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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 557: 557 Farming Exp Bahasa Indonesia

“Over so soon?” Wu San and the players rushed into the booth after Han Fei left. Qiang Wei sat beside the table, and his face was pale.

“Han Fei doesn’t wish to join us?” Wu San was not dumb. He guessed that from Qiang Wei’s expression.

“The issue is bigger than that.” Qiang Wei glanced at the hole in the door. “Be careful if you run into him next time.”

“Is he that dangerous? Isn’t he just a third-rate actor?” The female player said. “If not for his seven wives, he wouldn’t even survive one night here.”

Qiang Wei shook his head. He didn’t expose Han Fei. Particular info was not meant for outsiders, like how each orphan was numbered and the connection between the hospital and Immortal Pharma. These were all confidential. If exposed, they would be targeted by the big company. No one wanted to challenge the big company unless they had concrete proof.

“In any case, just stay away from him.” Qiang Wei picked up the menu. “How is the investigation on the ghosts coming along?”

“There are definitely killing ghosts hiding at Starry Art Hotel. Every night, even at my guard post, I can see the shadows inside the hotel reenacting the massacre.” Wu San sat beside the table. “After Da Yu, Boss, and Shen Luo, I also lost contact with the Vet.”

“What is his assigned zone?”

“Perfection Plastic Surgery Hospital. Before this, he would contact me every night. But since the day before yesterday, I couldn’t reach his number anymore. I tried to enter the hospital through the police force, but I found nothing.” Wu San was worried. “If this continues, I don’t think we can hang on much longer.”

“We have to deal with other players in the day and ghosts at night…” Qiang Wei closed his eyes before slowly opening them. “All the murder cases in the city are related to the hospital. The missing persons are last seen at the hospital. Everything has to do with the hospital. Contact the others. Have half of our people keep watch over the hospital.”

“We’re abandoning the theme park? Aren’t we going to find a way back?” A bald man beside Wu San spoke. He was dressed plainly, his hands were calloused, but his eyes were vicious. “We’ve stayed at this place for too long. I’m still level 18. If we don’t leave soon, I’ll be shaken out of the top ranking.”

“Inmate, I’ll be direct.” Qiang Wei put down the menu, held his chin, and looked at the bald man. “Since you’ve accepted Boss’ money, then you have to be obedient. This is an Iyashikei game, but it’s also very cruel. You lose everything if you die.” Inmate was only one level lower than Qiang Wei. He didn’t seem to like being ordered around.

“Is there anything else?” Qiang Wei turned to his female assistant and the last male player.

“I noticed something weird recently.” The male player was very pale.

“What is it?”

“Look at my arms.” The man rolled up his sleeves to reveal many scars. “You know I have self-mutilation tendencies. In Perfect Life, no matter how much I cut myself, as long as my Life Points is above a safe level, the wounds would heal, and there would be no scars. However, the rules of the hidden maps don’t seem to be similar to the normal Perfect Life. This place is like another reality, a place where ghosts and monsters exist.”

The man then pulled open his scabs. A bright smile appeared on his lips. “This is perfect. Noone will stop me here.”

The male player and the bald man were two extremes, one desperately wanted to leave, and the other desperately wanted to stay. “You crazy bastard, get away from me.” Inmate kicked the man to the ground. “I have no idea where the Boss finds you crazies.”

“As crazy as Worm is, he is the most talented among us. Without him, you probably wouldn’t have survived the first night.” The female assistant picked up the man. She didn’t want people to go against Qiang Wei.

“No fighting among ourselves.” Qiang Wei didn’t even look at the others. “Worm, sit down and explain.”

“Okay.” Worm was not angry. He appeared to be a masochist. Perhaps he had some kind of mental problem. “After a few days of investigations, other than normal ghosts, killing ghosts, and big ghosts, I found a new type of ghost.” Worm said excitedly, “When the ghost appears, a fog will cover an entire area. She exudes hatred as sharp as knives. She appeared to be looking for someone. She wandered the streets at night, checking the building one by one.”

“Where did you run into it?”

“She was moving towards the city center. She’ll be there in a few days. I have mapped down her movement. If we run into this unique ghost, we wouldn’t have the chance to run.” Worm asked the waiter for paper and a pen. He doodled on it. “She passed the private high school at Du San. She followed the route of Bus 24. She would stop at every junction.”

“How can you be sure she’s looking for someone?” Wu San was confused.

“Because she has been uttering a name. I was too far to hear her clearly.” Worm placed the map before Qiang Wei. “If she stopped at every junction, she would arrive at Han Fei’s company in three days. In five days, she will reach the neighborhood at the city center. Coincidentally enough, Han Fei lives there with one of his wives.”

“This shouldn’t be a coincidence.” Qiang Wei thought back to what Han Fei said. “Stop the activities in the other areas and focus on the plastic surgery hospital. The plan is like usual. Try to approach normal ghosts, run if you encounter any killing ghost or big ghost.”

