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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf – Chapter 425 Bahasa Indonesia

There was a tall black horse, but the person on the horse was wearing black clothes as well, adorned with moiré black boots that rested on the stirrups. There were dark red decorative linings on the hem of the clothes as they dangled over his attire.

She raised her head, and her eyes moved up little by little. As her gaze swept over the thin waist and straight back that sat on the horse, her eyes finally fell on the person’s smiling face.

He tilted his head slightly, looking down at the tiny head stuck out of the window before curling his lips slightly.

Lin Feilu gasped and sat back.

The curtains closed on their own, blocking the view from the window. Songyu asked, “Princess, what’s wrong?”

Lin Feilu said in horror, “I think I just saw a ghost.”

After a while, the imperial carriage came to a stop. Lin Feilu sat up straight involuntarily, and the palace servant who drove the carriage outside called out, “Miss Songyu.”

Songyu thought they requested her aid, so she hurriedly went out.

After a while, the man in black garb lifted the curtain of the carriage door as Lin Feilu looked at the person who bent over and walked in, not knowing what sort of expression to make for a moment.

He sat down next to her in a leisurely manner, still smiling happily as he raised his brows slightly. He asked her somewhat doubtfully, “How have I changed?” After a pause, he added, “What was I like before?”

Lin Feilu, “…”

She moved back silently.

As soon as she moved, he approached her unhurriedly. In the end, Lin Feilu was forced to a corner, and there was really no place to go. He finally shook his head and laughed, raising his hand and touching her head as he said warmly, “Princess, long time no see.”

Lin Feilu held her breath, and it took her a long time to let out a question as she was in disbelief, “When did you arrive?”

Song Jinglan said, “I was always here.”

Lin Feilu, “!”

She looked at him in astonishment, “You were part of the convoy?”

He nodded.

Lin Feilu realized that she had really messed up, “Then you…why did you show up now?”

He smiled, “I didn’t want to disturb you and your Fourth Brother’s last journey together.”

Lin Feilu didn’t know what to say for a moment, merely looking at him fixedly. It was the first time they had seen each other since the night of her 15th birthday. After so many years, he seemed to have changed, but it also seemed he hadn’t changed since she didn’t feel estranged in the slightest.

She was stunned for a while before asking, “Is that possible? Are you allowed to come along with the convoy?”

Song Jinglan pulled her hand, one that she didn’t know where to place because of the cramped space, and put it in his palm. He also gently kneaded her fingertips with his own, “I’m here to pick up my wife — what’s wrong with that?”

Lin Feilu blushed suddenly.

Ahhh, Little Pretty Boy has changed! He’s such a sweet talker now!

He turned his head slightly to see her blushing appearance, and the smile in his eyes grew even stronger.

Lin Feilu was shy for a while before she suddenly thought of something. Her body froze and even the palm of her hand started sweating. She looked at him a few times and asked tentatively, “Since you were here all along, then you…did you see…”

She became slightly speechless, unable to continue her words.

Song Jinglan answered as if nothing had happened, “Did I see Xi Xingjiang?”

Lin Feilu, “…”

Indeed he did.

Song Jinglan smiled at her, “Without my permission, how could he have gotten into your carriage?”


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