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531 First Player Neighborhood

A middle-aged man swiped all the high-tech devices off the table. Then he kicked over the intelligent butler. While the intelligent butler kept apologizing, he grabbed the metallic award and slammed it on the butler. The alarm rang. Two secretaries, one male, and one female rushed into the room. They seemed to be used to this. They stood at the door and waited for the man to finish mutilating the butler before they walked in.

“Didn’t you guarantee me that we’ll get the first player neighborhood?” The middle-aged man pulled his hands out of the butler’s ruined face. The award was stuck inside the butler’s mechanical skull.

“We’ve spent a lot to contact the black market’s most mysterious seller. He has prepared everything needed to build a neighborhood. Once the photon computer finishes the update, we will be able to start the neighborhood in a minute.” The male secretary kept his head lowered because he did not dare to look at the man. “But no one expects someone to build a neighborhood before the update is completed. This should be a problem with the game itself.”

“Problem with the game? Do you know how much I’ve invested into this game?” The man sat back at his table. “Go and investigate this Happiness Neighborhood!”

“Yes, CEO Kong.”

The two secretaries left. They pulled all of their connections to find out more about Happiness Neighborhood. Similar scenes were happening all over the world. The first neighborhood appeared so suddenly that it disrupted the plans of many top players and guilds. Initially, everyone planned to race to build the neighborhood after the update. That was a showcase of their power and resource. However, someone had already succeeded before the update ended. This was like someone had already handed in the paper before the test even started. The person also got a perfect score. There were questioning voices on the internet, and arguments erupted everywhere, but it did not affect Han Fei and his friends.

After the neighborhood was built, with the old building as the center, everything within the 500 meters radius belonged to Huang Yin. He also received an additional reward from the system.

As the first player to build a neighborhood, Huang Yin could pick two random rewards from unique buildings, unique NPC, unique costumes, unique objects. Han Fei suggested Huang Yin shake hands with Bai Xian for 15 minutes before making the draw, and he successfully got two valuable rewards.

“Unnamed altar: Your territory gains the blessing of an unknown divine.

“Effect 1: The chance of supernatural events occurrence is 50 percent higher. From midnight to 5 am, the chance of supernatural events occurrence is 100 percent higher.

“Effect 2: The San Value of all neighborhood members is raised by 10.

“Effect 3: The chance of mist weather inside the territory will increase by 100 percent.

“Effect 4: All neighborhood members’ supernatural-type talents will have a double effect.

“The Night Watcher: Your territory has attracted a very old man. If you are willing to provide him with food and accommodation, he will watch the night for you.

“Power 1: No one knows how long he has been alive. He is a very knowledgeable person. He has been to many places and knows many things. When you are confused, you can ask him for advice. But the old man has a strange personality. You can only ask him once per day.

“Power 2: The old man likes to tell stories. His stories sound absurd, but they are all real.

“Power 3: You might not believe it, but after the old man’s wife died, he once tried to summon her soul, and that was his life’s biggest mistake.

“Power 4: ???”

Han Fei was not interested in the other rewards. His eyes were glued to the introduction of the unique NPC. Han Fei noticed that the NPC’s third power was related to soul summoning.

“You need to raise the neighborhood to Grade F as soon as possible and protect the night watch. If you’re free, you should try to befriend him by listening to his stories.”

Han Fei believed Huang Yin got good rewards because he held Bai Xian’s hands.

“Don’t worry. We have a good head start. We’ll manage this neighborhood properly.” After saying that, Huang Yin opened his menu and silently sent a message to Han Fei. As the top player on five rankings, Huang Yin still had five draws. Han Fei suggested Huang Yin made the draws when he was alone with Bai Xian. The meaning was simple. The other players had too low of a luck point. Since the five had started to work in the neighborhood, Han Fei stopped disturbing them and closed the livestream.

“Feels like the unnamed altar has to do with me. It looks like the connection between the surface world and the cryptic world is deeper than I thought. The Unmentionables deep inside the city might have already reached their hands over to the surface world. They have been keeping a low profile due to Fu Sheng.” Han Fei disapproved of Fu Sheng’s choice, but that did not mean he denied Fu Sheng’s effort. “He was an extraordinary man. I wonder what he was doing when he was at level 19.”

Han Fei finished the drink and scrolled through his phone. He noticed there was a play with Qiang Wen that night. “Qiang Wei is mostly like 019. Since I am free, I might as well go and see his play tonight.”

Han Fei had great trust in Huang Yin. After he handed the neighborhood details to Huang Yin, Han Fei took a cab to the performing house. When he arrived, Han Fei contacted the worker from the day before. When the worker saw Han Fei come in the same clothes, without makeup and assistant, he was shocked. “Han Fei, don’t you have projects to shoot?”

“The filming for Thriller Novelist just wrapped up, so I’m on a break.” Han Fei tried to get to know the theater and Qiang Wei from the worker. Qiang Wei was an excellent actor. He did not move to the silver screen because he preferred direct interaction with the audience in a play. The worker had a good impression of Qiang Wei. However, Han Fei felt this was just a mask. How good could a man who tried to kill Jin Jun yesterday night?

While Han Fei was chatting with the worker, a luxury ride arrived. Han Fei saw Xia Yilan in the back seat when the car passed them. “Why is she here?”

Saying farewell to the worker, Han Fei headed to the parking lot. After the car was parked, the driver stayed inside the vehicle, and a well-covered woman got down. She took out her phone to make a call, and then she followed the instructions to enter the performing house.

“The day is still early. The first play starts at night. Is she going to meet someone?” Han Fei followed behind her carefully. His tracking skill was trained by ghosts, so Xia Yilan did not notice him. After some detours, Xia Yilan entered the employees’ passage. She looked around before running into the Prop Room and locking the door. Han Fei slowly approached. He could hear a blurry conversation through the door.

“There have been so many women who have visited that plastic surgery hospital. Why are you hounding me? What do you want from me?” Xia Yilan shouted. She was agitated. She never used this voice in public.

“Aren’t you afraid that the owner of the face you stole would come to find you?” An unfamiliar male voice said.

“I’ve used my own money to purchase the surgery! I can give you money to destroy those pictures. Name your price!”

“You are not featured in those pictures. What are you so afraid of? Did you kill those women?” The man’s voice was chilly, like he was an emotionless corpse.

“More slander, and I’ll tear off your mouth!”

“Don’t get so agitated. I’m just curious. Why did you target those beautiful women? Were you envious of their beauty, or killing them would make you more beautiful?”

Something fell inside the Prop Room. After a long silence, Xia Yilan resumed, “I’m warning you, running your mouth will lead to bad consequences.”

“The last person who warned me couldn’t speak anymore.” The man said warningly. “I am not interested in you. I want the information on the plastic surgery hospital. If you tell me honestly where the children who underwent the personality adjustment are, I will destroy the pictures.”

“I don’t know.”

“A few decades ago, it was you who helped bridge everything. You used the orphans’ brains to exchange for everything you have now. Others see you as a star but I know the real you.” The man showed something to Xia Yilan.

“Give me the pictures!” Xia Yilan screamed. She was losing control.

“Do you know? Even if you put on the prettiest skin, it can’t cover the rotten smell from your soul.” The man laughed, “You are nothing but a pitiful monster.”

The room sank into silence again. 1 minute later, Xia Yilan, who had calmed down, said, “I only know the location of the last child. His name is Yan Tang. Due to specific reasons, he is trapped inside the internal neighborhood of Deep Space Tech by his biological father.”


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