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“Take care!” He gently said and sipped a kiss from her lips.

“Mhm..” Nana timidly nodded with a beautiful blush, and quickly ran out of the vehicle.

He couldn’t help but chuckle as he watched her brisk away towards the building of Sameran High-School, ignoring the eyes of the students that were chasing her.

She had requested him to keep it low-key when they decided to go to the University together, and so he agreed. However, there was nothing low-key in his garage, and he playfully settled on the Mercedes-Maybach AMG G99 EV.

Nana did not know much about the cars, and so she thought that it really was low-key compared to the other cars in the garage. Unfortunately for her, this SUV was a limited Edition vehicle, with only 99 Units in the world which screamed of performance and luxury. Each Unit cost just over 2.1 Million Neris, and any car enthusiast would salivate at mere the sight of one of these.

There were students already whispering, and a few who recognised the model could not take their eyes off it.

After Nana disappeared inside the building, he drove off towards the School of Business and Finance.

The University was spread over an area of 20,000 Acres, most of which was forested, and Keith had a lot of time on his mind now to mull over what happened with him last night as he drove onto the beautiful Forest Road.

His waist was still a little stiff, and his body was feeling unusually light. It was all due to the lack of sleep, and the fervent love-making sessions with Venessa that seemed to never end.

Keith would never admit it, but he was scared of his mother’s insatiable lust now. She was a Succubus! And she let out all of her years of pent up lust on him last night, not showing any mercy.

He experienced pleasure that he had never before felt in his life, and he could still feel the lingering warmth of her body on his skin. Just a little attention to this feeling ignited a fire in his lions, and he had to bite on his lower lip to jolt himself away from the lustful reverie.

Over the night, he had managed to reach a tacit agreement with her regarding Kiara, and he was at peace for now. As long as his little sister behaves herself, Venessa would let her be. Even though he was certain that she would not make things easy for Kiara, Venessa’s willingness to tolerate his little sister was more than he could have ever asked for.

“Troublesome woman…” He sighed and helplessly shook his head, but couldn’t help the smile that crept on his lips.

Yes, she was a pain, but she was his mother, and one of the only two women he really loved in his life.

Keith parked the car in his usual parking spot, and calmly got out. He didn’t need it, but he still put on the royal-blue trench coat before walking towards the building.

As usual, there were whispers around him, with people waving at him and greeting him with smiles. However, no one came forward to bother him.

It was 9:45 am, and there were still 45 minutes left in the start of the day’s first Lecture, so Keith decided to finish the official procedure of his application for Autonomous Learning.

Aunt May had already submitted the application on his behalf on the friday morning, so all he had to do now was visit the Dean’s Office to collect the official form signed by the Dean, re-check the details, sign it, and submit it to the Program Coordinator’s Office.

“My Apologies, Mr Demiliore, Dean Marcus is attending a meeting right now.” A middle-aged, well-kept secretary greeted him, and then handed him his signed Autonomous Learning Form. “He asked me to give this to you in case you come here early in the morning.”

“Thank you!” Keith nodded to her and then walked off towards the Program Coordinator’s Office.

He checked the details one last time before signing it, and then entered the office after knocking once.

An old man in his late fifties, wearing horn-rimmed glasses lifted his eyes from the computer and looked at him.

“Mr. Demiliore!” After realising who had entered the office, his demeanour swiftly changed and he respectfully stood up to greet him.

“Coordinator Wells!” He nodded to the old man and then looked at the beautiful lady that was sitting in the office, holding a file. “Miss Grayson.” He politely smiled at the the golden-blonde girl.

“Heir Demiliore.” She looked at him in surprise, but masked it well and replied politely before getting back to filling a form.

Keith did not know why the young lady of the Grayson Family was in the office, and he did not really care about it.

“How may I help you, Mr. Demiliore?” Wells smiled and asked.

“I am here to submit this form.” Keith simply handed it over, and the Coordinator was quite surprised to see what the form was about.

“Do you want to check the information one last time?”

“I have checked it. It’s all good.”

After Keith’s reply, the Coordinator got to work and scanned the Form before working on it.

“All done!” The Coordinator smiled at him. “You don’t need to attend the University after the Finals of the ongoing Semester. Three years later, Assessment Exams will be held, and you will have to go through them before joining back the class in the Last Semester. The Date-Sheet of assessment exams will be sent to your mail four weeks prior to the exams.”

“Thank you!” Keith smiled at him and then glanced at Rebecca Grayson, who was still pretending to read the file, before walking out of the office.

