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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 512: 512 Ongratulations Bahasa Indonesia

512 Congratulations

The spotlight shone on Han Fei and everyone turned to look at him. The best male supporting actor at 26, he was a black horse that appeared out of nowhere and gained the approval of 14 reviewers with just two projects.

Han Fei lost to Bai Cha for the best new actor but he won over Bai Cha for the best male supporting actor which had more value and authority. This proved many problems. Bai Cha could have as many fans as he wanted, but his acting was worse than Han Fei that was the truth.

The awards at the movie festival were valuable because they were fair. The reviewers were fighting against financial intervention almost yearly. The 14 reviewers chose Han Fei because they were not only protecting the sanctity of the movie festival, they were also preserving the fairness of the awards, lest they be ruined by interested parties. These days, the business people had too much pull in the entertainment world, the 14 reviewers might have considered this. Even though they hadn’t interacted in person, they made the same choice. The sponsors had chosen Bai Cha for his market value so they chose Han Fei for the sake of arts.

“Go up to get your award.” Director Zhang nudged Han Fei. “I was disappointed for you because you have lost the new actor award but the real reward was actually waiting for you.”

Han Fei stood up straight and he smiled. Since the festival started, his emotions had been even. With the spotlight following him, Han Fei got up the stage.

“Let us put our hands together for our guest to gift the award, the A-list comedy actor, Firefly!” The monitor flickered. Firefly’s hair was half white even though he was still quite young. When he studied Han Fei, it was like he was seeing his younger self but Han Fei was more mature at his age.

“Mr. Firefly, do you mind if I ask you a question? You are our nation’s most famous comedy actor, why would you pick Han Fei, a horror actor as the best supporting actor?” The female host was quite excited to see Firefly.

“He might be a horror movie actor in your eyes but he is the best comedy actor I’ve ever seen.” Firefly accepted the award from the host. “Comedy actors not only have to give people laughter but also give them hope. When you are struck down by disappointment in life, you’ll be inspired by this young man’s movies. He’ll give you the confidence to walk out of the darkness, is that not enough?” Han Fei ascended the stage and Firefly handed him the award. “Congratulations.”

This was like some kind of inheritance ritual. Firefly had been missing for 6 years but he returned just for this moment. Holding the award, the large monitor behind him played his clips from Thriller Novelist. When he stood in the middle of the stage, Spider was walking out of the House of Butcher. The spotlight landed on Han Fei and the ray shone on Spider’s cheek. They looked down the distance, their gazes overlapping.

Standing in the darkness, looking at light, everything appeared so close but so far. After giving his speech, Han Fei walked down the stage in thunderous applause. He was smiling and he was as calm as ever. Han Fei was unfazed. No one knew what he had been through to be so chill among the large crowd.

Bai Cha gritted his teeth. He gripped the award he had won. He glared at Han Fei. Throughout the whole process, Han Fei never glanced at him.

When Han Fei returned to his seat, the team from Thriller Novelist cheered. Many veterans in the business came to congratulate Han Fei. On the internet, everyone was cheering for Han Fei. Not only Han Fei, but even Zhuang Ren was also gaining new fans. Even though the man was the king of bad flicks, from what he did and said that night, he had proven himself to be a real artist.

“Your first circuit movie and you nab a big prize and the key is that you have no company backing. Han Fei, I have underestimated you.” Director Zhang was really happy for Han Fei.

“I didn’t expect this either.” Han Fei held the award. He only dared to dream about winning the best new actor, he never thought reality would treat him even better. Ever since Han Fei joined the cast for Twin Flowers, the slander on Han Fei never stopped. Wu Wu Entertainment thought they would easily destroy Han Fei but now no one heard about Wu Wu Entertainment and Han Fei just received a big award at the movie festival.

‘I wish to share this joy with everyone.’ For some reason, Han Fei was reminded of his neighbors in the cryptic world. It was human habit to share happiness with the closest friends and family. The festival continued, Han Fei received many congratulatory messages. He silently replied to everyone.

Li Xue, “Don’t mind that award. Tell me if you need any help. Bai Cha has his company behind him but you have the whole police force.”

Li Xue, “That was nail-biting! Congratulations! Firefly is so right!”

When he saw Li Xue’s message, Han Fei lowered his head to reply. He sent a few murder cases related to plastic surgery he found to Li Xue. “I do need your help. Can I meet the family of the victims from these two cases?”

“???” Li Xue who received the message was startled. It was a long time before she replied. “Aren’t you supposed to be at the award ceremony. I saw you on the livestream.”

“I am, but didn’t you say that I can come to you any time for help.”

“That was just a word of consolation.” Li Xue received the files. “These are all old cases, I need to ask my superior about them.”

“Thank you.” After replying, Han Fei continued to study the cases. He already found traces of the faceless woman among some of the cases. In one of the murder crime scenes, perhaps it just the reflection, but a faceless woman was shown on the floor tile.


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