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528 The Pathfinder

Han Fei saved the video taken by Jin Jun. He reminded Jin Jun to go back and log in to the game. He also told Jin Jun to train in his free time. He needed to focus on speed and not strength. Jin Jun was Xin Lu’s most famous paparazzi, celebrities hated him, and their fans wanted to kill him. No one cared about him like this before. “Boss, don’t worry. I will start speed training when I go back.”

“Okay.” Han Fei was afraid that if he did not help Jin Jun, the man would die without knowing why. Holding Jin Jun, Han Fei led him downstairs. Han Fei found the worker at the performing house. Before the worker could question why Han Fei was there, Han Fei took over and interrogated the worker.

Han Fei had such an imposing presence that ordinary people would panic when they were around him. This was an influence from his stay in the cryptic world. The worker had no idea why he decided to answer Han Fei honestly. It felt like he was the one who sneaked into the theater when it was closed. After confirming the worker had nothing to do with the man inside the Prop Room, Han Fei identified himself and explained his reason for being there. “You are sure no actor has been here today? Can you bring me to see the surveillance footage?”

“Okay.” The worker said uncertainly. He led the way and kept glancing back to look at Han Fei. The black horse at the movie festival was walking behind him. The actor would leave a bloody storm in his wake based on the news. He was like the private son of the demon. Considering the ‘resume’ Han Fei had on Xin Lu Police’s website, the worker became even more scared, “Is there really a murder at this place? Is the body hidden here? How am I supposed to work the night shift in the future?”

The worker cooperated fully with Han Fei. They came to the security room. The worker pulled out the surveillance but realized the footage for the whole day had been deleted. “How is this possible?” The worker was in full panic mode.

“Looks like it’s an experienced criminal.” Han Fei became more curious about that man. He tried to look for clues, but the crime scene had been cleaned. “Will a normal actor know how to clean up a crime scene?” Jin Jun and the worker looked at Han Fei. They didn’t know how to answer. ‘The man danced before the mirror. He is a professional stage actor and possesses great decisiveness. He knows how to clean up his trails, which fits the white shoes’ description. Plus, he appears to know things like hypnosis to make Jin Jun lose himself.’ Han Fei believed Qiang Wei was most likely 019. ‘After the sun comes up, I need to come to watch his performance and then talk to him in person.’

Han Fei planned to leave with Jin Jun since they came up with nothing. The worker felt frightened and started to persuade Han Fei to stay. After all, he did not want to suddenly come across a dead body when he was working the night shift. Han Fei left his phone number with the worker. If something happened, he should call Han Fei immediately. Han Fei left the performing house and sent Jin Jun home before returning to his neighborhood. It was late, but many reporters were still there. Han Fei had to wade through the sea of reporters to get home. ‘These people sure are passionate. Director Jiang doesn’t need to worry about me being lonely anymore.’

Han Fei closed the windows and curtains before sitting at the computer to study the murder cases. He received a call from Huang Yin at 11.30 pm. “Han Fei, the first big event for Perfect Life will conclude after midnight. Have you found any reliable player?”

“I have three candidates in mind.” Han Fei sent Bai Xian, Jin Jun, and Seaglass Cat’s info to Huang Yin.

“We’re still missing one. Why don’t you open a smurf account?”

“I don’t think that is possible.” When Han Fei wanted to get Zhuang Ren to create an account, the new player guide turned into a bloody ghost and haunted Zhuang Ren.

“After the event is over, the photon computer will conduct a 12-hour update. After the update, the player can build his neighborhood.” Huang Yin was worried. “Even though it is difficult to build a neighborhood, this is relatively easier for the large gaming companies. They can easily pull the resources, and they are all fighting for the top spot on the top 10 neighborhood ranking.”

“In other words, we only have 12 hours left?”

“Yes, being in the top 10 is very important. Some big advertisers are willing to pay money to have their ads featured in these neighborhoods. Think about the player base of Perfect Life. Can you imagine how much money they would offer?”

“I will try my best to find the last candidate.” Han Fei chatted with Huang Yin some more before he called Auntie Lee. Han Fei had other candidates like Ironman and Yan Tang, but Auntie Lee was more reliable in comparison. After all, her husband was still in the cryptic world, and Han Fei saved her life twice.