The Grayson Family was a Powerful and Wealthy Family that arrived in the Sameran City over a hundred years ago. Recognised as one of the Six Major Families in the Sameran City, the Grayson were part of the same fraternity as the Demiliore Family, however, contrary to public view, the relationship betweent the two Families was not harmonious in the least. It was mainly because all the industries that the Grayson opertated in were ruled by Demiliore Family, and the Grayson wanted to surmount them, which led the two in a constant business warfare. For Demiliore, it was a healthy competition, but for Grayson, it was a constant struggle.

Rebecca Grayson was the first child of current Master of the Grayson Family, and elder sister of Julian Grayson, who was the Heir of the Grayson Family, and Keith’s classmate.

As Keith walked over to his class, his mind was occupied with the thought of Rebecca and what the future held.

This beautiful golden-blonde girl was among the main Heroines of the story, and was Ye Tian’s future second wife.

Though the Grayson, Lin, and Falken Families were not individually as strong as the Demiliore Family, together they could push the Demiliore to a stalemate. And that was what happened in his dream of the future.

His heart clenched when he recalled how his mother had fought after his death. She alone had rained hell on the city in her vengence, nearly destroying the three families, killing the key supporting characters, but how could she have won against the Child of Destiny?

When Ye Tian saw that the Demiliore could not be taken out with Power and Wealth even after losing their Heir, he had grown mad. And then driven by rage and guilt of losing the people that supported him, he took the matters in his hands and assassinated Venessa, ready to bear all the consequences. However, at the last moment, his loyal subordinate saved him by becoming a scapegoat. Just another perk of being the Child of Destiny, you could always bail out of any dire situation.

“Hey, Keith!”

As soon as he entered the class, a group of boys came over to him.

“Hey!” Resting his thoughts aside, he greeted the boys with a light smile. His amiable expression did not let out any trace of coldness in his heart that he felt towards most of them.

“Where have you been?!” A burly brow-haired boy, who was his childhood friend sternly asked. “You did not show up in the Fight Club, and you did not even pick up the calls or check our messages…”

“I was busy, Hal. Family duties.” Keith cut him off and briefly said.

“Oh…” And that was enough of an explanation for Hal.

“Ah well, it can’t be helped. But Keith, you missed out on a wonderful fight! An underdog managed to take out the hot favorite in the second round, but lost in the third round to the crippled opponent!” A healthy boy, with neat shot black hair enthusiastically informed him.

“Don’t talk about it, James! I lost so much money because of him.” The tallest in the group with a goatee, whose name was Eric, groaned and complained, and the two other boys, who had remained silent nodded their heads

“Serves you well!” James shot back at him and then turned to look at Keith. “We are planning for a Drag Race on the weekend. Up for it?”

“I am out.” Keith shook his head and sat back on his desk.

“Come on! Julian is going too! It will be fun!” James insisted but Keith shook his head.

“I am busy these days. You guys have fun!”

“Heh… Keith Demiliore refusing a Car Race, that’s a new one.” A blonde boy with a chiselled jaw and blue eyes walked up to them and smiled brightly.

“Lucky you, you will get to win this time.” Keith smirked at him, which caused the boys around him to chuckle at his words.

“I guess so, but it won’t be fun.” Julian sighed and sat on a desk too, facing him. “I heard that you are applying for Autonomous Learning.”

“What?!” Everyone who heard those words looked at Keith in shock, but he ignored them.


Julian nodded his head, not denying it.

“So what are you up to? Joining your Family Business?”

“No.” He shook his head. “I am planning on starting my own Business.”

There was no need to hide that information as everyone would get to know about it in a couple of weeks, and so he himself revealed it to them.

“What sort of business?” Julian curiously asked, and everyone looked at him waiting for his answered.

“Real Estate.”

His answer pretty much disappointed them as it was not something new and fun. Demiliore Family was already in Real Estate business, which would help Keith a lot, and so it was a safe chocie.

“That’s no fun!” James voiced out his thoughts, expressing disinterest in the subject. “So you had a wild night, eh?” He teasingly asked when he caught sight of a hickey on Keith’s neck.

Keith only smiled back at him, not saying anything, and then stood up to sit down on his chair.

The rest of the boys scurried away too as the Lecturer entered the class.

Hal was about to sit beside Keith when someone came over.

“Excuse me, may I sit here?” The beautiful girl politely asked, and Hal was shocked to see who it was.

“Sure!” He nodded his head and walked away, glancing at Keith and the girl meaningfully.

“Good morning, Miss Lin.” Keith lightly smiled and greeted her.

“Good morning, Heir Demiliore.” Qingyue lightly smiled at him. “I want to formally invite you to tonight’s dinner at our home.”

“Not a Party?” Keith smirked.

“Mother does not want to hold a party.” Qingyue shook her head. “But she would hold it if you want one. Her words.”

“No need. Dinner is fine.” Keith smiled and accepted the invitation.


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