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Chapter 1261: Century-long Upheaval (2)

One underworld emissary after another rose to their feet to gawk at their screens, and deathly silence had descended upon all of the underworlds.

Their astonishment had robbed them of their ability to speak. Only after what seemed like an eternity did Catherine return to her senses from her stunned stupor, and her mouth was gaped open slightly as she murmured to herself in a trembling voice, “This is impossible…”

The underworld had existed for thousands of years, and all underworlds that were still standing had endured the eras of the great wars of the netherword.

They had to fight tooth and nail for their right to survive independently, yet they were going to be abolished all of a sudden!

No one would be willing to accept this!

“Silence!” Qin Ye seemed to be able to see the commotion ringing out in every corner of the underworld, and he continued, “I understand that you’ll all find this very difficult to believe, but this is a decision made by all of the ruler death gods of the underworld.”

He nodded down at the assembled ruler death gods, and the first ones to stand up were all of the Alkebulan Underworlds’ Mythic Spirits. Mythic Spirit Emerald Hummingbird adjusted his own suit, then said in a serious voice, “Just as Yanluo Qin has said, the Alkebulan Underworlds are willing to assist the four pillars in establishing the Mythic Spirit Alliance.”

As soon as his voice trailed off, the nameless god of death also rose to his feet with his hands clasped behind his back. “The Russian Underworld is also willing to assist the four pillars and adopt the role of chairman of the Northern Alliance.”

Standing in front of the screen, Catherine was staring at the nameless god of death with a stunned expression as she murmured to herself, “They’ve all gone insane…”

“The Red Moon Federation is willing to act as chairman of the Southern Alliance.”

“The Northern Europa Alliance is willing to join the Europa Alliance.”

“The Lithuanian Underworld is willing to join the Europa Alliance.”

One death god stood up after another, telling all of the underworld emissaries through their actions that this was definitely no joke.

Once again, the entire underworld was reduced to deathly silence from astonishment. They had all guessed that something massive was afoot, but no one had anticipated something like this!

The four pillars were forcibly ushering in a new era for the entire underworld!

The times had well and truly changed.

Several minutes later, all of the ruler death gods had declared their support of the Genesis plan. Countless underworld emissaries were staring at their screens from all over the underworld, feeling as if they were reliving the founding of the Coalition of Underworlds.

“That which is long divided must unify, and that which is long united must divide,” the Harken sighed as it looked on from the Cathayan Underworld. “No one knows what the next 3,000 years are going to be like.”

Zhao Yun was standing right beside the Harken, and he said, “All I know is that if we don’t do this, we won’t even have another 3,000 years.”

All of the ruler death gods had made their voices heard, thereby quelling all dissent, and all of the underworld emissaries watching on their screens were at a complete loss for words.

What could they say?

All of the ruler death gods had already given their approval, so the opinions of everyone else didn’t matter.

“I know that all of you must still have a lot of questions on your mind, and those questions will be duly answered by all of your ruler death gods,” Qin Ye continued. “Today, all of the ruler death gods here will return to their own respective underworld, and tomorrow at noon, there will be a broadcast played on repeat on all channels in all underworlds for three days. No channels will be able to broadcast any other content. This may be a bitter pill to swallow for some of you, but it is a necessary step to take for the sake of our home.”

He extended a slight bow toward the camera, following which the screen faded into black.

At the Russian Underworld, Catherine exhaled as she massaged her own temples with a weary look on her face. “Alright, let’s leave it at that for now.”

“You’re not going to do some preparatory work?”

“What am I supposed to prepare?!” Catherine stood up violently, and the legs of her chair scraped along the floor with a noisy screech. “Everything will have to wait until the nameless god of death returns! We have a right to know why he abandoned the honor of the Russian Underworld!”

On this night, the lights in all of the underworlds’ supreme conference halls stayed lit throughout the entire night.

The next day at noon.

Cathayan Underworld, Everburn.

After several decades of development, Everburn was already filled with tall skyscrapers. One archaic building after another was lining the streets, making one feel as if they had gone back in time. However, in contrast with the ancient past, all of these archaic buildings, plazas, and restaurants were fitted with huge LED screens.

The screens in the shopping malls were displaying the new merchandise, the screens in the restaurants were displaying their signature dishes and glowing customer reviews, and the screens in the cinemas were displaying their new stage plays and movies. All of the businesses were showing off with all their might, hoping to attract passing tourists.

However, right as the clock struck noon, all of the LED screens in the entire city were suddenly dimmed.

Not only that but even all of the television and radio stations also fell silent.

The entire world seemed to have fallen silent, and the first ones to react were naturally the netherworldly citizens. One Yin spirit thought that their radio was broken, but they quickly discovered that everyone’s radios had also fallen silent, just like his own.

