31

Original VIP client at Building One, source of money unknown. She encountered a car accident on 15th June. Her husband and daughter died in a car crash. The patient lost her left leg in the accident. The physique is perfect, but her mind is affected due to overwhelming sadness. The patient shows signs of self-mutilation. Based on Doctor Du Zhu’s suggestion, the patient has been moved to Building Seven for isolation.

Han Fei managed to guess the story from the information on the patient’s record and the system notification. In the real-life, Fu Sheng had a mental breakdown after witnessing his father’s murder. Du Zhu found a way to send Fu Sheng to this hospital for treatment. Fu Sheng probably met Du Jing at the hospital. One of them was a poor child whose mother died earlier and the father was a murderer, and the other was a poor mother who had lost all of her family.

“Based on the mission notification, Du Jing has helped Fu Sheng a lot.” The future in the altar world had changed. Fu Sheng was not in the hospital, but his father was. “Worm, bring the leg over!” Han Fei finally knew the purpose of this mission object. He wanted to attach the fake limb back to Du Jing, but as he removed the cloth, he saw the wounds on her leg had almost decayed. Du Jing slowly opened her eyes from the pain. She was pale. She looked like she was going to die soon.

“Stay here, and don’t move. I’m here to save you.” Han Fei found bandages in the surgical room. He moved expertly. He stopped the bleeding of the leg. However, the woman didn’t look like she wanted to live. She showed no interest in the outside stimulus. Seeing the woman, Han Fei was reminded of Fu Sheng. They had both sunk into despair, and they couldn’t care about living anymore. Han Fei still needed to head to the most dangerous Building Seven. If Du Jing continued to act like this, no one could save her. If a person didn’t want to live, the others couldn’t do too much to help them survive.

“Can you hear me?” Han Fei knelt beside Du Jing and looked at the woman’s numb face. The best solution to help a person in despair was to give them hope, no matter how impossible it was.

“Actually, there’s something that we’ve been hiding from you.” Han Fei spoke into the woman’s ears. “Your daughter didn’t die in the car accident. I don’t know your history with Du Zhu, but she ordered us not to tell you about this. She wanted to do something terrifying to your daughter.”

With the buff from Cursed Words, Han Fei’s words were very convincing.

When Han Fei said her daughter was alive, Du Jing’s eyes flickered. Du Jing turned to look at Han Fei. The despair in her eyes was replaced by something else. “I suspect it was Du Zhu who was behind your family’s car accident. Did you have an argument with her at Building One?” Han Fei’s words lit up the anger and suspicion within Du Jing. The numbness on her face disappeared. She stared at Han Fei, and her purplish lips slowly moved. “My daughter is still alive?”

“Yes, and I can tell you she should still be in this hospital. We can go look for her together.” Once Han Fei said that the woman pushed herself up the table with her wounded arms. “I will give you anything as long as we can find her!” “Don’t be so reckless!” After Du Jing sat up, Han Fei noticed there were many Du Zhu’s faces growing on Du Jing’s back. However, all their eyes were closed. “You are also Du Zhu’s medicine?”

Du Jing didn’t answer, but her fingers tightened when she heard the name, Du Zhu.

“The patient’s record says that you’re once a VIP at Building One, then you should know Du Zhu. What is the bad history between you two? Why does she hate you?” Han Fei looked at Du Jing and felt she looked like Du Zhu.

“I never have any bad history with Du Zhu.” Du Jing shook her head. “She is my big sister.”


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