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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 49 Bahasa Indonesia

Keith did not want to wait at the Arrivals with so many people around. He had asked May to make the arrangements, but it still took him a few minutes to get the gate pass and go through the security checkpoint to be allowed to wait at the Arrival Gate.

He stood there with his hands behind his back, keeping his eyes at the passageway, waiting for her arrival.

The flight had safely landed a few minutes ago, but the passengers had not been allowed to disembark yet.

As soon as the clock hit 18 00, the first batch of Passengers disembarked the plane.

People curiously looked at the ridiculously handsome young man with interest, and when they saw the stemmed red rose in his hand, they sighed in their hearts.

A few people even nodded at him in a greeting even though they were not familiar, but Keith politely nodded back to them with a light smile, showcasing his confidence and demeanour that attracted even more attention.

He could feel the eyes of the young girls and even some women boring into him, but he was not particularly bothered by it. Yes, he was ridiculously charming and the opposite sex wanted to know him better, but unfortunately for most, his charm made them feel conscious and insecure about themselves, and thus, he was seldom approched by girls who wanted to get close to him.

The people nearly stopped and stared when his lips curved into a perfect smile that dazzled them, but soon they discovered the reason behind that smile.

Keith did not care about anyone and started walking to the girl who had finally appeared in the passageway, gracefully walking towards him with her tall slender legs, dragging a small bag behind her.

She was still wearing her glasses, with her hair tied in a bun, wearing a plain jeans and a baggy crew-necked sweater. However, even in something as simple as that, she was breath-takingly beautiful.

“I missed you!” He said as soon as he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up, twirling around before putting her back on her feet.

Amelia did not resist him at all, and even hugged him back. She closed her eyes contently when she felt his lips press on her forehead, and a comfortable feeling washed over her, bringing a light smile to her thin lips.

“For you!” He grinned when he saw her smile and then presented her the flower he had prepared for her.

“Thank you!” Amelia accepted it from his hand, and courteously smelled it. And when she looked back at him, her eyes were fixed on his neck, where a couple of hickeys were marking him.

Before things could get awkward, Keith cleverly took her bag, and then grabbed her soft hand, leading her outside with him.

“It’s quite light.” He remarked as he guessed that she had not brought much in the bag.

“It’s mostly the things I need for work. And a few necessities.” She indifferently said.

“I thought you were planning on staying with me for a long time.” He teased her.

“And I thought that my husband would take me out on shopping for the things that I might need.” She looked him in the eyes and smiled when she saw surpise wash over his expressions.

Keith was really surprised that she made a playful remark, but then grinned and leaned near her ear.

“Anything for you.” He whispered and then planted a kiss on her ear. “Let’s go now!”

“Not today.” She shook her head. “Take me home for now. I did bring some clothes for a couple of days.”

“Tomorrow then or maybe the day after.” Keith did not insist and nodded, complying with her words. “I will take you out and show you our Office tomorrow.”


He deliberately drove slower and took the longer route back home so that she could take her time looking around the city.

“Is that Yingying in the black Audi that’s following us?” She curiously asked as she looked in the side mirror.

“Yes.” Keith nodded to her. “So, what do you think of Sameran?”

“It’s lively here, pleasant weather, and snow. Much bigger and just as beautiful as the Magic City.” She smiled and replied to him. “I do want to visit the Old Town and see all the heritage sites to reach a conclusion.”

“I will take you to see the Sameran Castle when we go for shopping.” He nodded to her with a bright smile.

It was good that she was comfortable having a chat with him since he knew that she preferred silence.

“What happened to your hand?” She casually asked.

He was still wearing a soft glove on his left hand, so it was not a surpise that she picked up on it.

“An accident with a poison-laced Kunai.” He chuckled and answered her. “But it’s all good, nearly healed, and the scars will fade away in a couple of weeks.”

“Bastille?” She frowned and asked.


“You never told me what you went there for.”

“No, I did not.” He sighed and then smiled. “Got myself a capable subordinate and the cutest Maid you will ever see!”

“So you risked your life to get yourself a ‘capable subordinate’?” She raised her brow and asked.

“It was an accident. And everything was under complete control.” He told her.

“I thought you were a wise man.” She lightly said and then looked out the window, staring at the faraway hills with snow-capped peaks.

It was an hour and half long drive before they arrived at their destination.

The Demiliore Estate was on the Northern outskirts of the Sameran City, situated right next to the famous Agnolian Hills.

“Welcome home.” Keith smiled and said as soon as they entered the Gate of the Demiliore Estate.

Amelia looked around curiously at the surrounding forest, which continued for the next ten minutes, and then they appeared in a clearing with Gardens on the two sides, several houses, more Gardens, and then they arrived at a majestic looking Palace.

There was a huge Aquarius fountain, a mermaid with a gourd in her hands, right in front of the Manor. It was lit up in complementary colorful lights, and she couldn’t help but stare at it. However, she soon discovered a few people waiting for them at the portico and schooled her expressions.