“What’s going on here?”

“The radios have suddenly stopped!”

“Man, I was just trying to listen to the radio to kill some time. Looks like I’ll have to find something else to do now.”

“Hey, the LED screen at Fortune Restaurant broke down.”

“No way! The LED screen at the Smooth Sailing Plaza is also broken!”

A loud commotion was ringing out all throughout the city. Unbeknownst to them, all of the television and radio stations across the entire world had also ceased to function, not just the television and radio stations in Everburn!

A minute passed by, and the image of each nation’s central station news appeared on all of the television screens across the entire underworld.

Wait a minute, it’s still nowhere near 7 PM!

Countless netherworldly citizens reflexively checked the time, then switched to other channels, only to find that all of the television channels were broadcasting the exact same thing!

Furthermore, the seats of the news anchors were being occupied by the ruler death gods of their respective underworlds!

“Daddy, where’s the cartoon?” A little girl was quickly switching from one channel to another with a displeased expression. “I wanna watch cartoons! There’s only 20 minutes of cartoons every day at noon!”

“Be a good girl now,” her father consoled with a smile as he took the remote control from her, but the look in his eyes was very serious. “Something important is about to happen.”

Indeed, it didn’t take long for all of the underworld’s netherworldly citizens to realize that something important was about to happen.

This was clearly a live broadcast. The high-ranking officials of all underworlds, one that could normally only be seen on television, were constantly appearing beside their ruler death gods, then reporting something before quickly departing. In a small box on the upper right corner of the screen, a large guest hall was being depicted, and the cameras of all of the journalists down below were aimed directly at the main stage in the room.

Right as the clock struck noon, all of the ruler death gods began to speak in unison.

“Esteemed nameless god of death, I am your ruler death god, the nameless god of death.”

“Esteemed nameless god of death, I am your ruler death god, Giltine.”

“Esteemed nameless god of death, I am your ruler death god, Hela.”

“Esteemed nameless god of death, I am your ruler death god, Yanluo Qin.”

Some parts of the underworld were still in daylight hours, while others were already enshrouded under the darkness of the night. In any case, the exact same voice rang out from every single screen, radio, television, and anything else capable of receiving signals across the entire underworld.

“A month ago, the Cathayan Underworld successfully developed their super astronomical telescope, and through the telescope, we were able to observe another powerful underworld situated in very close proximity to our plane.”

The entire underworld was astonished to hear this.

The existence of extraterrestrial civilizations had just been confirmed!

This was something that was still yet to be discovered in the mortal realm and was only depicted in movies and television, but it had appeared in the underworld!

Before the netherworldly citizens had a chance to react, all of the ruler death gods continued, “We call it the canter underworld. According to our estimates, the canter underworld has already stepped into space as far back as several hundred years ago. 200 years ago, they were able to confirm the location of our plane, and right now…”

All of the screens instantly turned black before lighting up again, displaying the image of a dazzling galaxy on this occasion.

Countless Yin spirits stood up one after another on the streets and plazas, and inside all of the tall buildings, countless more Yin spirits stopped what they were doing to gawk at the big screens across from them.

All of the Yin spirits gathered on the plazas had their heads raised, staring at the large screens above their heads as they murmured to themselves, “My god…”

Many more netherworldly citizens were staying in their homes, watching the live broadcast from their television screens in a stunned silence.

The image of the galaxy on their screens wasn’t just a vast expanse of scattered stars. Instead, they were nine stars that formed a uniform and orderly line!

This was definitely not a naturally occurring spectacle!

Right above the plane in the middle of the line was an enormous rhomboid structure that was around half the size of the moon, and all types of tools and materials were constantly floating up toward it.

The entire underworld was completely immersed in shock, and only after a full minute had passed did the voices of all of the death gods continue to ring out. “This is the canter underworld. Several centuries ago, the four pillars established the world’s gate in the Australis Underworld, and since then, countless attacks from extraterrestrial gods have already been thwarted at the world’s gate. However, the planar walls are about to open up in 100 years.”

In the Cathayan Underworld, all of the netherworldly citizens in the entire nation were looking on with dumbfounded expressions as Qin Ye revealed this astonishing truth to them.

“Construction of the canter underworld’s space fortress is about to be completed, yet we still haven’t even started.”

All of the death gods stood up with grim expressions on the television screens, then declared, “From this day forth, all of the underworld’s death gods declare that our plane is going into a state of war! All underworlds are to be abolished and replaced by the eight alliances until the war is over, and we hope that you can fight for Earth! In 10 years, all of the underworlds are going to advance toward the world’s gate! Now, we will begin a looped broadcast that will last a course of three days, detailing the circumstances leading up to this point and the power of the canter underworld. It is time to fight for the sake of our home, everyone!”


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