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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf – Chapter 424 Bahasa Indonesia

Songyu lifted the carriage curtain and walked in, holding a fruit plate in her arms as she said with a smile, “Princess, the fruits brought by the escorts are so sweet. We have preserved them in ice all the way, which is fresh. Please try some quickly.”

Lin Feilu glanced at the red mark on her wrist gradually disappearing, and covered it with a flick of her sleeve.

After a while, the carriage swayed, and the convoy pulled out of camp, continuing to set off. Lin Feilu lay by the window and asked the leader of the guards, “Commander Chen, how long will it take to get to Lincheng from here?”

Chen Yao was the Deputy Commander of the imperial guards of the Song Empire. His Majesty had arranged for him to pick up the bride. In the eyes of others, it was overkill, but Chen Yao knew how important this task was to His Majesty. Listening to the Princess’s enquiry, he immediately replied respectfully, “If we travel quickly, we can get there in 10 days. However, the Princess would be exhausted from the vehicle rides. So if the team travels slowly by setting up camp at sunset and journeying at sunrise, it will take about 20 days.”

Lin Feilu, “…”

Ah, how I miss airplanes and high-speed trains.

She sat back unhappily.

Chen Yao heard the little Princess mumbling inside, “After staying seated for so long, I suddenly don’t want to get married anymore.”

Chen Yao, “…”

He swallowed his saliva, turned his head and glanced at the guards that trailed behind the Princess’s carriage.

Emperor Song had personally handpicked the imperial guards manning the wedding procession convoy. They possessed very high martial skills and upheld strict discipline. A total of 300 people in uniform were all dressed in imperial armour as they followed behind.

Just as Chen Yao glanced back, he locked eyes with a cold gaze. Startled, he quickly turned around, obediently maintaining his strides with the carriage on horseback.

After a while, there was the sound of horseshoes trailing after him unhurriedly. Chen Yao looked back and was about to salute immediately.

The man in black sitting on the horse waved slightly and said softly, “Go back.”

Chen Yao nodded, “Yes.”

He turned his horse’s head and walked towards the 300 imperial guards. The guard to stay by the Princess’s carriage was then replaced.

After Lin Feilu finished eating the fruits, she lay on the soft bed and read the travel notes she had specially brought for the trip. After realising the fact that she was going to be on the road for 20 days, she wailed, turned over and placed the book on his face, “I paid too much of a price for Little Song!”

She had switched to no less than ten different postures in just a short while. Resting her head on her arms and lying on the bed, she started complaining listlessly, “Song Jinglan doesn’t have a heart.”

Songyu hurriedly said, “Princess, you can’t call His Majesty by his name!”

Lin Feilu rolled around in the wide carriage, “Song Jinglan has changed; Song Jinglan was not like this before. Does Song Jinglan not love me anymore? Does Song Jinglan have a mutt in the harem or something-“

Songyu’s face turned pale with fright as someone outside the carriage window suddenly laughed merrily.

Lin Feilu was also stunned for a moment before she sat up in a jerk, staring fixedly out of the window. Songyu also heard it and tentatively asked, “Is it Commander Chen?”

Lin Feilu didn’t speak, but her heart was beating rather fast. She climbed to the window with her hands and feet before lifting the curtain abruptly.


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