Soon the call was picked up, and a man’s voice came through. “Are you Han Fei? Thank you for sending my mother to the hospital! She had it hard raising me alone. If something happened to her, I would feel guilty for the rest of my life.”

“You’re Auntie Lee’s son?”

“Yes, I returned to Xin Lu that afternoon. The doctor said, you sent my mother to the hospital and even paid for her medical bills. Tomorrow my mother will be discharged from the hospital. Can we invite you out for a meal? My mother wants to see and thank you in person.” Auntie Lee’s son was very polite. His tone was filled with appreciation.

“This is perfect. I have something to discuss with Auntie Lee too. How about we meet tomorrow morning?”

“Okay.” Han Fei thought about it after ending the call. Auntie Lee’s son worked at Deep Space Tech. He was the manager of a branch company at a young age. Apparently, he would be moved back to the main company soon due to his capability. “What a filial child.”

Han Fei crawled into the gaming hub after glancing at the time. The blood covered everything. Han Fei noticed it did take longer for him to log into the game. This should be the effect of summoning the Laughter. Han Fei checked the location of the Unmentionable carefully. He did not dare to look directly at it lest he attracted the thing’s attention.

Han Fei hissed from the pain as he opened his eyes. Seconds later, his room door was pushed open, and people rushed in.

“Don’t move. You need to rest.”

“Are you still injured? I’ve made some meat.”

Looking at his neighbors, Han Fei’s heart warmed despite the pain.

“Don’t worry. I’ve recovered.” Just as Han Fei said that, there was another shot of pain from his mind. The lingering effect from summoning Laughter was too intense. The madman drained everything within Han Fei to create a blade that could sever the Pure Hatred. Han Fei did not mind it because Ten Fingers’ death was worth it.

Han Fei asked Laughing on the tenancy chatgroup if anything happened after he left yesterday night. The reply shocked Han Fei to his core. A wandering spirit like Bai Xian was seen inside the plastic surgery hospital!

Not long after Han Fei logged off, the Pure Hatreds from the hospital hurried to the white orphanage. After they left, something happened to the altar at the deepest part of the hospital. Zhuang Wen went to look wearing the Coat of Desire. She realized someone had accidentally touched the altar. Based on Zhuang Wen’s description, the wandering spirit should be Shen Luo. With regards to how he managed to get there, no one knew. The 3 Pure Hatreds valued the altar. It was also the most dangerous place in the hospital zone. To get there, one had to survive endless, terrifying challenges. Ordinary people would run towards safety, but this player went straight for the deepest dungeon and got close to the 3 Pure Hatreds’ altar. The interesting thing was the player only succeeded because the 3 Pure Hatreds had left to check on the White Orphanage.

“Shen Luo is still alive? How did he manage to get there? Does he have a map?” Han Fei had no idea how Shen Luo managed to do this. Even with a map, it was hard to find the hidden altar. “Gold will shine no matter what. This man has great potential.” Han Fei believed Shen Luo would be perfect to be Jin Jun’s teammate. The duo could reach the end of the cryptic world together. After that, Han Fei had Bai Sinian check on Big Sin. Half of the curses had been digested. In a few days, Big Sin would be bouncing around again.

“I’m still wounded, so I should stay at Happiness Neighborhood for now.” Han Fei looked through the menu, and his eyes stopped on his Spirit-farer talent. “Jin Jun’s talent is the Resurrected. It’s a perfect match with my Resurrection talent. As long as his soul is not vanquished, he basically can’t die. When he is strong enough, he can do many high difficulty missions that normal players won’t even dare to touch. He might be a great help to me in the cryptic world. It’s a waste not to use his amazing talent.”

Han Fei was forming a team in the surface world, and Jin Jun was one of the members. After some hesitation, Han Fei used Spirit-farer. The menu turned into the gate of hell, and Han Fei called after Jin Jun. Han Fei didn’t think about anything else, and he did not even use the Soul Bell. Han Fei only said Jin Jun’s name. The moment he uttered the man’s name, a soul in the blood sea was pulled in by some kind of force. The soul flew out of the gate and landed before Han Fei. The encounter was too sudden.

Jin Jun was dazed. Han Fei did not even have the time to put on his mask. The four eyes met, and they were both stunned.

“Boss?” Jin Jun’s attention was entirely on Han Fei. He did not realize the blood door behind him was closing.

“Answer me a question first. What is your Luck point?”

