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<Delicious!> He conveyed to her through signs and saw her brilliantly smile at getting the praise. And he was not doing it to keep her heart. The croquettes she had prepared were nearly perfect and were much better than the ones he could make.

It was surprising that she had only learned how to make them in the last few days, and she finally brought him some today to taste if they are good enough or not.

<Thank you!> She cutely bowed to Qingyue when the grey-eyed girl tried to copy the signs Keith had just performed.

Qingyue had been in a better mood since she met his grandmother at lunch. At first, she was absolutely starstruck, but then eventually got hold of herself when Diana started treating her as if she was her granddaughter. And the two of them spent most of the afternoon chatting merrily.

Their conversations mostly revolved around the life experiences of Diana, and her Political outlook of the country and the world. As someone who had always admired the famous Deputy Governor General of Netheria, Qingyue listened to everything with utmost attention and devotion.

No one brought up what was happening in the Lin family before her, and it was as if everything was normal. For quite some time, she even forgot the turmoil her family was in.

When the clock hit 4 pm, Diana left the Demiliore Estate to go see her father and meet Kiara.

Keith wanted to go along with her, but his grandmother asked him to stay home and keep the guests company.

Raizer and Caesar went along with her to the Angelini Estate, and they were not going to return home for the night.

“Easy.” He chuckled when he saw Qingyue freely munching on the croquettes. “There’s no rush.”

“I love them!” She did not care that he was watching her amusedly, and kept eating without a care.

<There is no need for that.> Keith shook his head when Minami asked if she should bring some more croquettes. <Tell Viola to prepare Dinner. We will have it late tonight at 11 pm.> He instructed her and his cute maid bowed to him before leaving the room.

“Why so late?” Qingyue curiously asked.

“Didn’t I agree to help you start with your Aura Training?” He smiled. “Finish these up, and we will begin in half n hour.”

Her gorgeous eyes brightened up at his words and she sweetly nodded at him.

There was a sudden knock on the door to his room, and Keith already knew who it was.

“Come in.” He said, and the a maid holding a package entered the room. “Thank you!” He smiled at her when she placed the package on the side table.

“Young Master!” The middle-aged woman bowed to him, and then quietly left the room.

Qingyue curiously looked at the package, but did not ask anything about it. She resumed eating and soon finished up all the croquettes.

“Take it with you.” He pointed at the package when Qingyue stood up to freshen up.

“What is it?”

“Things you would need.” He smiled and said, and the grey-eyed girl did not ask more questions.

Fifteen minutes later, Qingyue came out of the dressing room, wearing silk pajamas and her cheeks were adorned in a beautiful blush.

“How do you know about my size?” She narrowed her eyes at him and asked.

“We went out for shopping, remember?” He playfully said, but Qingyue only narrowed her eyes more at him.

“I don’t remember going into an undergarment sections.” She got to the point and pressed him for an answer.

“Well, that’s my hidden talent. I can tell the sizes of the ladies I pay attention to. And remember, I told you that I am quite knowledgeable about Lingeres?”

“Yeah, that model ex-girlfriend of yours.” She scoffed and walked towards him.

“Not a girlfriend.” He chuckled as he knew she was taking a jab at him, and then stood up from his seat.

The two of them entered the room next to his, which was a multipurpose room with some gym equipment as well. And there was door inside that room that connected to Yingying’s bedroom.

Keith walked up to it and gently knocked on it.

He didn’t have to wait long before Yingying opened the door and greeted him, wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

“Yes, Master?” She curiously asked when she found Qingyue standing right behind him.

“I will be helping Qingyue out with her Aura Training, and I want you to be there too.”

“Yes, Master.” She nodded to him without asking any questions and then closed the door behind her.

The two girls silently watched as he set up a drawing board in front of wooden soul seats that had no backrest but allowed one to sit cross-legged on top of them, where the two of them were currently seated.

As soon as he started drawing on it, Qingyue could not help but be surpised at his skill, however, what really shocked her was what he was drawing.

He drew a large sketch of a naked body of a woman, and then proceeded to separately draw the torso from front and back before doing the same with the legs, but from front and sides.

“Did you need to put so much attention on the breasts?” She asked, lightly giggling at his sketch.

However, Keith paid no attention to her and then proceeded to mark points on the sketches, and then started labeling them in numbers.

Yingying already had some ideas about what these points were, but Qingyue was absolutely clueless.

As soon as he finished his work, he looked at his watch and frowned.

“We are expecting someone?” The grey-eyed girl did not miss on the detail and asked.

“Yes. I asked Amelia to be here too.” He said and the put the pencil and the marker away. “Let’s wait for her. She shouldn’t take long.”

Qingyue nodded to him, but for some reason, she was a little dissatisfied in her heart. First he called out Yingying, and now he called Amelia too. She was a little embarrassed in her heart when she realized that she wanted some alone time with him, and wanted all his attention on her, but it was not going to be the case.

A few minutes later, Amelia finally arrived, but she was not alone. Venessa and Celine were right behind her, and seeing them wearing Pajamas as well, he raised his brow questioningly.

“We wanted to attend your lesson too!” Venessa smirked when she saw his expression and then helped herself take seat on one of the soul seats.

“Nice sketches!” Celine giggled when she took a look at the drawing board, and obediently took a seat too.

He did not ask Amelia why she was late since he had already realized the reason behind it. And his beautiful bride did not say anything too, quietly taking her seat as well.

“Since everyone is here, let’s start the lesson. And pay attention to everything I say.” He seriously said before picking up a stick and pointing at the sketches.