“Your Mother?” She asked as she looked at the beautiful lady, who was standing next to an aged man.

Venessa could have easily been mistaken for Keith’s older sister, but Amelia knew that he had no older siblings. And if she guessed right, the man next to his mother should be the revered Raizer Demiliore.

“Yes.” Keith nodded to her. “And my Grandfather is next to her.”

He drove the car right into the portico, and a butler rushed forward to open the door for him and accept the keys of the car.

“There’s a bag in the boot. I need it delivered in my room.”

“Yes, Young Master!” The butler politely bowed to him.

Keith walked around the car and then opened the door of the front seat, taking Amelia’s hand and helping her out of the car.

He smiled in his heart when his wife confidently locked her arm with his, and walked forward with him to greet his family.

“Good Evening, Master Demiliore!” She politely bowed to the aged man, and when Raizer nodded to her, she turned to look at Venessa. “Good Evening, Lady Venessa!” She bowed to her too.

Raizer smiled when he saw her confidence and making no attempts to flatter them. Even if Caesar had spoken highly of this lady to him, he could not help but still be impressed by her demeanour. His grandchild had picked a wonderful life partner, and he was relieved about it.

“You can call me Mother from now on.” Venessa stepped forward and hugged her daughter-in-law. “His words did not do justice to you, my sweet daughter. You are beautiful!” She cupped her cheeks and looked right into her eyes behind those glasses.

“Thank you, Mother!” Amelia politely replied with a smile. “It’s an honor to be called beautiful by one as beautiful as you. It is a blessing that Keith has taken after you.”

Venessa giggled at her words, but she was not really smiling in her heart.

She had just found out that Amelia was not bothered by her presence. It was just as if her beauty and identity did not make her anxious, but it was not something that Venessa felt was necessarily bad. It could be a welcome change in the family, but she was still a little vigilant against this girl who was so hard to read through.

“Come, I will introduce you to everyone.” Venessa grabbed her by he arm and then turned to look that those who had been waiting.

“This is Sibyl, my Shadow.” The silver-haired woman bowed to her. “This is May. She’s currently Keith’s Secretary, and she is Caesar’s wife.” The aged woman in a business suit politely bowed to her future boss. “The young man next to her is Sebastian, her son. He’s Keith’s right hand man now and the Heir to his father’s position.” The next in line were Caesar and Victor, whom she was already familiar with, and then Venessa introduced her to the ladies in uniforms. “This is Viola, and she will be your personal Maid from today.”

“It is an honor, Lady Amelia!” Viola stepped forward and bowed to her.

She was an aged woman, well-kept, well trained, with dark eyes and hair, olive skin and distinctive Native American features.

“Viola has been Keith’s personal maid since he was a baby. And she is also a skilled linguist and taught him Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, and Russian. You can ask her if you want to learn any of those languages.” Venessa informed her.

“I do wish to learn them.” Amelia was not the one to miss out on such an opportunity and nodded to Venessa’s words.

“It will be my pleasure, Lady Amelia.” Viola smiled at her and nodded.

“Now this cute little girl next to Viola is Minami. She’s Keith’s new Personal Maid.” Venessa gently smiled at the Japanese girl who fidgeted a little as she stepped forward and bowed to Amelia.

“He was not wrong when he called you the cutest little Maid.” Amelia could not help but smile at the innocent little girl.

Minami looked at Viola inquisitively, and the later conveyed Amelia’s words through the Sign Language to her.

There was an adorable blush on her face as she bowed to Amelia again to thank her for her words, which prompted the people around her to lightly laugh at her cuteness.

Amelia understood from their interaction that Minami could not hear, and she did not raise this question to not come out as insensitive about this matter. She stepped forward and gently pulled on Minami’s cubby cheeks, and smiled some more when the little girl blushed furiously.

“I never learned the Sign Language.” She said and her new Maid imemdiately caught up on her meaning.

“It isn’t hard and a few weeks would be enough to get a grasp on it.”

“We will start our lessons from tomorrow.” Amelia told her.

“Yes, My Lady!” Viola bowed to her.

Despite coming from a family whose culture and customs were quite different, where they never had any servants to take care of them, she still possessed an inborn demeanour of an aristocratic lady.

If they did not know better, they could have easily mistaken her for some princess, and Venessa was glad that her daughter-in-law would not need time get accustomed to their lifestyle.

“Come, I will show you around the place!” Venessa happily led her inside the place, followed by Sibyl and Viola, leaving the rest of them standing outside.

“Venessa likes her.” Raizer commented and then chuckled at Keith. “Lucky you.”

Keith laughed at the playfulness of his Grandfather.

“And what do you think?” He curiously asked.

“She is special. You were not wrong about it. Well-mannered, modest, confident, graceful, and most importantly, she’s beautiful.” Raizer said. “Honestly, I was half-expecting an excited girl with a lot less grace. That’s how those girls from Ancient Families usually are. You have a good eye, little one.”

“Thank you!” Keith was happy about the compliment of his Grandfather and then followed him inside the Manor as they talked about their day.


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