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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 586: 586 White Ghosts, Red Ghosts Bahasa Indonesia

“I have done nothing out of place. I’ve been sleeping on the floor. I didn’t even hold her hand. If someone took my place, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the seduction! If they managed to survive until now, they would have gotten someone pregnant already.” Han Fei mumbled as he followed behind the paper doll. Han Fei didn’t run into any roadblocks, probably because all of them had been lured to Building Two.

The paper doll stopped at the staircase but didn’t go up. “Is there something up there?” Leaning against the wall, Han Fei turned to look down the other side of the corridor. The long hospital corridor was so long it appeared endless. There was static, and the light above Han Fei flickered. One of the lights on the second-floor went out when he came to. “After the lights in Building Two went out, all the monsters gathered there. The lights should be some kind of signal.”

Han Fei’s eyes watered. This happened every time Han Fei used the Ghost Eyes talent. Fu Sheng could only see ghosts when he was crying. “Someone is standing in the dark. Is he controlling the lights to signal the others?”

The lights flickered, and two lights went out. The shadow appeared to move in the dark too. “How did he discover me?”

Holding Rest in Peace, Han Fei decided to opt for a different infiltration method. He picked up the blood-red doll. When the lights flickered for the third time, he charged down the corridor. “I need to kill him before he attracts more doctors!”

Whenever the lights flickered, the shadow would be closer to Han Fei. The shadow didn’t do anything but apply this imminent pressure. He thought he would be safe in the dark. When the lights flickered for the fifth time, Han Fei grabbed the darkness. The blade in his hand glowed. Using Art Appraisal, Han Fei cut the shadow and the darkness behind him. Using Soul-Depth Touch, Han Fei pressed on the human shadow. He shoved the paper doll into the shadow’s heart. The bloody paper crawled into the shadow’s body. His skin cracked and paled like paper. Ever since the mad laughter was released, Han Fei gained more confidence. The lights came back on. The shadow was revealed to be the soul of a doctor in the white coat. He was devoid of emotions, and he was more like a puppet. Under the light, the paper doll grew within the doctor’s soul. As the curse spread, the doctor’s skin cracked. Through Soul-Depth Touch, Han Fei knew the doctor’s heart was hollow. He had no human emotion, just a desire for death.

“Just how much torture one has to endure to reach this state?” Han Fei pulled Rest in Peace out of the doctor. The empty soul dispersed, and bits of light entered the blade. The paper doll sat on the ground. It pulled out many cursed names from the doctor. These people were gone, but their resentment-filled names lingered in the doctor. “The doctor wore a white coat, and his soul was marked with resentment. Is he the white ghost at this hospital?” Both Caolingling and Zhang Zhuangzhuang mentioned three ghosts at the hospital. Red ghosts would eat faces, white ghosts eat people, and the scariest was the black ghosts.

“The doctors who died here would become white ghosts?” Han Fei looked at the dots of light in Rest in Peace. He shook his head. “Perhaps only doctors with humanity left will become white ghosts. But why would white ghosts eat people?” A tattered white coat was all that remained of the doctor. Han Fei picked up the coat and found a thin patient’s list in the coat pocket. “Notification for player 0000. You’ve found a clue related to Personality Fragment!”

“Related to Personality Fragment?” Han Fei remembered that he unlocked something called Personality Fragment when he reached level 20. After leaving the Mirror God’s world, he also gained a personality fragment. They appeared unusual. As Han Fei leafed through the patient’s list, there was another notification. “Notification for Player 0000! You’ve found the name list for people with imperfect personalities.

“Name List for People with Imperfect Personalities: The list has five names of patients with imperfect personalities. This is the last mark they left in this city.

“Warning! After you collect five Grade G Name Lists, you’ll be rewarded with a Grade F clue.”

Han Fei touched the names, but the system didn’t respond anymore.

“The names inside the doctor’s soul correspond to the ones on this name list. The doctor took their personalities? The white ghosts don’t really eat people but their personality?” When Han Fei entered this memory world, his inheritance mission was called, Perfect Personality. This memory world was based on that.

“If I didn’t change fate, a despairing Fu Sheng would have been sent here for ‘treatment’ by Du Zhu.” Fu Sheng would be tortured towards madness, and he would slowly approach the black box in the abyss. “I killed the doctor. He didn’t hate me but left the last bit of his humanity with me.” Han Fei knew what to do then. “I need to help all the doctors seek salvation and gather all the names. That is what the doctor wishes to see.”

Killing and saving were sometimes not so different, just like Midnight Butcher and Dawn Butcher were not that different. The career had a different meaning because the butchering target was different.

After the doctor died, the lights at Building Five returned to normal. Perhaps the other hospital monsters would think the intruder had been dealt with.

“It’s not yet midnight. The mutation here hasn’t reached its height.” Han Fei planned to disguise himself as a doctor to continue his infiltration. When Han Fei was coming up with his plan, the blood-red doll stood to the side. It was already used to this. The paper doll slowly walked towards the stairs after Han Fei put away the patient’s record and white coat.

