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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf – Chapter 426 Bahasa Indonesia

Song Jinglan smiled at her, “Without my permission, how could he have gotten into your carriage?”

Lin Feilu was terrified by his laughter. Thinking of this man’s perverted possessiveness, she quickly explained, “We just exchanged a few words and didn’t do anything else!”

“Yeah,” He nodded, looking down at her soft fingers.

Lin Feilu was a little nervous, “You won’t send someone to hunt him down, will you?”

Song Jinglan raised his head and had a faint smile adorning his lips, “I won’t break any promises I made with you before.”

As long as you don’t marry him, I won’t kill him.

She breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to pull her hand back to wipe off the sweat, but he didn’t let go. His slightly coarse fingertips rubbed over each of her knuckles as if he stroked a treasure before he gently wiped away her sweat. The palm of hers was damp whilst his fingers hooked hers, interlocking with each other.

But when he clasped her hand, Lin Feilu blushed.

She still couldn’t adapt to the change of his new identity. Why was this person so experienced all of a sudden?

On that train of thought, her embarrassment and flusteredness immediately dissipated into thin air as she snarled, “Let go!”

Song Jinglan raised his eyebrows, and the smile on his face was tinged with helplessness, but he still let go of her hand because she told him to.

Lin Feilu placed her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest, asking imposingly, “Speak! How many beauties do you have in your harem?!”

She watched as Song Jinglan pondered about the question seriously before he replied, “About six or seven.”

Lin Feilu, “??????!!!!!!!!!”

Wonderful, now she was truly furious.

Once the Princess was furious, the consequences were dire.

She turned around and walked out.

Song Jinglan had no choice but to grab onto her wrist, asking helplessly with a low laugh, “Where is the Princess going?”

Lin Feilu said blankly, “I’m not getting married anymore.”

Song Jinglan didn’t speak, merely exerting a bit of force on his fingers holding her wrist. The carriage was already swaying, so Lin Feilu couldn’t remain standing. Being pulled by him as such, she immediately took a few steps back before she staggered and fell onto his lap.

He put his arms around her waist in a gentle manner, encircling her entire body in his embrace.

This posture was too intimate, and Lin Feilu was afraid of bumping into some places that shouldn’t be touched, so she didn’t dare to struggle too much. In the end, she could only look away from him and snort out loud.

Song Jinglan silently smiled as he raised his head lightly and brushed her chin with his lips.

Lin Feilu became even angrier, turning her head around to stare at him, “Don’t kiss me sneakily!”

His deep eyes revealed a bit of his lingering innocence, “I kissed you by accident.”

Lin Feilu, “Like hell you did! Did you accidentally marry those six or seven beauties as well?!”

Song Jinglan pressed her into his arms as he placed his forehead against her body. In a lazy tone, he explained, “It was Mother Empress Dowager who selected them and had them enter the palace. They have no titles, and I have never seen them anyway.”

Lin Feilu looked at him, somewhat doubtful, “Really?”

He smiled, lowered his head and kissed her chin with his thin lips, “I will never lie to the Princess.”

Lin Feilu covered her chin with her hand, “You kissed me again!”

He smiled, “Well, this time, it was on purpose.”

Her ears started to turn red again.

Lin Feilu felt that she might be a goner at this rate.

How can I call myself a Green Tea Princess if I become a blushing mess merely with a kiss???


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