“This is the typical body of a female.” He said and all the ladies started laughing, with the exception of Yingying.

“We can see that!” Qingyue said, and the others nodded their heads.

“I told you to pay attention to my words.” He sighed and the ladies suddenly turned quiet.

“What do you mean by a typical body of a female?” Amelia, who had not really missed the detail, asked.

“At least someone is paying attention.” He gratefully nodded to her and then proceeded to explain what he meant by his words. “What I mean by that is that there are some ladies who have a similar body, but it can be different in many ways. Our focus will remain on the points I have marked on the body, but they might vary in case of some Special Physiques and some other factors that we don’t need to talk about right now.” He pointed the stick at a few Black spots that he had marked. “Both male and females typically have 81 Aura Nodes in their bodies. They can have more, but never less that 81. And the black spots mark where they usually are in a female body.”

He let the ladies try to remember all the positions before he continued with his lesson.

“In case a male and a female are born with less than 81 nodes, they can simply not Cultivate. This is a genetic defect that is quite common in humans.” He smiled at them, and before their minds could run wild with imagination, he continued. “To start Cultivating, a person needs to pick any one of these 81 spots as a starting point. And then they must concentrate on it, trying to communicate with the Aura that is hidden in these points. Once you find a connection, the Node will activate, and the Aura would then pick a random path, opening a channel to anyone of these 80 other Nodes. However, the amount of Aura in a body with only one Node would not be enough to reach the next Node, and that is why one must continously keep urging it, giving it a push, which would force your active Aura Node to produce more Aura, enough to reach the second Node.” He smiled at them. “And no, if you are thinking that the process would become smoother as you open more Aura Nodes, you are mistaken. You see, new activated Aura Node would randomly choose a path to the next Node, and what you must remember is that each Aura Node is connected to all other 80 Aura Nodes through a direct Aura Channel. So, that makes 81 Aura Nodes, but 6,480 Aura Channels.”

Venessa, Amelia, and Yingying frowned at his words as they had been Cultivating for years and only now they learned about the presence of so many channels.

“You don’t really have to remember all of these routes for now, as they are naturally built to function on their own. Once all the 81 Aura Nodes have been activated, the Aura naturally pushes itself into the remaining closed channels, opening all of them. However, it will be helpful to you to remember all these channels once you have entered a Realm beyond the Spirit Profound Realm.” He told them and then pointed at the Red Spots that he had marked on the body. “Now, these are the Death Points.” He devilishly smiled at them. “These Points are sort of main junctions for your Aura Channels, and even if one is not a cultivator, these points are responsible for the functioning of the nervous system. There are typically 36 Death Points, and the Green Points that I have marked are minor Juctions, called the Acupoints, which are also responsible for the functioning of the Nervous System as well as other bodily functions. There are more than 360 Acupoints on a human body.”

The information was too much for them but they all realized how vital it was. Some of them were already aware of the Acupoints, since there were historical records about them, but the Death Points were not known to even the most knowledgeable men in this world.

“Yingying, come here.” He smiled at his beautiful Shadow, who obediently listened to his call and arrived to stand right next to him. “Now, I am not a fighter, but I am a doctor, a really skilled one.” He devilishly smiled. “I can not win you in fair fight of strength, but with my knowledge…” He swiftly hit Several Acupoints on Yingying’s body in quick succession, and when he stopped after a couple of seconds, the girl swayed on her feet, feeling dizzy and finding it hard to control her limbs. “I can kill someone as powerful as you if I get the chance.” He lightly said and then hit her Acupoints again, making her feel better. “You know what I did, right?”

“You infused your Aura into my Acupoints, hindering my bodily fuctions.” Yingying answered his question.

“And you could have stopped me if you shieled those points with your Aura.” He looked her in her beautiful brown eyes.


“Then try. And do your best.” He grinned and then hit a point on her body. Just one.

Yingying frowned as soon as his finger touched a point on her shoulder, and despite her shielding against it, some of his Aura managed to penetrate into that point. To the sheer horror of the girl, her left arm soon went limp, and she could no longer feel it. And what was scary was that there was no pain at all.

The other ladies soon realized what was wrong with Yingying, who no longer looked calm and anxiously looked at her limp arm.

“It was not an Acupoint that I targeted this time. It was a Death Point.” He grimly said. “You did not give your all to shield yourself.” He admonished her and looked at her severely. “The reason why I did this to you, and why I demonstrated this to you,” he turned to look at the other ladies, “is to make you understand that you must never take a risk when guarding your Death Points. If you keep this simple thing in mind, you could save yourself in a lot of battles later in your life and even save yourself from some accidents during cultivation.”

Keith sighed when they all nodded to him, and then he looked Yingying in the eyes.

“This is going to hurt a lot.” He said before he grabbed her limp arm and worked on the Acupoints and the Death Points to eliminate the Aura that was blocking her Nervous System from connecting to it.

Yingying left out a heart-wrenching scream, and her eyes pooled out tears of pain before she slumped down on the floor.

It took only a few seconds to fix her arm, but to her, it was a long and agonising period of time.

“Sshhh..” He gently hugged her and calmed her down. “It’s fine now.” He reminded her, making her regain some composure.

Yingying soon realized that there was no longer any pain, and curiously, she tried to control her arm. It was a little stiff, but she could feel that it would get better with some rest.

“Always protect your Death Points.” He reminded her and then helped her get back to her seat. “Well then, let’s continue with our lesson.” He devilishly smiled at the ladies who were now fearfully looking at him.


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