The nameless heroes at Building Two really helped Han Fei a lot. He came to the third floor without running into any trouble. He pushed open the door. The walls were no longer pure white. They had little mottled spots like age spots. Han Fei touched the walls, and they felt strangely like human skin.

“Building Five has already mutated to this stage. What about Building Six and Seven? The legendary Building Eight will be impossible.” Han Fei followed the paper doll and moved slowly. They finally stopped at Ward Nine. The door wasn’t locked, and it was left half-open. People were talking inside.

“There appear to be two personas inside this patient. I believe he has the qualification to enter Building Seven.”

“If you can find a way to force the other persona out, then I’ll accompany you to find the hospital vice director.”

“I’ve tried many methods, but the more I torture him, the happier he gets.” The voice sighed. “His other persona doesn’t seem to care about the main persona. And I didn’t dare to torture him to death.”

“The patient probably knows that and is toying with you.”

“This is the first time I’ve encountered such a perverse patient. How about we deliver him to Du Zhu? She is the hospital director’s favorite child. It’ll benefit us to befriend her.”

“Du Zhu doesn’t like dogs who are already crazy, and she likes to push normal individuals slowly towards madness. Then, she’ll kick them away.” A hoarse voice inside the room said, “Du Zhu liked someone from a gaming company, right? She wanted to take control of the man. However, after the man got Du Zhu, he didn’t correct his mistakes and became worse. It infuriated Du Zhu, and we had to exhaust a lot of medicine that week.”

“The man continues to cheat after he has the perfect monster. In a way, he matches Du Zhu.”

“Anyway, let’s stop talking. We need to destroy his face so that he’ll forget himself. Then we’ll send him underground to have his personality stripped.”

The conversation softened until Worm’s familiar scream rang out. The man was crazy. He got off in pain. He moaned and groaned as he was tortured. He laughed and begged for mercy at the same time. It annoyed the ghosts in the room. Worm might die if this continued. Han Fei covered the paper doll’s ears as he opened the ward door. Inside the large ward, two doctors and a nurse whose face was covered in bandages stood beside the bed. They were injecting Worm with different needles. They also carried a long scalpel.

“Why is there another one? Who are you?” A doctor looked at Han Fei confusedly. His face was bound in bandages. “Did you get the wrong ward? This is our patient.” The doctor kneeling beside the bed lifted his head. His body was splattered with blood. His face had no bandages. In fact, he had no face, only bloody strings pouring out his head. “Red ghosts eat their own faces?”

As Han Fei approached, he took out Rest in Peace. Before the doctor could react, the blade pierced into his chest. No one would have expected their ‘colleague’ to attack without warning.

“Idiot, knife can’t kill him.” The faceless doctor smiled. Blood leaked out of his gash. Before he could finish his mutation, Han Fei slashed Rest in Peace through his head and right into his brain. The wiggling blood vessels snapped as they neared the blade. This was a light that had never appeared in this world before. Han Fei immediately turned around to deal with the third threat. The nurse wanted to scream, but as she opened her mouth, a red paper doll was shoved into her mouth. The doll was aggressive and tore open her tongue. To deliver a quick death, Han Fei stabbed her. The three doctors and nurses collapsed in a pool of blood. They didn’t have anything positive left that entered Rest in Peace.

“Rest in Peace cut through them like butter. Are they doctors or butchers? Even the white ghost who had lost his emotions still has some humanity left. These three have human emotions, but their souls are of no value at all.” Han Fei looked at the blood on the ground. The three didn’t disappear after they died. Their bodies decayed and gave off this horrible smell. Han Fei pulled off their bandages. Their faces were a blur. Perhaps even they couldn’t remember themselves anymore. “Do they hide deep inside the hospital normally?” Han Fei found two more patient lists. “Two more, and I should get a Grade F clue.” Han Fei dropped the two doctors’ coats on the ground and turned to Worm.

Worm almost peed, being stared at by Han Fei. The man entered the ward and killed three people. Then he calmly rifled through the dead bodies for items. The mad doctors were gentle compared to this man.

“Don’t worry, and I’m here to save you.” Han Fei pulled down his mask. “Do you remember me?”

“Han Fei?” Worm’s eyes darted about. “You really killed those people in the movie?”

“What nonsense.” Han Fei removed the ropes on Worm. “Come and help me deal with these dead bodies. Move quickly.”

“I don’t know how to!” Worm collapsed on the bloody ground.

“It’s okay. I also didn’t know how to do this at first. I trained.”

Worm didn’t know how to get up once he heard that. “You… are not going to kill me, are you?”

“Why would I do that?” Han Fei was speechless. He cleaned up the blood and stuffed the dead bodies inside the cupboards. He turned to Worm. “How come you’re so crazy around others but so scared around me?”


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