“We’ll ignore the new ghost?” Wu San was concerned. The new ghost was heading towards Han Fei.

“We can’t deal with ghosts. Other than Worm, the rest of us will die if we run into these things. So what can we do?” Qiang Wei closed his eyes. He was thinking about something else. Han Fei wanted to test him. He wanted to test Han Fei too. ‘If he is really as impressive as he says, then he wouldn’t be killed. I can consider joining him; if he is killed, then it proves he was lying, and naturally, I wouldn’t need to cooperate with him.’

The players continued to discuss some other stuff. They didn’t know that Han Fei returned after he went downstairs. Using his sharp hearing, he heard everything.

‘Worm has a special talent. I should scope him out. Based on his description, a Pure Hatred is coming my way.’ Han Fei was anxious. When he made the game, he added two new female ghosts. He just wanted to fill up the numbers at the time. ‘It looks like many things are already predestinated.’

After the players’ meeting was over, Han Fei left too. He planned to use this downtime to increase his level. Being a Good Samaritan was not easy. There weren’t that many people who needed help. ‘If only Shen Luo were here, he attracts accidents like a magnet. But that’s no different from playing with fire.’

Han Fei pulled up the info in his mind and came to the city’s most chaotic neighborhood. He stood out against the dirty and old streets in his sharp suit. ‘This place is a treasure trove.’

He didn’t walk far before he ran into a boy in a private high school uniform being beaten up by a group of ruffians. The boy had blond hair, and his arm was bandaged. ‘He looks familiar. Isn’t he the boy who bullied Fu Sheng? I broke his arm.’ Han Fei cracked his knuckles and walked over. The group of ruffians pushed the blond guy to the ground. The leader was mocking the blond, asking him if he still wanted his motorcycle back. The blond nodded, and he got another beating. Han Fei arrived just as the ruffians were almost done and prepared to leave. He looked at the blond on the ground and asked, “Do you need help?”

Hearing Han Fei, the blond shivered. He had no idea what Han Fei wanted. Plus, he only appeared after the ruffians were ready to leave.

“Stop minding other people’s business. We are only borrowing his motorcycle for a few days.”

“You’re not borrowing. You’re robbing him! Give him back his bike.” Han Fei said officiously. He confused both the ruffians and the blond.

“Are you crazy?” One of them rushed at Han Fei, but he was so slow in Han Fei’s eyes. Han Fei hit the man in his stomach. When the ruffian fell, Han Fei removed his suit jacket, folded it neatly, and put it to the side. “All of you should come at once. I am in a hurry.” Han Fei already held back because he didn’t want to send them to the hospital. Han Fei needed them to farm his EXP. They could rest for a few days, and when they came out of hiding, Han Fei would find them again. He would get triple EXP from the same group of ruffians, that was recycling.

In the past few days, Han Fei was pushed around by seven women. He vented his anger towards Fu Yi on the poor ruffians. Ten minutes later, only Han Fei remained standing.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve aided the injured high school student playing truancy. You’ve obtained plenty of EXP.” After hearing that, Han Fei walked towards the blond. “Stop playing dead, get up.”

The blond shivered once Han Fei walked over to him. The ruffians left surface wounds on him, but the man snapped his arm. He couldn’t even ride his bike properly anymore. He came here looking for people to go after Han Fei and Fu Sheng.

“I’m sorry.” The blond pleaded. After he saw Han Fei, he had a bad feeling.

“Why are you so scared? I just saved you. You should thank me.” Han Fei removed his expensive watch and put it on the blond.

“Wh-what are you doing?” The blond was confused.

“Just stand up first.” Han Fei picked the man up from the ground. He gave the blond his briefcase. Then he picked out 5000 RMB and shoved them in the boy’s school uniform. “That’s perfect. Make sure the money is always exposed.” Han Fei was satisfied. “Now, you can go on wandering around this place!”

“Now?” The blond looked at himself. One of his arms was injured, his other arm had the very expensive watch, the money was bulging out of his pocket. He was a walking target. Even an average person with greed would come after him.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“The money is compensation for breaking your arm. Now, follow my instruction.” Han Fei monitored the blond from afar. He sent the blond into the deserted alleys. He would jump out as the Good Samaritan if anyone came after the blond.

After four robberies, thefts, and threats, the blond felt like crying, but he didn’t dare to stop. Han Fei behind him was like a lion, stalking him.

When he was robbed the fifth time, the blond tried to wink at the bad guys to get them to help him. The bad guys didn’t care about the blond. They shoved the boy to the ground. They grabbed the valuables, and Han Fei ‘happened’ to appear again. The bad guys were taught a lesson, and the valuables were retrieved. Han Fei returned all the stuff to the blond. “I’ve saved you so many times, and you want to betray me? How disrespectful.”

The blond shivered.

He finally understood the danger of the adult world. If he had a chance to restart his life, he would focus in class. He wouldn’t skip class again


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