“One, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, then it’s fine.” Han Fei had never had such a successful summoning before. It didn’t feel like he had done anything. Jin Jun wanted to crash into hell.

“You have 1 Luck, spiritual affinity, but this is too much.” Han Fei picked Jin Jun up from the ground. “This is Perfect Life’s hidden map. It should help you train your courage. Plus, didn’t you tell me your talent is the Pathfinder? There is basically no player in the hidden map, so you can utilize your talent to its maximum.”

“This is the hidden map?” Jin Jun looked around. “No wonder the atmosphere is so different from a normal map. I heard that hidden maps are scarce. Each map has a big secret. Boss, you are willing to share that with me. I have not been so touched in a long time already.”

“Don’t be too excited. The hidden maps are extremely dangerous and creepy. You need to be careful.” Han Fei warned Jin Jun.

“How dangerous can it be?” Jin Jun stood up and looked out the window. The city covered in darkness was endless. “My Pathfinder talent tells me that these maps have not been explored before. They will provide me with exploration points! This place is heaven for me!” Jin Jun screamed excitedly.

“Then go ahead and explore. Remember not to leave the mist. I have to go do my own mission.” After saying that, Han Fei came to the fifth floor to find Xu Qin. He needed more meat since they were planning to visit the hospital next.

“The boss has saved me twice and shared the hidden map with me. Have I saved the world in my previous life? Why am I so lucky?” Jin Jun opened the doors around him. As he collected exploration points, his lips were smiling so happily. “The boss hasn’t explored these rooms? Or he left them for me?”

Jin Jun went down the floors and realized the door on the second floor was locked. He knocked on it. Soon the door opened. The warm light showered on Jin Jun. A kind old lady appeared at the door. “Are you the new tenant?”

“I suppose so.”

“It’s not safe outside. Why don’t you come in? Have a bowl of porridge to warm yourself.” Meng Si invited Jin Jun into her home. The place was decorated like how it was ten years ago. It was very warm and inviting. Soon Meng Si served Jin Jun the porridge. Jin Jun felt healed by the whole experience. “The boss worries too much. The hidden map looks scary, but it is filled with human warmth.”

The porridge warmed his stomach and soul.

“Granny, thank you for the food. I need to leave now, but I’ll come back to see you.” Jin Jun felt so relaxed in this world. No one knew his real identity here, and he could live like an average person.

“You’re going out so late at night?” Meng Si walked over with the ladle. She was very concerned.

“It’ll be fine.” Jin Jun smiled. He was about to leave when a boy ran out of the bedroom. He held a bowl of cold rice and raised it like he was going to smash it. “I will not eat…”

Before the boy could finish, Jin Jun grabbed the bowl away from him. “You shan’t be a picky eater! Your grandmother has worked so hard to cook for you. You need to be more caring towards her!” Jin Jun placed the bowl on the table, smiled at Meng Si, and left. “Doing good things makes you happy. Tonight I’m going to explore this whole map!”

Jin Jun rushed out of Happiness Neighborhood. Due to the mist, he couldn’t see too clearly, so he walked forward. Seeing his rising exploration point, Jin Jun found the joy of the game again. “A whole map that is mine! No one is going to steal the exploration point from me. I am the Pathfinder King!”

Whenever his exploration point reached a certain level, the talent would give Jin Jun some reward, including raising his basic stamina. Running down the empty street, Jin Jun smiled. Soon he arrived at a strange school. “Yi Ming Private Academy? The system says I will get four times the exploration point if I enter this place.” Jin Jun leaned on the gate and tried to look in, but he couldn’t see much due to the mist.

Jin Jun climbed up the gate. “Kid, get down now!” A senior’s stern voice came from behind him. Jin Jun ignored the man. He was focused on the potential exploration point. “An outsider shouldn’t enter the school.” The old man hurried over. He stopped behind Jin Jun. “Let me tell you. They say that the school is haunted. You better leave.”

“Leave? You want me to leave when there is four times the exploration point to be had?” Jin Jun jumped down from the iron gate. “Even if the school is really haunted, I have to explore it. No one is stopping me!”

A stench wafted over. Jin Jun turned around to look at the old man. A mountain of ghosts piled on the senior in the school guard uniform!

Endless limbs moved on his face and body. The bloody faces stared at Jin Jun.

His heart stopped!


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